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Final Fantasy Art Museum - 7-11 Premium Edition 3
Square/Enix - 2004

Notes:  This set was originally available only in Japan in March 2004 
after the release of Final Fantasy X-2: International & Last Mission. (This 
game was available only in Japan, and featured extras and bonus scenes.) 
One card was issued for each purchase of snack foods at 7-11 outlets. 
The cards are printed on clear plastic, often referred to as "crystal" format. 
Printing is mostly in Japanese but with English  titles.

Numbering proceeds following numbers from Premium Edition 2, except
that number P-028 was skipped. Thanks much to Kristy Buzbee for the 
list and descriptions!

No.     Title / Description
P-029   Psi-Kicker Yuna
P-030   Psi-Kicker Rikku
P-031   Psi-Kicker Paine
P-032   Nooj
P-033   Baralai
P-034   Gippal
P-035   Brother
P-036   Buddy
P-037   Shinra
P-038   Main Visual
P-039   Abrasanym Tower
P-040   Bevelle Underground
P-041   Fiend Colosseum
P-042   Shinra Supra
P-043   Vegnagun
P-044   Songstress I
P-045   Songstress II
P-046   Songstress III
P-047   Meet Again - Epilogue I
P-048   Meet Again - Epilogue II
P-049   Meet Again - Epilogue III
P-050   Meet Again - Epilogue IV
P-051   Meet Again - Epilogue V
P-052   Meet Again - Epilogue VI
P-053   Meet Again - Epilogue VII
P-054   Meet Again - Epilogue VIII
P-055   Meet Again - Epilogue IX

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