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Four Color Comic Book History Series 1
   The Drawn Word - 2016

Notes: Four Color cards are written and designed by comic book historian Christopher  Irving. 
The card series was crowdfunded. Thanks to John Biagioni for the original list! Further 
information and scans are posted at the Drawn Word website.

      Title                              Creator                                     Date

      Atomic Mouse                       Al Fargo                                    Mar. 1953
      Black Venus                        Unknown                                     1944
      Blue Flame                         Unknown                                     1947
      Captain Flash                      Martin Smith, Mike Sekowsky                 Nov. 1954
      Captain Marvel [MF Enterprises]    Carl Burgos                                 Apr. 1966
      The Clock                          George Brenner                              Nov. 1936
      The Face                           Mart Bailey                                 May 1940
      Fantomah                           Fletcher Hanks                              Feb. 1940
      The Flame                          Will Eisner, Lou Fine                       Jul. 1939
      Flame Girl                         Unknown, Pierce Rice                        Nov. 1941
      Frankenstein [gray border]         Mary Shelley, Dick Briefer                  Dec. 1940
      Frankenstein [white border]        Mary Shelley, Dick Briefer                  Dec. 1940
      The Ghost                          Bob Wood                                    Nov. 1941
      The Heap                           Bill Woolfolk, Mort Leav                    Dec. 1942
      Midnight                           Jack Cole                                   Nov. 1941
      Miss Masque                        Unknown                                     Sep. 1946
      Miss Victory                       Charles Quinlan                             Aug. 1941
      Silver Streak                      Jack Binder                                 Mar. 1940
      Sub Zero                           Larry Antonette                             1940
      Target & the Targeteers            Dick Briefer                                Nov. 1940
      V-Man                              Jay Foster, Ramona Patenaude                1942
      Wonderman                          Will Eiuner                                 May 1939

      Captain Flash [rainbow foil card; limited to 250]

Crowdfunding Special Cards

      (Backer/Card List)
      Black Venus  [metal]               Harvey Kurtzman
      Rhe Flame  [metal]                 Lou Fine
      Frankenstein  [metal]              Dick Briefer


      Comic book and pop culture trading cards (shows 5 series and logo)

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