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Frank Buck Series: Bring 'em Back Alive
   Gumakers of America - 1938

Notes: These cards, 2-1/2" x 3",  were used as part of the basis for the 1950 set 
by Topps. Variants with an "A" or "B" on the copyright line are equally common. 
American Card Catalog reference is R556. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-
Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title

  1   The Tapir That Turned
  2   A Leopard on the Loose
  3   The Peril in the Pit
  4   Crushing Coils
  5   Giant Jungle Man
  6   Caging a King Cobra
  7   The Spitting Horror
  8   Terrible Tusks
  9   The Leopard's Last Leap
 10   Pinning a Python
 11   The Killer of the Shallows
 12   Claws vs Coils
 13   Monkey Milks Tree
 14   The Leopard on the Limb
 15   The Striped Threat
 16   Looping a Lizard
 17   Green Water Aboard
 18   The Pig in the Python
 19   The Prodigal Bear
 20   Bringing Him Down
 21   The Battling Bull
 22   Dawn at the Water Hole
 23   When Devils Duel
 24   The Killer of Kuali
 25   Monkey Mischief
 26   Little Tough Guy
 27   Courage and Claws
 28   The Scaly Threat
 29   First Aid to a Jungle Killer
 30   The Lure of Bloody Bait
 31   Held by a Half-Hitch
 32   Elephant Rage
 33   Learning to Loop a Lariat
 34   Savagery Breaks Through
 35   The Gall of a Tiger
 36   Tail-Hair Magic
 37   Swamp Peril
 38   A Flare for a Tiger
 39   Hurled by an Elephant
 40   The Trap in the Tree
 41   Trapping a Tiger
 42   Desperate Knife-Work
 43   Socking a Simian
 44   Sinister Serpent Worship
 45   Black Hate and Slashing Claws
 46   The Kink in Kinkley
 47   Caging a Cassowary
 48   The Bogged Bullock

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