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The Flying Nun
   Donruss - 1968

Notes: Card fronts are screen shots with captions; backs are puzzle pieces. 
American Card Catalog reference is R818-12. Scans are posted at the 
Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Caption

  1   Sour Grapes!
  2   Whee-e-e-e!
  3   The School Teacher!
  4   Of course, I can fly!
  5   For a safe flight!
  6   All I said was, "I bet I can fly!"
  7   Full Speed Ahead!
  8   Tell the captain his wing just fell off!
  9   No, I don't give flying lessons!
 10   Up, Up, and Away!
 11   Santa's Little Helper!
 12   Cowboys don't fly!
 13   Sour Grapes
 14   Are you certain a BIRD flew in your ear?
 15   The cast of the FLYING NUN
 16   The Control Tower!
 17   More Bounce to the Ounce!
 18   Alejandro Rey
 19   Sally Fields
 20   Flying Lessons Are Fun!
 21   Short Runway!
 22   Air Mail Presents!
 23   I can't look down!
 24   I need a clearing to take off.
 25   Now I can taxi before takeoff!
 26   Sister Jacqueline and her dog!
 27   Sister Jacqueline played by Marge Redmond.
 28   License? What license?
 29   I don't think I can fly blind!
 30   Mother Superior, played by Madeline Sherwood
 31   A thorn amonst the roses1
 32   Of Course It Will Fly!
 33   I want to fly too!
 34   Sister Sixto
 35   Watch Out for That Branch!
 36   SURE! Everyone drives a pink car!
 37   No, I don't get air sick!
 38   Around the Island in 80 minutes.
 39   But It Matches the Car
 40   Not just everyone can fly.
 41   You throw me a pass as I fly over the goal!
 42   Good day for flying.
 43   I'd rather be an airplane mechanic!
 44   The easy way to raise the flag!
 45   Looks like a storm up ahead!
 46   I think I should have turned LEFT at the last cloud!
 47   Bad landing!
 48   Sky Surfing
 49   An Eagle Bit My Finger!
 50   Just thought I would drop in!
 51   Testing my wings!
 52   This way your lesson will stay in your head!
 53   Now, what did I do?
 54   Sally Fields
 55   Sister Sixto, played by Shelly Morrison
 56   Guess I landed short!
 57   It's a bird, It's a plane, It's ...!
 58   The Control Tower Goofed!
 59   You're Grounded!
 60   One for the road, - er, the sky that is.
 61   Inspecting the property!
 62   You call this the bathrub BOO-GA-LOO!
 63   I can't take passengers
 64   I like to paint by number!
 65   Come fly with me!
 66   I won't even make a splash!

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