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Fire Engines
Bon Air - 1993

Note:  The two checklist cards do not display their own numbers. Thanks
much to Todd Jordan for the updates!

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.57 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.   Equipment                                                  Company

   1   1992 Pierce Arrow - 100 Foot Rear Mount Quint              Marine Corps Fire Service Quantico USMC Base, Virginia
   2   1991 Sutphen Rescue Pumper                                 Evendale Faire Department Evendale, Ohio
   3   1990 Kovatch Fire Fox Four Door Cab Pumper                 Chicahominy - Station 10 Hanover County, Virginia
   4   1991 Spartan Gladiator Heavy Duty Rescue                   Coles District Fire Department, Prince William County, Virginia
   5   1990 Emergency One Hurricane Heavy Rescue                  Occoquan Lorton - Woodbridge Fire Department Prince William County, Virginia
   6   1986 Emergency One Hush Pumper                             Annandale Fire Department, Fairfax County, Virginia
   7   Kenworth Model W-900 Saulsbury Heavy Rescue                Port Pen Volunteer Fire Department, Port Penn, Delaware
   8   1992 Kovatch Tilt Cab Enclosed Pumper                      Sugarcreek Volunteer Fire Department, Greene County, Ohio
   9   1976 Ward La France Pumper                                 Los Angeles City Fire Department, Los Angeles, California
  10   1992 Spartan Gladiator Super Vac Hazardous Materials Unit  Vernon Fire Department, Vernon, California
  11   1991 Pierce Javelin Four Door Cab Pumper                   Jackson Township Fire Department, Jackson Township, Ohio
  12   1991 Simon Duplex Vanguard Pumper Tanker                   Odessa Fire Company, Odessa Delaware
  13   1988 Sutphen 75 Foot Aerial Tower                          Youngwood Hose Company, Youngwood, Pennsylvania
  14   1991 Sutphen Custom Four Door Cab Pumper                   Scottsdale Volunteer Fire Department, Scottsdale, Pennsylvania
  15   1992 Sutphen 100 Foot Aerial Tower                         Gwinnet County Fire Department, Grinnet County, Georgia
  16   1991 Pierce Dash Pumper Tanker                             Ticonderoga Volunteer Fire Department, Ticonderoga, New York
  17   Pierce Arrow 100 Foot Aerial Platform                      Speedway Fire Department, Speedway, Indiana
  18   1992 Baker 95 Foot Aerialscope                             Windsor Locks Fire Department, Windsor Locks, Connecticut
  19   1972 Mack-Baker 75 Foot Aerialscope                        Ulster Fire District No. 5, Kingston, New York
  20   1992 Simon Ladder Towers Model ST-2000                     Dale City Fire Department, Dale City, Virginia
  21   1992 Simon Ladder Towers 110 Foot Aerial Ladder            Jacksonville Fire Rescue, Jacksonville, Florida
  22   1992 American La France Patriot Series Pumper
  23   1987 American La France Century 2000 Quint                 Waterbury Fire Department, Waterbury, Connecticut
  24   1992 Utilimaster Rescue                                    Sidney Fire Department, Sidney, New York
  25   1992 Darley Pumper                                         Hilton Head Island Fire Department, Hilton Head, South Carolina
  26   1992 Darley Pumper                                         Troy Fire Department, Troy, Michigan
  27   1992 Boardman Attack Pumper                                Corova Beach Volunteer Fire Department, Corova Beach, North Carolina
  28   1991 Boardman Pumper                                       Moon Township Fire Department, Corapolis, Pennsylvania
  29   1991 Chubb National Foal Pumper                            Shell Oil Company, Deer Park, Texas
  30   Chubb National Foam Servo-Command Unit                     Corpoven, Venezuela, South America
  31   Alexis Fire Equipment Four Door Custom Pumper              Sandwich Community Fire Protection District, Sandwich, Illinois
  32   1992 Alexis Custom Pumper                                  Ocean City Volunteer Fire Department, Ocean City, Maryland
  33   Pemfab Tricks "96" Series
  34   Pemfab Trucks "94" Series Royale-Sovereign-Imperial
  35   1992 Luverne Fire Apparatus Pumper
  36   Luverne Fire Apparatus Custom Pumper                       Chicago Fire Department, Chicago, Illinois
  37   1991 Towers Fire Apparatus Custom Pumper                   Union Fire Company, Millstadt, Illinois
  38   1992 Towers Fire Apparatus Custom Pumper                   Scottburg Fire Department, Scottsburg, Indiana
  39   1991 Seagrave JT Model 100 Foot Ladder                     Long Beach Fire Department, Long Beach California
  40   1992 Seagrave JB Model Pumper                              Fire Department of New York
  41   1948 Mack L Type 95 Enclosed Cab Pumper                    Memphis Fire Department, Memphis Tennessee
  42   1963 Crown 2000 GPM Pumper                                 Los Angeles City Fire Department, Los Angeles, California
  43   1941 Seagrave 85 Foot Aerial Ladder                        Lynchburg Fire Department, Lynchburg, Virginia
  44   1992 Pemfab-Saulsbury Rescue Pumper                        Berwyn Heights Volunteer Fire Department, Berwyn Heights, Maryland
  45   1952 Approved Fire Apparatus                               Eagle Hose Company No. 1, Dickson City, Pennsylvania
  46   1961 Mack Model B-95 Pumper                                Antietam Fire Company, Hagerstown, Maryland
  47   1951 Mack Pumper LS Model                                  Revere Fire Department, Revere, Massachusetts
  48   1991 Western States Intra-Cab Pumper                       Cornelius Fire Department, Cornelius, Oregon
  49   1992 Western States 1000 GPM Pumper
  50   1992 Spartan Gladiator Darley Pumper                       Laurel Volunteer Fire Department, Laurel, Maryland
  51   1992 Spartan Charger                                       Storey County Fire Department, Virginia City, Nevada
  52   1992 Ford-Marion Mini Attack Pumper                        Ritchie Volunteer Fire Department, Richie, Maryland
  53   1991 Simon Ladder towers Model ST-2000                     Sterling Volunteer Fire Department, Sterling, Virginia
  54   1973 Ford C-900 Barton American Pumper                     Zanesville Fire Department, Zanesville, Ohio
  55   1988 American La France Century 2000 Pumper                Eagle Hose Company, No. 4, Dickson City, Pennsylvania
  56   1992 American La France Rescue Pumper                      Throop Volunteer Fire Department, Throop, Pennsylvania
  57   1992 International-Sutphen Mini Pumper                     Syracuse Fire Department, Syracuse, New York
  58   1991 International-Kovatch Four Wheel Drive Pumper         Upper Montgomery Fire Department, Montgomery County, Maryland
  59   1992 Kovatch Custom Pumper                                 United States Air Force, Wright Patteson Air Force Base, Fairborn, Ohio
  60   1981 Hahn Pumper                                           Fort Belvoir, Fairfax County, Virginia
  61   1978 Peter Pirsch Model 88C Pumper                         Jefferson Township Fire Company, Mt. Cobb, Pennsylvania
  62   1991 Chevy 3500 Becker Mini Rescue                         Olyphant Fire Department, Olyphant, Pennsylvania
  63   1991 Simon Ladder Towers Model ST-2000                     Arlington County Fire Department, Arlington, Virginia
  64   1992 International 4900 Series                             Pittstown Township Fire Department, Pittsbtown, Pennsylvania
  65   1992 Spartan Gladiator Saulsburg Rescue Pumper             Fairfax County Volunteer Fire Department, Fairfax, Virginia
  66   1992 Duplex Vanguard Recue Pumper                          Willow Street Fire Company, Willow Street, Pennsylvania
  67   1991 Emergency One Cyclone Pumper                          Boston Fire Department, Boston, Massachusetts
  68   1990 Emergency One 110 Foot Aerial                         Boston Fire Department, Boston, Massachusetts
  69   1989 Pemfab Imperial Custom Pumper                         Maytown Volunteer Fire Company, East Donegal Township, Pennsylvania
  70   1992 Kovatch Autocar Pumper                                Myersville Fire Department, Myersville, Maryland
  71   1992 Kovatch Mobile Equipment Custom Pumper                Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada, Arizona
  72   1988 Seagrave JT Model Aerial Ladder                       Honolulu Fire Department, Honolulu, Hawaii
  73   1992 Marion Custom Pumper                                  Arundel Volunteer Fire Department, Anne Arundel County, Maryland
  74   1989 Seagrave JP Model Aerial Ladder                       Prince George's County Fire Department, Prince George's County, Maryland
  75   1989 Simon Duplex Custom Pumper                            Arlington County Fire Department, Arlington County, Virginia
  76   1989 International 4900 Series Pumper                      Westwood Fire Department, Westwood, Massachusetts
  77   1991 Marion Rescue Squad                                   Cecil Fire Department, Williamstown, New Jersey
  78   1991 Marion Custom Pumper                                  Waupaca Area Fire District, Waupaca, Wisconsin
  79   Crash Rescue Equipment Combined Agent Vehicle              Danbury Municipal Airport, Danbury Connecticut
  80   Crash Rescue Equipment Aircraft Crash Vehicle              Phoenix Sky harbor International Airport, Phoenix, Arizona
  81   1991 Seagrave 100 Foot Aerial                              Fire Department of New York, Ladder Company 112
  82   1982 American La France Century Series Pumper              Fire Department of New York, Squad Company No. 1
  83   1979 Mack CF Pumper                                        Fire Department of New York, Engine 207
  84   1991 Seagrave Snorkel Economy Pumper                       Denver Fire Department, Denver, Colorado
  85   1991 Pierce Javelin Rear Engine Pumper                     Centreville Volunteer Fire Department, Fairfax County, Virginia
  86   Super Vac Medium Rescue                                    Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department, Cy-Fair, Texas
  87   1992 S&S Fire Apparatus Tanker Pumper                      Pound Ridge Fire Department, Pound Ridge, New York
  88   1992 S&S Fire Apparatus Mini Rescue Pumper
  89   Fort Garry Industries Aerial Platform                      Winnipeg Fire Department, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  90   Fort Garry Industries Custom Pumper                        Winnipeg Fire Department, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  91   1992 Westates Custom Pumper                                El Dorado Hills Fire Department, Sacramento, California
  92   1992 Ford Cargo Westates Pumper
  93   Custom Fire Full Response Pumper                           Alexandria Fire Department, Alexandria, Minnesota
  94   1991 Peterbilt 3754 Custom Fire Response Pumper            Waconia Fire Department, Waconia, Minnesota
  95   1992 Emergency One Hush Rear Enging Pumper                 Aurora Fire Department, Aurora, Colorado
  96   1989 Pierce Arrow Rear Mount Aerial                        Long Beach Naval Station, Long Beach California
  97   1990 Spartan Gladiator Custom Pumper                       City of Pierre Fire Department, Pierre, South Dakota
  98   1991 Custom Fire Full Response Pumper                      City of Hudson Fire Department, Hudson, Wisconsin
 [99]  Fire Engines [Checklist 1-50]
[100]  Fire Engines [Checklist 51-100]


Prism Cards (1:12 packs)

  #1   Relief Engine Company No. 2, Moorsetown, New Jersey
  #2   Leesburg Fire Department, Leesburg Virginia
  #3   Columbus Fire Department, Columbus, Indiana
  #4   Denver Fire Department, Denver, Colorado
  #5   Empire Hook and Ladder Co. I, Pottstown, Pennsylvania
  #6   Blakely Hose Company No. 2, Blakely, Pennsylvania

24-kt Gold Card (1000 issued)

  --    1922 Ahrens Fox X-K-6
  --    (Redemption Card, 1:36,000 packs)

Card Album

  --    (Binder)


  P1    1992 Ahrens-Fox Model RK4
  P2    Simon-Ladder Towers ST-2000
  P3    Specialty Aircraft Rescue ...

©2001, 2002 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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