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Flip-O-Vision: The Movie-Maker Bubble Gum
   Topps - 1949

Notes: Cards of 1-7/8" x 4" were distributed unassembled, but when separated 
from accordian-style performations would form a 30-page flip book. Card 17 
had two different titles. An early checklist from Topps showed cards that have 
not been confirmed (at least not recently). These, and unused numbers, are 
shown below. There was one Topps checklist entry for Harpo but two cards 
were released.

American Card Catalog reference is R710-2. Scans are posted at the Vintage 
Non-Sports Cards gallery.

Production No.   Title

         1       Joe Palooka
         2       "Eat Those Words" with Victor Moore
         3       Dick Tracy
         4       "Swanky Hanky" with Morey Amsterdam
         6       "Bubble Beat" with Buddy Rich
         7       "Bubble Smoke" with Harpo Marx
         8       "Dating Time" with Jimmy Wakely
         9       "A Knight for Love" with Bing Crosby
        10       Jimmy Stewart
        11       "Song Hit" with Ina Ray Hutton
        12       Whip Wilson
        14       The Ink Spots
        16       "Egg Noodle" with Vince Barnett
        17       "Dollar Scholar" with Roddy McDowall
        17       "Look Mom, No Teeth" with Roddy McDowall
        18       "Yawning for You" with Peggy Ryan
        19       Bert Parks
        20       "Gun Play" with Johnny Mack Brown
        21       Margaret O'Brien
        22       "Hat Happy" with Rudy Vallee
        23       "The Ear Bender" with Burns & Allen
        25       Kirk Douglas
        26       "Number Please?" with Johnny Desmond
        27       "Why Worry - Hope!! with Bob Hope
        28       "Smoker Joker" with Jack Haley
        30       "Javelin Any Fun?" with Bomba The Jungle Boy
        32       "Gui-tar Long Little Doggie" with Tex Williams
        34       "Jungle Jim with Johnny Weissmuller
        39       Charlie Chan
        40       "At-Choo, Honey?" with Billy Gilbert
        42       "Swoon Tune" with Vic Damone
        46       "Fiddle Fun" with Henny Youngman
        47       "Mr. Missed Her Kisser" with the The Marx Bros.
        49       "Hi-De-Ho" starring Cab Calloway
        52       "Pitch and Go" with Al Schacht
        53       "Old Fogy Stogy" with Leon Errol
        56       "Balloon Goons" with the stars of The Aldrich Family
        57       "Love Happy" with Harpo
        58       "It Wooden Whistle" with Kay Kiser
        59       "It's a Joke, Son" with Senator Claghorn
        60       "It's Moider" with Leo Gorcey

Topps Checklist, not seen

        Abbott & Costello
        Arthur Lake
        Harry Carey, Jr.
        Jack Carson
        Jimmy Durante
        Lanny Ross
        Lois Collier
        Red Skelton
        Rod Cameron
        The Pied Pipers
        William Bendix

Unused Numbers


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