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Final Fantasy Art Museum - 7-11 Special Edition 1
Square - 2001

Notes:  This 27-card set was originally available only in Japan in July 2001 - 
you received 1 card with each purchase of a bag of snack food (pretzels or 
popcorn) at 7-11 outlets.  This set covered Final Fantasy 7-10 - the FF7 
cards match the images on the SPs of the Final Fantasy Art Museum series 1 
except for the last one (it's the same character but he's dressed differently). 

The FF8 cards match the last 9 commons in Art Museum series 2, and the 
FF9 cards match the last 9 commons in Art Museum series 3.  The FF10 
cards are four of the Art Museum series 4 CGs and two images that aren't 
in Art Museum at all.  The "crystal" description refers to the fact that the 
cards are printed on clear plastic, while the second Special Edition set consists  
of regular cards. Thanks much to Kristy Buzbee for the list and descriptions!

No.    Title / Description
S-01   Cloud portrait
S-02   Sephiroth portrait
S-03   Zack portrait
S-04   Tifa portrait
S-05   Yuffie portrait
S-06   Vincent (Turks) portrait
S-07   Squall portrait
S-08   Rinoa portrait
S-09   Seifer portrait
S-10   Quistis portrait
S-11   Zell portrait
S-12   Selphie portrait
S-13   Irvine portrait
S-14   Zidane portrait
S-15   Garnet portrait
S-16   Vivi portrait
S-17   Steiner portrait
S-18   Freija (Freya) portrait
S-19   Quina portrait
S-20   Eiko portrait
S-21   Salamander (Amarant) portrait
S-22   Tidus CG
S-23   Yuna CG
S-24   Kimahri CG
S-25   Yuna & Seymour CG
S-26   Tidus portrait
S-27   Yuna portrait

©2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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