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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: The Movie
Topps - 1994

Note:  These cards depict scenes from the motion picture, and were distributed with 
the Topps comic book series, three cards per issue of the Special Collectors Edition. 
Thanks much to Debby (Debmas1) for the list and descriptions!

No.   Text / Scene

Comic Book Volume 1, Issue 1

  1   The year 1794, The Barent Sea in the Arctic Circle
     (Photo of: Mysterious lone traveler "Kenneth Branagh" as Victor Frankenstein).  
  2   At University, medical student Victor Frankenstein finds a mentor in Professor Waldman
     (Photo of: "Kenneth Branagh" as Victor Frankenstein & Professor Waldman going to cut on a dead body).
  3   From pieces of decaying corpses, Victor Frankenstein stitches together a patchwork man
     (Photo of: Sheet is covering-up the Creature "Robert De Niro" and "Kenneth Branagh" as Victor Frankenstein lying on the floor).

Comic Book Volume 1, Issue 2

  4   In a massive copper sarcophagus, amid high voltage electricity and surging fluids, Victor ...
      (Photo of: Creature "Robert De Niro", laying up high. only see 2 feet)
  5   Lost and confused, Frankenstein's Creature moves through the crowded village square
      (Photo of: Creature "Robert De Niro", in a raincoat walking). 
  6   Deep in the woods, the Creature finds shelter in the pigsty of a poor family
      (Photo of: Creature "Robert De Niro", face being touch by the old blind man).

Comic Book Volume 1, Issue 3

  7   Led by the writing in Victor Frankenstein's journal, the Creature makes his way to Geneva ...
      (Photo of: Creature "Robert De Niro" standing alone).
  8   After Frankenstein's Creature has slain young William Frankenstein, family friend Justine...
      (Photo of: angry mob as Justine Moritz).
  9   The Creature appears to Victor Frankenstein, seeking answers to the questions of his very...
      (Photo of: Creature "Robert De Niro" alone).

Comic Book Volume 1, Issue 4

 10   Amid an appressive atmosphere of secrecy and horror, young lovers Elizabeth and Victor...
      (Photo of: Elizabeth in a wedding dress & 2 other women).
 11   Frankenstein's Creature slays Elizabeth on her wedding night...
      (Photo of: Creature "Robert De Niro" lying on top of Elizabeth..very close to kissing her!).
 12   Victor Frankenstein has tracked his Creature to the desolate reaches of the Arctic...
      (Photo of: Creature "Robert De Niro" holding his maker hand as "Kenneth Branagh" as Victor Frankenstein drying) 

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