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Foul Ball
Eclipse Enterprises - 1991

Notes:  This factory, boxed set is subtitled "Baseball's Greatest Scandals,
Scoundrels, and Screw-Ups." Text is by Gary Cohen, with art by William
Cone and editing by Catherine Yronwode. Cards are approximately 2-1/2"
x 3-1/2".

No.   Title

  1   Foul Ball!
  2   The Black Sox Scandal
  3   The Big Cocaine Bust
  4   The Death of a Team
  5   Rose Bets on Baseball
  6   McLain Takes a Fall
  7   Cobb Clobbers a Fan
  8   Marichal vs Roseboro
  9   Douglas Gets the Goods
 10   Beer Night at the Ballpark
 11   Disco Demolition Night
 12   Campanis Strikes Out
 13   Randall vs Luccesi
 14   Boss George Buys It
 15   The Last Stolen Base
 16   Polonia Scores Twice
 17   Charlie Finley Sells Out
 18   An Ump's Double Life
 19   The Bat Man Tells All
 20   A Professional Spitter
 21   Dock Delivers a Message
 22   A Major League Trade
 23   Kroc Grabs the Mike
 24   Turner Makes the Team
 25   Nettles Bounces Out
 26   The Pine Tar Game
 27   Winfield Gets the Bird
 28   Perez Goes Astray
 29   Stewart Gets Tricked
 30   Boggs vs Adams
 31   Don and Dale: Two Yankee "Relievers"
 32   Reggie! Bar Mania
 33   Kiteman Grounds Out
 34   Gaedel's Short Career
 35   The Flying Fan
 36   Ball Four

 --   (Credits/order sheet, box insert)

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