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First Column Defenders
   Goudey Gum - 1940

Notes: Cards are 2-1/2" x 3-1/8" with color artwork on fronts and descriptive 
text on backs. The wrapper announces: "The purpose of this Card Series is to 
kindle a deeper sense of Patriotism by portraying the Ideals and Principles on 
which our Country is founded. FIRST COLUMN is the OPPOSITE of Fifth 
Column!!" American Card Catalog reference is R50. Scans are posted at the 
Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title

  1   Raising the Flag
  2   Man without a Country
  3   The Call for Courage
  4   Our Mechanized Army
  5   First Line of Defense
  6   The American Eagle
  7   Our Flag Passes By
  8   The Color Guard
  9   One National Indivisible
 10   Coast Guard Patrol
 11   Fighters in Echelon
 12   Future Admirals on Parade
 13   Generals in the Making
 14   The Light of Liberty
 15   The Eyes of the Fleet
 16   Soldiers of the Sea
 17   Changing the Guard
 18   Coastal Forts Prepare
 19   Anti-Aircraft Defense
 20   Bringing Hospital Aid
 21   Offshore Scouting Patrol
 22   Protecting Panama Canal
 23   Combat Intelligence, G-2
 24   Combat Cars Move Up

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