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Frozen: Ice Dreams Photocards
   Panini / Disney - 2013

Notes: Photocards are slightly less than 4" x 6".

Box: 24 packs of 6 cards + 1 checklist sheet.
Common sets (108): approx. 1.33 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Scene

  1   Young Elsa
  2   Young Elsa and Anna
  3   Anna hugs snow
  4   Elsa whispers to Anna
  5   Young Kristoff and Sven
  6   Kristoff ice block, Sven lantern
  7   Sven and Kristoff peek
  8   Seven, Bulda, and Kristoff
  9   Bulda, Elsa, King and Queen, Anna
 10   Elsa and King at fireplace
 11   Anna with dolls
 12   Elso creates ice with King and Queen
 13   Anna dancing at painting
 14   Sitron and Hans
 15   Elsa at painting
 16   Presenting Elsa
 17   Anna Dancing with the Duke
 18   Anna flirting with Hans
 19   Linking little fingers
 20   A proposal
 21   Duke of Weselton with ice spears
 22   Elsa makes ice flowers
 23   Elsa spreads snow
 24   Elsa makes firework snowflake
 25   Elsa in blue gown
 26   Anna rides
 27   Oaken welcomes
 28   Kristoff and Sven in stable
 29   Anna frowns
 30   Kristoff fights wolves
 31   Walking in icy forest
 32   Kristoff looks up
 33   Sven leads the way
 34   Anna meets Olaf
 35   Olaf on the beach
 36   Olaf sailing
 37   Olaf floating
 38   Olaf dancing
 39   Olaf in hot tub
 40   Olaf looking at pool reflection
 41   Ice village
 42   Hans with blankets
 43   Duke of Weselton and Bodyguards
 44   Anna reassures Kristoff
 45   Olaf and Kristoff sit and chat
 46   Anna sees Elsa on balcony
 47   Elsa, the Snow Queen
 48   Marshmallow looms
 49   Olaf rolls boulder
 50   Kristoff and baby trolls
 51   Anna and Bulda
 52   Kristoff hooks Marshmallow
 53   Bodyguards aim crossbows
 54   Elsa shoots ice beam
 55   Ice Castle from the hill
 56   Olaf slides downhill
 57   Kristoff and Anna concerned
 58   Sven and Kristoff in street
 59   A kiss from Hans
 60   Duke and Dignitary
 61   Olaf and Elsa
 62   Elsa and Hans disappointed
 63   Kristoff and Sven race to the rescue
 64   Elsa distraught
 65   Holding Frozen Anna's face
 66   Sven's tongue catches snowflake
 67   Elsa and Anna clasp hands
 68   Ola overjoyed
 69   Sven and Kristoff watch sisters embrace
 70   Anna smailes in Elsa embrace
 71   Anna and Elsa before castle steps
 72   Sven half fallen on ice

Foil Cards

 73   Olaf in the Tropics
 74   Olaf and Elsa at Snow Mountain
 75   Kristoff and Anna in Woods
 76   Elsa and Hans at Castle
 77   Elsa and Anna in Clearing
 78   Anna, Olaf, Sven, Kristoff
 79   Olaf at Snow Mountain
 80   Olaf losing his head
 81   Cliff, Grand Pabbie, Bulda               s
 82   Elsa and Anna
 83   Olaf, Kristoff, Sven, Anna
 84   The Ice Queen standing
 85   Anna
 86   Olaf
 87   Sven
 88   Kristoff
 89   Hans
 90   Anna in flowing cloak
 91   Elsa (portrait)
 92   Elsa catches Anna
 93   Anna and Elsa follow Olaf
 94   Elsa creates snow
 95   Elsa and Anna (heads)
 96   Anna and Elsa back to back
 97   Elsa and Anna hug
 98   Elsa and Anna clasp arms
 99   Anna and Else dressed for ball
100   Anna (cameos)
101   Elsa (cameos)
102   Olaf, Kristoff, Sven (cameos)
103   Duke, Hans, Marshmallow (cameos)
104   Elsa conjures snowflake up
105   Anna in traveling gear
106   Olaf slides on belly
107   Kristoff serenades Sven
108   Prince Hans

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