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Early French Postcards
   Mother Productions - 1992

Notes: Sold as a boxed set; cards are 2-3/4" x 3-3/4". Card fronts show black-
and-white or colorized postcard photos, while backs give "historical" text.

No.   Card Text

 --   French Postcard Art [Credits]

  1   When putting together this collection of images I
  2   The art of the postcard lies in its freedom of tho
  3   So the erotic emphasis is on symbolism. A sexologi
  4   Fetishism is part and parcel of all this. The virt
  5   The golden age of the picture postcard we are used
  6   Four years later Dr. Emmanuel Herrmann, an Austria
  7   In 1870, the governments of Great Britain and Fran
  8   By the 1880's line engravings of views had began t
  9   The vogue for ascents with "X" marking the spot, h
 10   (lounging lady)
 11   The 1900 Exhibition in Paris coincided with the de
 12   In 1902, the divided-back card was introduced in G
 13   By 1914, 20 cards were mailed annually for every B
 14   In 1918, the decline in Great Britain was quickene
 15   "Cartophilia" was a craze that swept through Europ
 16   In the Beginning, the cards were used and collecte
 17   Even as early as 1900, France was famous for its l
 18   During their heyday, postcards could be bought eve
 19   One place that was synonymous with French postcard
 20   For the collector who could not travel to the Fren
 21   (standing lady)
 22   (showgirls at mirror)
 23   Some of the various sets were called "Ardent Kisse
 24   Such risque pictures were bound to fall fould to t
 25   Rene Berenger had some success. For example, he ma
 26   The French cards were produced by many. Most of th
 27   Anonymity was the rule. The artisans involved did
 28   (standing and sofa)
 29   During the 1914-1918 war, the cards cheered up the
 30   The eagerly collected graphic, drawn cards were us
 31   The Roaring Twenties saw the explosion of sado-mas
 32   Fanny Herouart who signed his name Herric Mateste,
 33   The pictures of this period show us that the photo
 34   Even though French continued to be successfully ex
 35   In Paris, around 1935, the photographer Yva Richar
 36   The year 1945 marks a turning-point in this art fo
 37   Irving Klaw's photograph of bondage and sado-masoc
 38   Irving Klaw worked until his death in 1963. He fin
 39   It has been said that photography and socialism we
 40   (lifting hem)

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