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Free Willy 2
SkyBox - 1995

Note:  Insert cards were different in the hobby and retail packs: the hobby version included
one-per-pack pop-ups plus spectra and lenticular chase cards; the retail version included only
one-per-pack coloring cards.  The hobby version was much more widely distributed, and
pop-ups are often considered part of the basic (hobby) set.  Coloring cards were much more
common than regular cards in retail boxes, so they are often included with the basic set if the
preparer obtained the stock from those type of boxes.

Hobby Box: 36 packs of 7 cards + 1 Pop-Up.
-- Common sets: approx. 2.80 per box if collation were perfect;
-- Pop-Up sets: approx. 4.00.
Retail Box: 36 packs of 4 cards + 1 Coloring Card.
-- Common sets: approx. 1.60 per box if collation were perfect;
-- Coloring Card sets: approx. 4.00.

No.   Title

 1    See you soon
 2    Ready to go
 3    Glenn watches Jesse
 4    Saying goodbye
 5    Reassuring words
 6    Do whales remember?
 7    Bon Voyage
 8    Settling in
 9    Around the campfire
10    Meet Nadine
11    Nadine
12    Potential dangers
13    Keeping an eye out
14    A legend
15    OOPS!
16    Whale watching
17    Calling a friend
18    A visit from Willy
19    A pat on the nose
20    Willy's brother
21    Don't be afraid
22    The water's fine!
23    No way!
24    Look Nadine, no hands!
25    A Different world
26    The rubbing rocks
27    Calling all whales
28    Draw!
29    A little romance
30    Deadly cargo
31    Luna beached
32    Oil spilled
33    Get help!
34    Help on the way
35    Giving aid
36    Out of the water
37    I just want to help
38    I'm sorry
39    The doctor is in
40    A matter of time
41    We need your help
42    Another call
43    Waiting for Willy
44    Jesse explains
45    A piece of 'chocolate'
46    Willy's mom
47    A shady deal
48    A natural remedy
49    Waiting for nightfall
50    A new prescription
51    Trying to get home
52    Randolph watches
53    Cool off!
54    Elvis lends a 'hand'
55    Go Jesse!
56    A familiar sign
57    What's that?
58    Grand slam!
59    Got him!
60    Face to face
61    Into the fire
62    Dead end
63    Searching
64    No sign yet
65    Don't give up!
66    Take her up!
67    Jesse's turn
68    Finally!
69    Safe at last?
70    Goodbye, Willy
71    A family at last
72    Two buds
73    Another friend
74    At the Institute
75    Bring up baby
76    Get Willy!
77    The Machine
78    Hitchin' a ride
79    The Eel Beast
80    No escape
81    Meal for an Eel?
82    To the rescue
83    On patrol
84    Orcas in the wild: breaching
85    Orcas in the wild: spyhopping
86    Orcas in the wild: pods
87    Orcas in the wild: strong
88    Orcas in the wild: dolphin family
89    Keiko
90    Checklist


Pop-Ups (Hobby only, 1 per pack)

P-1   Einstein
P-2   Randolph
P-3   Jesse
P-4   Marlene
P-5   The Machine & 2 Amphonids
P-6   Lucille
P-7   Willy
P-8   Jesse & Willy
P-9   The Machine & Amphonid

Coloring Cards (Retail only, 1 per pack)

CC1   Willy
CC2   Jesse
CC3   Einstein
CC4   Lucille
CC5   Willy
CC6   Jesse
CC7   The Machine
CC8   Annie
CC9   Shark


Spectra-Etch Puzzle Cards (Hobby only, 1:5 packs)

SP1   The first captured whale to appear ...
SP2   The Beluga is the smallest species ...
SP3   Although known as the "Killer Whale," ...
SP4   The Orcas' diet includes fish ...
SP5   Most Orca families, or "pods" ...
SP6   Whales swim at an average speed ...
SP7   Although they live in the water ...
SP8   Like all other mammals, whales ...
SP9   In captivity, the cartilage ...

Lenticular Cards (Hobby only, 1:36 packs)

L1    A New Friend
L2    Free Willy


--    (Unnumbered)
--    (4-up panel)
--    (Uncut sheet, six cards with borders)

©2000, 2001 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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