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Flipper  [The Movie]
Donruss - 1996

Notes:  Cards 80 through 90 were "short printed" (or short distributed),
and are more scarce than cards 1 through 79. I haven't seen the packaging,
and don't really have a clue why the subsets are called "puzzle pieces."

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: less than 3.2 per box because of short-prints.

No.   Title                      Subset

  1   Goodbye, Mom               Gold Puzzle
  2   Taxi Ride To... Nowhere?   Gold Puzzle
  3   Dolphin Dance              Gold Puzzle
  4   Looks Plus Charm           Gold Puzzle
  5   Happy-Go-Lucky?            Gold Puzzle
  6   Natural Enemy              Gold Puzzle
  7   On The Island              Gold Puzzle
  8   Porter's House             Gold Puzzle
  9   Home Sweet Home            Gold Puzzle
 10   Checking Out The Scene     Blue Puzzle
 11   Uncle Beach Bum?           Blue Puzzle
 12   Homesick Already           Blue Puzzle
 13   Plucky Pet                 Blue Puzzle
 14   Walk This Way              Blue Puzzle
 15   Welcome Aboard             Blue Puzzle
 16   A Place For Everything     Blue Puzzle
 17   On The High Seas           Blue Puzzle
 18   Bounty Hunter              Blue Puzzle
 19   Enjoying The View          Purple Puzzle
 20   Dirk's Dreadful Deed       Purple Puzzle
 21   Suddenly Alone             Purple Puzzle
 22   A Long Look                Purple Puzzle
 23   Shy Marvin                 Purple Puzzle
 24   Caring Mom                 Purple Puzzle
 25   Big Plans                  Purple Puzzle
 26   Home Alone                 Purple Puzzle
 27   On The Dock                Purple Puzzle
 28   Talking Back               Pink Puzzle
 29   The Storm                  Pink Puzzle
 30   Showing Off                Pink Puzzle
 31   A New Friend               Pink Puzzle
 32   Learning Together          Pink Puzzle
 33   Happy Threesome            Pink Puzzle
 34   On With The Show           Pink Puzzle
 35   Future Businessman?        Pink Puzzle
 36   Flip Of A Coin             Pink Puzzle
 37   In Hot Water               Brown Puzzle
 38   Feeding Time               Brown Puzzle
 39   Tail Walking               Brown Puzzle
 40   Something In Common        Brown Puzzle
 41   Surf Or Turf?              Brown Puzzle
 42   Play Time                  Brown Puzzle
 43   Touch And Go               Brown Puzzle
 44   An Amazing Change          Brown Puzzle
 45   Full Of Joy                Brown Puzzle
 46   Is It Love?                Red Puzzle
 47   Dirk's Warning             Red Puzzle
 48   Up To No Good              Red Puzzle
 49   Showdown                   Red Puzzle
 50   Trouble With The Law       Red Puzzle
 51   Tough Choice               Red Puzzle
 52   Sad Goodbyes               Red Puzzle
 53   Final Farewell?            Red Puzzle
 54   Flipper In Trouble         Red Puzzle
 55   Dolphin Shake              Green Puzzle
 56   Open Wide                  Green Puzzle
 57   "He Was Poisoned"          Green Puzzle
 58   Scene Of The Crime         Green Puzzle
 59   Solving The Mystery        Green Puzzle
 60   Marking The Spot           Green Puzzle
 61   Game Plan                  Green Puzzle
 62   Special Talent             Green Puzzle
 63   On A Mission               Green Puzzle
 64   Pay Dirt                   Orange Puzzle
 65   Sandy Sneaks Out           Orange Puzzle
 66   Telltale Signal            Orange Puzzle
 67   Easy Target                Orange Puzzle
 68   Enemy Ship                 Orange Puzzle
 69   Holding On                 Orange Puzzle
 70   Shark Attack               Orange Puzzle
 71   To The Rescue              Orange Puzzle
 72   Dirk is Arrested           Orange Puzzle
 73   Flipper's Real Home        Yellow Puzzle
 74   End of Summer              Yellow Puzzle
 75   Reunion                    Yellow Puzzle
 76   Not Quite Goodbye          Yellow Puzzle
 77   Suddenly Shy               Yellow Puzzle
 78   Kim's Goodbye              Yellow Puzzle
 79   Sailing For Home           Yellow Puzzle
 80   A Friend Returns           Yellow Puzzle
 81   Unforgettable              Yellow Puzzle
 82   Flipper                    Character Cards
 83   Sandy Burns                Character Cards
 84   Porter Ricks               Character Cards
 85   Pete the Pelican           Character Cards
 86   Kim                        Character Cards
 87   Cathy Simms                Character Cards
 88   Dirk Moran                 Character Cards
 89   Checklist A
 90   Checklist B


 --   Flipper Trading Cards (Unnumbered)

©2002 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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