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Fun Cards
   Kellogg - 1959

Notes: Cards were found in a cellophane package in cereal boxes, and 
feature rounded corners and numbers in all four corners, suitable for a 
simple "matching" game. American Card Catalog reference is F273-66.

No.   Character           Description

  2   Mr. Jinks           bouquet
  2   Mr. Jinks           Mice-Cream
  2   Mr. Jinks           seahorse
  2   Mr. Jinks           hole in bat

  3   Pixie and Dixie     riding cheese
  3   Pixie and Dixie     phonograph
  3   Pixie and Dixie     see-saw spoon
  3   Pixie and Dixie     hot-air balloon

  4   Boo Boo Bear        catching apple
  4   Boo Boo Bear        stop sign
  4   Yogi Bear           hovering
  4   Yogi Bear           mirror

  5   Huckleberry         football
  5   Huckleberry         golf
  5   Huckleberry         skywriting
  5   Huckleberry         animal trainer

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