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Free World Forward Aircraft (Allied)
Department of the Army - 1990

Note:  These cards were graphic training aids distributed to the U.S. Training Aids 
Centers, and bear the catalog number GTA-44-2-14.  Extreme thanks to Tom 
Tyczkowski for the checklist!

    Title                          Type              View

    [Title Card]

    Mangusta A129                  Helicopter        front view
    Mangusta A129                  Helicopter        bottom view
    Mangusta A129                  Helicopter        side view
    Alouette III                   Helicopter        front view
    Alouette III                   Helicopter        bottom view
    Alouette III                   Helicopter        side view
    Alpha Jet                      Fighter           front view
    Alpha Jet                      Fighter           bottom view
    Alpha Jet                      Fighter           side view
    AM-X                           Fighter           front view
    AM-X                           Fighter           bottom view
    AM-X                           Fighter           side view
    BO-105                         Helicopter        front view
    BO-105                         Helicopter        bottom view
    BO-105                         Helicopter        side view
    C-160 Transall                 Cargo Aircraft    front view
    C-160 Transall                 Cargo Aircraft    bottom view
    C-160 Transall                 Cargo Aircraft    side view
    Dauphin 2                      Helicopter        front view
    Dauphin 2                      Helicopter        bottom view
    Dauphin 2                      Helicopter        side view
    G.91Y                          Fighter           front view
    G.91Y                          Fighter           bottom view
    G.91Y                          Fighter           side view
    Gazelle                        Helicopter        front view
    Gazelle                        Helicopter        bottom view
    Gazelle                        Helicopter        side view
    Hawk                           Fighter           front view
    Hawk                           Fighter           bottom view
    Hawk                           Fighter           side view
    Jaguar                         Fighter           front view
    Jaguar                         Fighter           bottom view
    Jaguar                         Fighter           side view
    Lynx                           Helicopter        front view
    Lynx                           Helicopter        bottom view
    Lynx                           Helicopter        side view
    Mirage III/5                   Fighter           front view
    Mirage III/5                   Fighter           bottom view
    Mirage III/5                   Fighter           side view
    Mirage F1                      Fighter           front view
    Mirage F1                      Fighter           bottom view
    Mirage F1                      Fighter           side view
    Puma                           Helicopter        front view
    Puma                           Helicopter        bottom view
    Puma                           Helicopter        side view
    Super Etendard                 Fighter           front view
    Super Etendard                 Fighter           bottom view
    Super Etendard                 Fighter           side view
    Tornado                        Fighter           front view
    Tornado                        Fighter           bottom view
    Tornado                        Fighter           side view
    Department of Defense Emblem
    Time Zone Chart
    Weights & Measures Chart
    1990-1992 Calendar

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