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Fox-o-Rama Scratch & Sniff Cards
   Fox Network - 1994

Notes: These 3-3/4" x 4" cards featured numbered moments from the Fox 
television shows and were sold through 7-Elkeven stores in a cello pack with 
a pair of 3-D glasses. Packages say "Fox brings you the first T.V. episodes in 
3-D and Aroma-Vision." Card backs provide a schedule of Fox-o-Rama events, 
a promo for Martin in Sheneneh-Vision, a coupon for a free Slurpee, and the 
announcement that a portion of the proceeds from Fox-o-Rama would benefit 
Literacy Volunteers of America. Thanks to Cecil Duncan for the list!

         No.                     Scene

   Living Single #1              cast of 6 (yellow background)
   Living Single #2              3 gals
   Living Single #3              2 guys back to back
   Living Single #4              cast of 6 (red background)

   Revenge of the Nerds IV #1   flip sunglasses
   Revenge of the Nerds IV #2   3 guys with camera flash
   Revenge of the Nerds IV #3   1 guy in t-shirt
   Revenge of the Nerds IV #4   4 guys

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