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Freedonia Funnyworks 10th Anniversary Card Set
Freedonia Funnyworks - 1993

Note:  Sold as a factory set, serially numbered and limited to 1200. Cards are black and
white with red prismatic foil highlights.  Thanks much to Alan Phillips for the checklist!

Card  Character(s)                                    Artist

 1    Europa                                          Geof Darrow
 2    (untitled, possibly Cadillacs and Dinosaurs)    Mark Schultz
 3    Grendel                                         Matt Wagner
 4    Milk and Cheese                                 Evan Dorkin
 5    Hardboiled                                      Geof Darrow
 6    Its science with...Dr. Radium                   Scott Saavedra
 7    Madman                                          Michael Allred
 8    Bambi                                           Dave Stevens
 9    Hellboy                                         Mike Mignola
10    Sin City                                        Frank Miller
11    The Big Guy and Rusty the Robot                 Geof Darrow


Bonus card (postcard-sized)

--    Marv [from Sin City]                            Frank Miller


--    (Uncut sheet)

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