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Four Color Comic Book History Series 2
   The Drawn Word - 2016

Notes: Four Color cards are written and designed by comic book historian Christopher  Irving. 
The card series was crowdfunded. Thanks to John Biagioni for the original list! Further 
information and scans are posted at the Drawn Word website.

      Title                              Creator                                     Date

      Ace Harlem                         John Terrell                                Jun. 1947
      Airboy                             Charles Biro                                Nov. 1942
      Amazing-Man                        Bill Everett                                Sep. 1939
      Black Cat                          Alfred Harvey, Al Gabriele                  Aug. 1941
      Black Owl [gray border]            Robert Turner, Pete Riss                    Apr. 1940
      Black Owl [white border]           Robert Turner, Pete Riss                    Mar. 1940
      Black Terror                       Richard E. Hughes, Dan Gabrielson           Jan. 1941
      Blue Beetle (Fox) [gray border]    Charles Nicholas Wotjkowski                 Aug. 1939
      Blue Beetle (Fox) [white border]   Charles Nicholas Wotjkowski                 Aug. 1939
      Blue Lady                          Frank Frollo                                Oct. 1941
      Buddy Bradley                      Peter Bagge                                 1980
      The Crow                           James O'Barr                                Jan. 1989
      Daredevil [gray border]            Don Rico, Jack Binder                       Sep. 1940
      Daredevil [black/red border]       Jack Binder, Jack Cole                      Jan. 1941
      Doc Strange                        Richard E. Hughes, Alexander Kostuk         Feb. 1940
      E-Man                              Joe Staton, Nocola Cuti                     Oct. 1973
      Galahad                            Mark Waid, Peter Krause                     May 2012
      Green Turtle                       Chu F. Hing                                 Jun. 1944
      K The Unknown                      Robert Turner, Pete Riss                    Mar. 1940
      Lightning Girl                     Harry Sahle?                                Jun. 1942
      Man of War                         Paul Gustavson                              Jun. 1941
      Nocturnus                          Mark Waid, Peter Krause                     May 2012
      Phantom Lady (Quality)             Arthur Peddy                                Aug. 1941
      Phantom Lady (Fox)                 Al Gabriele, Matt Baker                     M. 194
      The Red Hook                       Dean Haspiel                                Apr. 2013
      Speed Centaur                      Malcolm Kildale                             Aug. 1939
      Spider Queen                       Elise Lisau, Louis, Arturo Cazxenueve (?)   Sep. 1941
      Stardust                           Fletcher Hanks                              Dec. 1939
      Starlight                          Ann Adams, Ralph Mayo                       1950
      Stray                              Vito Delsante, Sean Izaakse                 Feb. 2015
      The Sword                          ?                                           Mar. 1942
      War Nurse                          Jill Elgin                                  May 1941
      Woman in Red                       richard E. Hughes, George Mandel            Mar. 1940

      Blue Beetle (Fox) [gold foil borderCharles Nicholas Wotjkowski                 Aug. 1939

Crowdfunding Special Cards

      (Backer/Card List)
      Black Cat  [metal]                 Joe Simon
      Black Owl  [metal]                 Jack Kirby, Joe Simon
      Daredevil  [metal]                 Jack Cole

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©2017 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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