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Flaming Carrot Comics
    Comic Images - 1988

Notes: All artwork is by Bob Burden. Wrappers are clear cellophane. Many 
thanks to Sean Wright for the list!

Box: 36 packs of 5 cards + header card.
Common sets: approx. 4.50 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

--    (header card)

  1   Series no.1 / Checklist
  2   Home Run King
  3   Mr. Death
  4   Most Dangerous Man Alive!
  5   The Panic
  6   Carrots In Nose
  7   Bowling For love
  8   The Goo Man
  9   Get Those Ghosts
 10   Toilet Plunger
 11   To The Rescue
 12   What Is It?
 13   Six Gun Justice
 14   Numismatist Extraordinaire
 15   The Zoomy Car!
 16   Ride 'Em Cowboy
 17   Bombs Away
 18   The Green Eye
 19   Blazing Bullets!
 20   No Rest For The Evil
 21   Mystery In The Woods
 22   Narrow Escape
 23   Sponge Boy
 24   Calling Flaming Carrot
 25   Man Of Mystery
 26   The Deadliest Game
 27   Bikini Teens
 28   Pogo
 29   Dead Dog
 30   Voo Doo Men
 31   Hitler's Feet
 32   Demon Creature
 33   Blowing Bubbles
 34   The Artless Dodger
 35   Why Dr. Why?
 36   Most Happy Fellow
 37   The Blazing Carrot
 38   Let Them Laugh
 39   Buzzard Men
 40   Stink Bomb

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