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Friendly Dictators
Eclipse - 1989

Note:  Originally distributed as a boxed set.  Card format is slightly oversized: 2-3/4"
x 3-3/4". Text by Dennis Bernstein and Laura Sydell; art by Bill Sienkiewicz. 

No.   Personality                      Role

 1    The Friendly Dictators           America's Allies
 2    Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez   General of El Salvador
 3    Fulgencio Batista                President of Cuba
 4    Rafael Leonidas Trujillo         President of the Dominican Republic
 5    General Humberto Branco          President of Brazil
 6    Colonel Hugo Banzer              President of Bolivia
 7    Anastasio Somoza, Sr. and Jr.    Presidents of Nicaragua
 8    General Jorge Rafael Videla      President of Argentina
 9    General Efrain Rios Mont         President of Guatemala
10    Roberto Suazo Cordova            President of Honduras
11    François & Jean Claude Duvalier  Presidents-For-Life of Haiti
12    Alfredo Stroessner               President-For-Life of Paraguay
13    General Augusto Pinochet         President of Chile
14    General manuel Noriega           Chief of Defense Forces, Panama
15    Vinicio Cerezo                   President of Guatemala
16    Alfredo Cristiani                President of El Salvador
17    Chiang Kai-Shek                  President of Taiwan
18    Ngo Dinh Diem                    President of South Viet Nam
19    Park Chung Hee                   President of South Korea
20    Ferdinand Marcos                 President of the Phillipines
21    Mohammed Zia Ul-Haq              President of Pakistan
22    Sir Hassanal Bolkiah             The Sultan of Brunei
24    General Suharto                  President of Indonesia
25    Halie Selassie                   Emperor of Ethiopia
26    Ian Smith                        Prime Minister of Rhodesia
27    P. W. Botha                      President of South Africa
28    General Samuel Doe               President of Liberia
29    Mobutu Sese Seko                 President of Zaire
30    Mohammad Reza Pahlevi            Shah of Iran, King of Kings
31    Hussan II                        King of Morocco
32    Adolf Hitler                     Chancellor of Germany
33    General Francisco Franco         President of Spain
34    Antonio de Oliveira Salazar      Prime Minister of Portugal
35    George Papadopoulos              Prime Minister of Greece
36    Turgut Ozal                      Prime Minister of Turkey
--    (Credits sheet)

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