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Flash Gordon - Series 1, 2, 3
   King Features Syndicate / 
   Jasinsky & Marchione - 1990-1992

Notes:  These cards were issued in three factory series Limited Editions with a COA 
card numbered to 5,000. They show black-and-white stills from three Flash Gordon 
serials, and were produced by Michael V. Jasinksy and Ron Marchione. Thanks much 
to Sean Wright for the update!

Series 1 (1990)
Flash Gordon

No.   Card Text                                         Episode

  1   The entire world's population is found trembli    Chapter One - The Planet of Peril
  2   Flash and Dale parachute down, landing near th
  3   Ming tells Zarkov that he can use the brillian
  4   Flash overcomes the three attackers, then comb    Chapter Two - The Tunnel of Terror
  5   The gyro ships of the Lion Men attack Mongo an
  6   Thun kills the Gocko with a ray gun. He and Fl    Chapter Three - Captured by Shark Men
  7   Kala tricks Flash, leading him into a room whi
  8   Thun compels Kala to draw the water from Flash    Chapter Four - Battling the Sea Beast
  9   Flash destroys the machinery, unknowingly cutt
 10   Ming uses a magnetic apparatus to raise the pa    Chapter Five - The Destroying Ray
 11   In the Sky City, Thun has been enslaved and se
 12   Barin's ship is struck by the melting ray, but    Chapter Six - Flaming Torture
 13   Aura convinces Dale that Flash's life depends
 14   Dale promises Vultan that she will marry him i    Chapter Seven - Shattering Doom
 15   Flash is wired to the Atom furnaces so that he
 16   When Flash throws the shovel into the furnace     Chapter Eight - Tournament of Death
 17   Zarkov demands his friends' freedom in exchang
 18   Vultan, admiring Flash's heroism, begs Ming to    Chapter Nine - Fighting the Fire Dragon
 19   The High Priest really plans to destroy Flash.
 20   Aura accuses the High Priest of murder and he     Chapter Ten - The Unseen Peril
 21   Flash, influenced by the drug of forgetfulness
 22   Zarkov has simply made Flash invisible with a     Chapter Eleven - In the Claws of the Tigron
 23   Ming traps the Earth people in his laboratory.
 24   Flash leaps upon the Tigron and saves Dale. Th    Chapter Twelve - Trapped in the Turret
 25   While Flash and his friends are waiting for th
 26   Flash and his friends are saved when they ente    Chapter Thirteen - Rocketing to Earth
 27   Ming has the laboratory's electric power shut
 28   Flash Gordon - A Universal Serial                 Credits (1)
 29   Flash Gordon                                      Credits (2)
 30   Flash Gordon - Intergalactic Adventurer
 31   Mint the Merciless - Tyrant of Mongo
 32   Dale Arden - Vulnerable Heroine
 33   Dr. Zarkov - Scientist
 34   Prince Barin - Rightful Heir to the Throne of
 35   Thun - King of the Lion Men
 36   This set is # XX in a Limited Edition of 5,000

Series 2 (1991)
Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars

No.   Card Text                                         Episode

37    Rocketing back to Earth from Mongo Flash Gordo    Chapter One - New Worlds to Conquer
38    A reporter, "Happy" Hapgood, stows away on the    Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars
39    The blast by the ray gun frees Zarkov's ship f    Chapter Two - The Living Dead
40    Hiding in one of the caves from the Martian la
41    As the stalactites continue to descend Flash u    Chapter Three - Queen of Magic
42    They want Flash and his group to bring Azura t
43    As the rubble comes crashing down Flash grabs     Chapter Four - Ancient Enemies
44    They escape and Flash overpowers Ming and disc
45    Flash sees Dale and Happy and tells Zarkov to
46    Flash uses his ray gun, blows the hatch and di    Chapter Five - The Boomerang
47    Zarkov tests it on Flash. While Flash is paral
48    Zarkov comes to and crawls toward Flash and pu    Chapter Six - Tree Men of Mars
49    Azura's transformed guards jump Zarkov and tak
50    Flash discovers a hollow tree and gets everyon    Chapter Seven - Prisoner of Mongo
51    When the guards come with the food they are ju
52    Happy jumps one of the Tree People, takes his     Chapter Eight - The Black Sapphire of Kalu
53    Flash enters and Azura attempts to turn him in
54    Flash comes around, sees the danger, uses the     Chapter Nine - Symbol of Death
55    Flash is sent to the Disintegrating Room. Bari
56    Flash manages to break free of his restraints     Chapter Ten - Incense of Forgetfulness
57    Inside the temple Dale is subjected to the Ins
58    Barin, Zarkov and Happy enter the temple but D    Chapter Eleven - Human Bait
59    Using the flying capes, Flash and Zarkov land
60    Zarkov hurls the beaker at the last moment. It    Chaptaer Twelve - Ming the Merciless
61    While crossing a light bridge, Ming makes his
62    Flash rushes to Azura's aid. Azura is mortally    Chapter Thirteen - The Miracle of Magic
63    The Clay People are restored to their normal f
64    Zarkov heads back to the Clay Kingdom to set a
65    The Martian knocked out as Flash came through     Chapter Fourteen - A Beast at Bay
66    They find the secret passage behind the throne
67    Once inside the passage Flash knocks out the l    Chapter Fifteen - An Eye for an Eye
68    Ming sees Flash and his party and begins firin
69    Zarkov creates a distraction and Flash gets th
70    The Clay King is now ruler of the Martians. Ba
71    Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars                       Credits
72    This is set # XX in a Limited Edition of 5,000

Series 3 (1992)
Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe

No.   Card Text                                         Episode

 73   Following the wake of dictators, war and rumor    Chapter One - The Purple Death
 74   They spot a Ming spaceship dispersing an elect
 75   Joining forces they break into Ming's laborato
 76   Flash grabs hold of a pipe inside the pit and     Chapter Two - Freezing Torture
 77   With Ronal safe, Flash and his party take off
 78   Ming's daughter, Princess Aura, is now Barin's
 79   The avalanche carries Flash and company into a    Chapter Three - Walking Bombs
 80   Ming intercepts a radio message about the succ
 81   The explosion hurls Flash into a crater, uncon    Chapter Four - The Destroying Ray
 82   Torn between saving Dale and Zarkov and neutra
 83   Disguised as Ming guards Flash and Roka discov
 84   Roka appears in the window and Zarkov tells hi    Chapter Five - The Palace of Terror
 85   Zarkov has an ally in Karm, one of Ming's scie
 86   Unaware that they have stolen a Ming ship, Bar
 87   Flash checks the ships dive and uses the nose     Chapter Six - Flaming Death
 88   Flash takes off with Dale and Ronal in a ship
 89   Suddenly a connection melts leaving Flash defe
 90   Ronal fixes the Contra-Thermal Wave Generator     Chapter Seven - Land of the Dead
 91   They head for the land Of The Dead to place th
 92   The Rock Men revive Flash and his friends and     Chapter Eight - The Fiery Abyss
 93   Flash attempts a rescue while Zarkov hurries t
 94   Roka frees himself and saves Dale. Flash destr    Chapter Nine - Pool of Peril
 95   Capt. Sudan, an ally of Barin's, allows them t
 96   Capt. Sudan opens a side tunnel which allows F    Chapter Ten - Death Mist
 97   Torch and Sonja flee with her to the roof of t
 98   Landing in the palace moat Flash drags the unc    Chapter Eleven - Stark Treachery
 99   Capt. Sudan grants them access to an abandoned
100   The sword tip touched the carpet. Flash is stu    Chapter Twelve - Doom of the Dictator
101   Learning that Zarkov, Dale, Barin, Aura and Ro
102   At the last possible moment he parachuter from
103   Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe                Credits
104   Olympic swimmer Larry "Buster" Crabbe won a br
105   Jean Robers, the original Dale Arden in the fi
106   Priscilla Lawson, the original Princess Aura i
107   John Hamilton, who plays Flash's father in the
108   This set is # XX in a Limited Edition of 5,000


Many or all of the cards were issued not as true promo cards, but as regular
cards from the basic set, hand-stamped "Sample" on the back for Series 1 or 
hand-stamped "Promo" on the back for Series 2 and Series 3.

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