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Football Super Freaks
   Donruss - 1974

Notes: The series features caricatures of mythical players. Thanks much to 
Casey Roberson for the list!

No.   Title

  1   Ronnie the Receiver
  2   Benny the Baby
  3   Richard the Ram
  4   Troy the Trojan
  5   Jimmy the Jet
  6   Barney the Bear
  7   Larry Lightfoot
  8   Hectic Harold
  9   Joe the Toe
 10   Terry the Tailback
 11   Pearson the Passer
 12   Freaky Freddy
 13   Tex the Terrible
 14   Stinson the Steeler
 15   Cedric the Center
 16   Donald Dum-Dum
 17   Morgan the Mouth
 18   Irving the Indian
 19   Ollie the Oiler
 20   Durwood the Dolphin
 21   Ned Nimble-Fingers
 22   Alvin Awful
 23   Billy the Biter
 24   Weird Wendell
 25   Vernon the Viking
 26   Wilson the Wreck
 27   Frightening Finklestein
 28   Quinton the Quarterback
 29   Dennis the Dinosaur
 30   Leonard the Lion
 31   Amos the Awesome
 32   Perry the Perforator
 33   Zonka
 34   Tommy the Turfeater
 35   Ike the Spike
 36   Linda Lovely
 37   Arms Armbruster
 38   Ernie the End
 39   Richard the Record Holder
 40   Bobby the Blimp
 41   Cecil the Center
 42   Conrad the Kicker

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