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Four Color Comic Book History Series 3
   The Drawn Word - 2016

Notes: Four Color cards are written and designed by comic book historian Christopher  Irving. 
The card series was crowdfunded. Thanks to John Biagioni for the original list! Further 
information and scans are posted at the Drawn Word website.

      Title                              Creator                                     Date

      Black Cobra                        L.B. Cole                                   Oct. 1954
      Blonde Bomber                      Barbara Hall                                Jun.-Mar. 1942
      Blue Bolt                          Joe Simon                                   Jun. 1940
      Dr. Haunt                          Steve Ditko                                 Jul. 1957
      Fatman                             Otto Binder, C.C. Beck                      Apr. 1967
      Fighting Yank                      Richard E. Hughes, Jon L. BLummer           Sep. 1941
      Flash Lightning                    --                                          Jun. 1940
      Green Mask                         Unknown, Walter Frehm                       Aug. 1939
      The Grim Reaper                    Richard E. Hughes, Al Camy                  Feb. 1944
      Iron Lady                          Dan Zolnerowich                             Feb. 1947
      Lady Satan                         George Tuska                                Dec. 1941
      Lash Lightnings                    Jim Mooney                                  Aug. 1941
      The Mask                           Raymond Thayer                              Apr. 1940
      Pyroman                            Unknown, Jack Binder                        Dec. 1942
      Red Bee                            Toni Blum, Charles Nicholas                 Jul. 1940
      Spacehawk [gray border]            Basil Wolverton                             Jun. 1940
      Super Green Beret                  Otto Binder, Carl Pfeufer                   Apt. 1967
      Wonderman                          Unknown                                     Aug. 1944

      Spacehawk [foil frame]             Basil Wolverton                             Jun. 1940

Crowdfunding Special Cards

      (Backer/Card List)
      Blue Bolt  [metal]
      Miss Masque  [metal]
      Pyroman  [metal]
      Fatman & Human Flying Saucer Powers  [metal]
      The Grim Reaper  [metal]

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