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Final Fantasy Art Museum - 7-11 Special Edition 2
Square - 2001

Notes:  This 27-card set was originally available only in Japan in November 
2001 - you received one card with each purchase of a bag of snack food at 
7-11 outlets.  Numbering proceeds as an extension of the Special Edition 1 
set. Unlike Series 1, Series 2 cards are "regular" cardstock instead of clear 
plastic. All images are from Final Fantasy X, and virtually all of them are 
new (versus those that appeared in the regular Art Museum set).

Cards are mostly in Japanese but with English titles. A few character names 
are spelled differently versus the English game spellings; if so, the game
version is shown in parentheses. Thanks much to Kristy Buzbee for the list 
and descriptions!

No.    Title / Description
S-28   Tidus
S-29   Yuna
S-30   Auron
S-31   Wakka
S-32   Lulu
S-33   Kimahri Ronso
S-34   Rikku
S-35   Seymour
S-36   Valfor (Valefor)
S-37   Ifrit
S-38   Ixion
S-39   Siva (Shiva)
S-40   Anima
S-41   Bahamut
S-42   Youjinbo (Yojimbo)
S-43   Magu - Magus Sisters
S-44   Dogu - Magus Sisters
S-45   Lagu - Magus Sisters
S-46   Zanarkand Ruins
S-47   Kilika
S-48   Farplane
S-49   Bevelle
S-50   Mi'ihen Highroad
S-51   Temple of Baaj
S-52   Thunder Plains
S-53   Zanarkand
S-54   Macalania

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