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Fringe Trading Cards Seasons 1 & 2
   Cryptozoic Entertainment - 2012

Notes: Further information and scans are posted at the Cryptozoic website.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards. 12 boxes/case.
Common sets (72): approx. 1.56 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   Unexplained Phenomenon
  2   Next of Kin
  3   Back in the Lab Again
  4   Infant Mortality
  5   Trapped in Amber
  6   The Beacon
  7   Grave Matters
  8   Bon Voyage, Beacon
  9   Power Hungry
 10   Mind-Melting
 11   Information Exchange
 12   Brief Interlude
 13   Heart Problems
 14   Back Again
 15   The Cage
 16   Walled In
 17   Uncommon
 18   Brainless
 19   Another One?
 20   The Beast Within
 21   In Dreams
 22   Ability
 23   Empathy
 24   Spineless
 25   Food Poisoning
 26   Body Heat
 27   New Blood
 28   No Big Deal
 29   For Posterity
 30   Independent Research
 31   Baby Boy Hughes
 32   Tunnel Vision
 33   Elevated
 34   Bowling for Recovery
 35   Living Bombs
 36   Shrapnel
 37   Snack Break
 38   Nominal Aphasia
 39   Getting Ahead
 40   Misdirection
 41   Betrayal
 42   Workplace Violence
 43   Sleep Disorder
 44   Ashes, Ashes
 45   The Dark of Space
 46   August
 47   Making Sense of It All
 48   Snakehead
 49   Street Food
 50   Johari Window
 51   Red Mist
 52   Never Again
 53   Ubermenschen
 54   Race against Time
 55   Fateful Moment
 56   Carcinogen
 57   Kindred Spirits
 58   The Body Electric
 59   White Tulip
 60   Misbegotten
 61   Newton
 62   Once Upon a Time
 63   Case Closed
 64   Noyo County
 65   Tracking Peter
 66   The Other Us
 67   Mr. Secretary
 68   Reunited
 69   Getting Him Back
 70   Assembled
 71   Peter
 --   Checklist


Our Universe Cards (1:12 packs)

F01   Olivia Dunham
F02   Peter Bishop
F03   Walter Bishop
F04   Phillip Broyles
F05   Charlie Francis
F06   Astrid Farnsworth
F07   Mitchell Loeb
F08   Nina Sharp
F09   The Observers

Universe B Cards (1:12 packs)

D01   Olivia Dunham
D02   Peter Bishop
D03   Walter Bishop
D04   Phillip Broyles
D05   Charlie Francis
D06   Lincoln Lee
D07   Fringe Division
D08   ZFT
D09   The Plot

Autograph Cards (1:24 packs)

A1    Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham                Rare
A2    Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop            Rare
A3    Lance Reddick as Phillip Broyles          Rare
A4    Blair Brown as Nina Sharp                 Rare
A5    Jasika Nicole as Astrid Farnsworth        Rare
A6    Josh Noble as Dr. Walter Bishop           Rare
A7    Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee                 Rare
A8    Sebastian Roché as Thomas Jerome Newton   Uncommon
A9    Michael Cerveris as The Observer          Uncommon
A10   Kevin Corrigan as Sam Weiss               Uncommon
A11   Ari Graynor as Rachel                     Common
A12   Kirk Acevedo as Charlie Francis           Common
A13   Chance Kelly as Mitchell Loeb             Common
A14   Ryan McDonald as Brandon Fayette          Common
A14   Jeff Pinker - Executive Producer          Rare
A15   J.H. Wyman - Executive Producer           Rare
A16   Meghan Markle as Amy Jesup                Uncommon

Wardrobe Cards (1:24 packs)

M1    Astrid Farnsworth played by Jasika Nicole, Burgundy Blouse
M2    Brandon Fayette played by Ryan McDonald, Lab Coat
M3    Phillip Broyles played by Lance Reddick, Tie (Uncommon)
M4    Phillip Broyles played by Lance Reddick, White Shirt
M5    Phillip Broyles's played by Lance Reddick, Suit
M6    Charlie Francis played by Kirk Acevedo, Blue Shirt
M7    Charlie Francis played by Kirk Acevedo, Suit
M8    Olivia Dunham played by Anna Torv, Striped Shirt
M9    Olivia Dunham played by Anna Torv, Suit
M10   Peter Bishop played by Joshua Jackson, Dark Gray Shirt
M11   Peter Bishop played by Joshua Jackson, Gray Shirt
M12   RachelDunham played by Ari Graynor, Green Shirt
M13   Rachel Dunham played by Ari Graynor, Corduroy Pants
M14   Walter Bishop played by John Noble, Gray Shirt
M15   Walter Bishop played by John Noble, Green Shirt
M16   Walter Bishop played by John Noble, Lab Coat

Oversized Wardrobe Cards (4" x 6"; by redemption)

R1    four pieces of wardrobe
R2    four pieces of wardrobe
R3    four pieces of wardrobe
R4    four pieces of wardrobe
R5    four pieces of wardrobe
R6    four pieces of wardrobe
R7    four pieces of wardrobe
R8    four pieces of wardrobe
R9    four pieces of wardrobe
R10   four pieces of wardrobe
R11   four pieces of wardrobe
R12   four pieces of wardrobe
R13   four pieces of wardrobe
R14   four pieces of wardrobe
R15   four pieces of wardrobe
R16   four pieces of wardrobe
R17   four pieces of wardrobe
R18   four pieces of wardrobe
R19   four pieces of wardrobe
R20   four pieces of wardrobe
R21   four pieces of wardrobe
R22   four pieces of wardrobe
R23   four pieces of wardrobe
R24   four pieces of wardrobe
R25   four pieces of wardrobe

Card Album (sold separately)

--    (binder)
M17   Officer's Jacket (binder exclusive)


P1    (Non-Sport Update)

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