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Freddie and the Dreamers
   Donruss - 1965

Note:  Cards feature black-and-white photos on the front, and form a
6x11 puzzle with the pieces printed on card backs. American Card 
Catalog reference is R818-9. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-
Sports Cards gallery.

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 4.36 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Scene / Performer

  1   (pointing guitar)
  2   (Band on the stage)
  3   Derek Quinn
  4   (Band sitting in shorts)
  5   (Visiting the fair)
  6   (Freddie)
  7   (Raising guitars in the street)
  8   (On stage)
  9   (Kitchen hazard)
 10   (Climbing the fence)
 11   (Raising the stripes)
 12   (Too many chefs)
 13   (Freddie's impromptu mask)
 14   (Bike leading car)
 15   (Snapping fingers on stage)
 16   (Freddie in ruffles)
 17   (Scout troop)
 18   (Scout troop leader)
 19   (I didn't do it ...)
 20   (Facing the crowded audience)
 21   Pete Birrell
 22   (Doing the Freddie on the sidewalk)
 23   (Leaning out car window)
 24   (A solo song)
 25   (Derek closeup on bike)
 26   (Freddie closeup with impromptu megaphone)
 27   (Four guys in stripes)
 28   (Hiding in the bushes)
 29   (Chefs daunted by stove)
 30   (Group busking on street)
 31   (Manning the milk stand)
 32   (Three guys raising right arms)
 33   (Stage shot)
 34   (Another Derek bike shot)
 35   (Ladder photo op)  [same photo as #43]
 36   Bernie Dwyer
 37   (Two guys at the fair)
 38   (Peering over the amps)
 39   (Freddie For Hire)
 40   (Kicking loose on stage)
 41   (Freddie and his parasol)
 42   (Porridge while others sleep)
 43   (Ladder photo op)  [same photo as #35]
 44   (At fair with 'Miss Liberty')
 45   (Five chefs amazed)
 46   (Rehearsal)
 47   (Three guys in suits)
 48   (Roy's guitar solo)
 49   "Freddie" Garrity
 50   (Attendant Parking)
 51   (Doing the Freddie in the crosswalk)
 52   (Freddie emoting)
 53   (Behatted over the wall)
 54   (Dancing chef)
 55   (Groveling on the ground)
 56   (Whole band in ruffles)
 57   Roy Crewdson
 58   (Ankle-biting carry)
 59   (Dreamers perform)
 60   (Chef Freddie topples pots)
 61   (Freddie at the mic)
 62   (Reviving Roy?)
 63   (Striped shirts with the carry)
 64   (Freddie showing off bumbershoot)
 65   (More facing the crowded audience)
 66   (Smiling with the ruffles)

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