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Fright Flicks
   Topps - 1988

Notes:  The set title is shown on packaging, but card backs display "Did It Ever Happen?" 
Thanks much to Peter Vermaele and Sean Wright for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 9 cards + 1 sticker. 24 boxes/case.
Common sets: approx. 3.60 per box if collation were perfect.
Sticker sets (11): approximately 3.27 per box.

  No.  Title                                                  Film / Type

    1  Fright Flicks (Title Card)                             A Nightmare on Elm Street II
    2  Man, That Soup Is Hot!                                 Fright Night
    3  Gotta Quit This Nailbiting Habit!                      Day of the Dead
    4  I Really Oughta Stop Gargling with Kerosene!           A Nightmare on Elm Street II
    5  I Visit My Dentist Once a Year ... Unfortunately,      Ghostbusters
            He Died!
    6  Doc, How Do I Get a Head In This Life?                 Day of the Dead
    7  Baby, You're the Greatest!                             Vengeance: The Demon
    8  Talk About Obscene Phone Calls!                        A Nightmare on Elm Street
    9  Okay, Who Took a Bite Out of My Bran Muffin?           The Fly (1986)
   10  Darn! Now I'll Have to Learn Shorthand!                Fright Night
   11  Open Wide And Say Aaah!                                Aliens
   12  I Ordered a Pizza - Not a Pizza Face!                  A Nightmare on Elm Street
   13  I Gotta Stop Hammering Nails With My Head!             Fright Night
   14  Do I Get Extra Sauce with These Ribs?                  Poltergeist II
   15  Must Have Been Someone I Ate!                          A Nightmare on Elm Street II
   16  Hi! I'm the New Babysitter!                            Predator
   17  I've Got a Stake In Your Future!                       Fright Night
   18  Hey - Who Swiped My Undershirt?                        A Nightmare on Elm Street
   19  Let Your Fingers Do the Walking!                       A Nightmare on Elm Street II
   20  Better Fix That Broken Window, Paul - A Fly            The Fly (1986)
           Could Get In!
   21  Now Don't Get Cross!                                   Fright Night
   22  I Tell You, That Nuclear Plant Is Safe!                The Fly (1986)
   23  Eek! A Mouse!                                          Aliens
   24  Well I'll Be a Monkey's Uncle ... Oh Yeah, I Am.       An American Werewolf in London
   25  She's Not Exatly a "10" - But She's a Perfect 1/10th!  A Nightmare on Elm Street III
   26  Sorry - Wrong Answer!                                  An American Werewolf in London
   27  The Singles Scene Is Murder!                           A Nightmare on Elm Street III
   28  Warning: I Brake for Small Animals - And Eat Them!     Pumpkinhead
   29  Now You Put on the Bunny Outfit!                       An American Werewolf in London
   30  That's a Heck of a Hangnail You Got There, Pal!        Day of the Dead
   31  Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall - Who's the Grossest       A Nightmare on Elm Street III
           One of All!
   32  Hello, I'm from Acme Pest Control!                     The Fly (1986)
   33  Oh No - Now I'll Need to Buy New Gloves!               A Nightmare on Elm Street II
   34  Mayhem? I'm Up For It!                                 Alien
   35  One Tube of Acne Gel - King Size!                      The Fly (1986)
   36  What Do You Mean? I Just _Had_ a Manicure!             Fright Night
   37  By the Way, How's the Meatloaf Here?                   An American Werewolf in London
   38  They Sure Have Ugly Girls In This Neighborhood!        Predator
   39  Give Grandma a Great Big Sloppy Kiss!                  Ghostbusters
   40  No Job Is Too Big for Your Local Exterminator!         Alien
   41  Darn It, I Forgot the Marshmallows!                    A Nightmare on Elm Street II
   42  By the Way - Are You Insured?                          Day of the Dead
   43  Honey, Shut the Window - I Feel a Draft In Here!       Poltergeist
   44  Trick or Treat!                                        Fright Night
   45  Dishwashing Liquid? I'm Soaking In It!                 An American Werewolf in London
   46  Braces? Really, You Think So?                          Aliens
   47  Nest Time I'll Use an _Electric_ Razor!                A Nightmare on Elm Street II
   48  The Unkindest Cut of All!                              Vengeance: The Demon
   49  TV Has Gone To My Head!                                A Nightmare on Elm Street III
   50  Okay Everybody, Arms Extended - And Stretch, 1-2-3!    Aliens
   51  Is This the Line for Ballet Tickets?                   Day of the Dead
   52  When You Said You'd Have Me for Dinner, I Thought      A Nightmare on Elm Street III
           You Meant - -
   53  Am I Tired - _Dead_ Tired!                             A Nightmare on Elm Street
   54  Nancy! Come Sit Next to Daddy!                         An American Werewolf in London
   55  When I Said "Hand Me That Screwdriver" - -             Fright Night
   56  Billy ... Suzie? Okay, I Give Up. Who Is It?           The Fly (1986)
   57  Mommy! You Forgot To Pay the Paper Boy!                Aliens
   58  I Should Have Passed on That Last Egg Cream!           Poltergeist II
   59  The Label Said _Not_ To Open Before Christmas!         Aliens
   60  I Wanna Roast Me a Boy Scout!                          Ghostbusters
   61  Whew, I'm Really Shot!                                 A Nightmare on Elm Street III
   62  Charlene, Something Inside Me Is Yearning To Be        Aliens
   63  Can You Spare a Dime for a Bite?                       A Nightmare on Elm Street III
   64  It Takes a Lot of Guts To Do This!                     Aliens
   65  Cheese!                                                Vengeance: The Demon
   66  All Right - Bring Back the Lighter for a Refund!       A Nightmare on Elm Street III
   67  Okay Dudes, Let's Take It from the Top!                Day of the Dead
   68  But Why Can't I Join the Boy's Choir?                  Fright Night
   69  What Big Teeth You Have, Grandma!                      Day of the Dead
   70  But Leave the Side Burns!                              Alien
   71  Stay for Coffee?                                       Day of the Dead
   72  I've Had It with Those Miracle Diets!                  Vengeance: The Demon
   73  I Said I'd Give Blood But This Is Ridiculous!          A Nightmare on Elm Street III
   74  I'll Call You Later, Something Just Came Up!           Alien
   75  And for My Next Shadow Picture ...                     A Nightmare on Elm Street II
   76  I've Gone All To Pieces Over You, Honey!               Poltergeist
   77  Mommy, I Want a Glass of Water - Make That Two!        Poltergeist
   78  Who Said You Could Touch My Toys?                      Day of the Dead
   79  Phooey - Nothing's good on TV Tonight!                 A Nightmare on Elm Street III
   80  Have You Seen Your Dentist This Year?                  Poltergeist
   81  Hey, You're Right - I Can See Myself!                  The Fly (1986)
   82  Hey Pop, that Microwave Really Works!                  Fright Night
   83  Try the Shrimp Tempura - It's Delicious!               Alien
   84  Gary Will Be Here at 8:00 and I Can't Do a             Vengeance: The Demon
           Thing with My Hair!
   85  Later, Kids!                                           A Nightmare on Elm Street II
   86  Whadda You Mean, Success Has Gone To My Head?          Alien
   87  There's Just Never Enough Pate To Go Around!           Ghostbusters
   88  I've Got a Bone To Pick with You!                      Predator
   89  Many, My Dogs Are Killing Me!                          Ghostbusters
   90  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!                       Alien


   1   T.V. Can Be Hazardous To Your Health
   2   Long Live _The Queen_ (Alien)
   3   Fright Night
   4   Freddy for President
   5   Do The Freddy
   6   The Fly [back contains completed puzzle picture]
   7   Freddy vs. Dream Warriors
   8   Predator
   9   The Man of your dreams is BACK!
  10   Slimer
  11   Pumpkinhead


  --   (Freddy)
  --   (Predator)
  --   (Demon Gal)
  --   (Pumpkinhead) 

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