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Final Fantasy Art Museum - 7-11 Premium Edition 2
Square/Enix - 2003

Notes:  This set was originally available only in Japan in July 2003 to 
promote the (then) upcoming release of the Final Fantasy X-2; one card 
was issued for each purchase of snack foods at 7-11 outlets.  The cards are 
printed on clear plastic, often referred to as "crystal" format. Printing is 
mostly in Japanese but with English titles.

Premium "Edition" 1 was a single card available in Koda Kumi's CD, and 
numbering starts anew with Edition 2. Because no card P-028 was issued in 
either Edition 2 or Edition 3, we expect that the original "plan" was to have 
Edition 2 cards numbered from P-002 through P-028. We chose to list the 
Edition 1 card together with Art Museum Series 5 because it was distributed 
in a very different fashion. Thanks much to Kristy Buzbee for the list and 

No.     Title / Description
P-001   Yuna
P-002   Rikku
P-003   Paine
P-004   Lenne
P-005   Shuyin
P-006   Nooj
P-007   The Leblanc Syndicate
P-008   The Gullwings
P-009   Yuna image illustration
P-010   Main Characters 1
P-011   Main Characters 2
P-012   Shuyin & Lenne CG
P-013   Main Characters 3
P-014   Main Characters 4
P-015   Nooj, Gippal, & Baralai
P-016   Yuna CG
P-017   Rikku CG
P-018   Paine CG
P-019   Yuna portrait
P-020   Rikku portrait
P-021   Paine portrait
P-022   Singing Yuna
P-023   Yuna Ready to Battle
P-024   Rikku Ready to Battle
P-025   Paine Ready to Battle
P-026   Smiling Lenne
P-027   Tidus & Yuna

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