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Funny Foldees
   Topps - 1948
   Reissued Topps - 1955

Notes: The cards, 39 mm x 85 mm, were folded into gum packages, and extend 
to make a 6-card, 2-sided pattern. Fronts have two figures, numbers, and caption 
"refold to make nine different funny pictures." Backs show one caricature and a 
short poem. Thanks to Chris Watson for identifying the variants found in the 
reissue series (noted with a 'v' below)! American Card Catalog reference is R708-1. 
Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

  No.    Caption (beginning)

     1   Well, all reet! Two-gun Pete went down the street!
     2   The hunter always hunts, the clown always clowns.
     3   Heap big Indian chief, with a girl and a kangaroo!
     4   Here's a very charming couple - you can see it's a
     5   Just flip this card, and you'll pull a switch, on
     6   The girl is so sad, and we know why - she's got to
     7   This horse is wild, this duck is mild - but soon t
     8   The first two aren't very pretty. but with them is
     9   Two men that fight, and a lady most fair! Now char
       v Two men that fight - a daring pair - and a hoss th
    10   Here comes a bride, there goes a bum, but the Indi
    11   A cute infant holding a rattle, plus two animals f
    12   This is what we call a really funny combination! F
    13   Now here is Pop. and his son, also his daughter. P
    14   This trio is quite a strange one, to find together   [hula girl on back]
       v This trio is quite a strange one, to find together   [clown on back]
    15   An Indian, a fast horse, as well as the Texas Kid!
    16   Meet Jim, meet Jane, and meet Jumbo, too! They wil
    17   Three animals to do some tricks for you! Flip 'em
    18   Honk honk! Honk honk! And a hey, rub-a-dub! Put th
    19   Three strange and funny characters, and one who's    [flesh-tone bathing suit]
       v Three strange and funny characters, and one who's    [red bathing suit]
    20   These characters just can't believe their very own
    21   Step up and see the circus stars! Watch 'em mix! Y
    22   Hurry up and flip the card, and then you'll see -
    23   Here are three friends, from three different place
    24   Meet mom and baby, with a monster between 'em! Fli
    25   These men were our great heads of state! Flip 'em,
    26   The penguin, you'll agree, is a most curious critt   [bathing beauty]
       v The penguin, you'll agree, is a most curious critt   [turtle]
    27   Here's a tough egg and a poor nag, and just a guy
    28   A studious guy, a whacky girl, and a sad pooch, as
    29   Old bones, old tramp, and a nice, pretty maid! See
       v Old bones, old tramp, and a young cowhand! The cra
    30   A fighting man, a famous writer - but what is the
    31   This looks real nutty - but we will bet when you m
    32   Three rare creatures of land and sea and air! When
    33   Here's a man who is cleaning up, and a girl who's
    34   Now here is a statue, plus a fish, and a sleepyhea
    35   Presenting a snake and a parrot, not to mention a
    36   These three peculiar characters, as you see, are w
    37   It's raining rain on the man, the woman thunders a
    38   Here's what we call a real whale of a feat! Flip '
    39   This is Willie, the ape, with Millie and Billy - c
    40   The guy is first, the gal is third - Flip 'em and
    41   Three very strange characters, they're all in a ro
    42   The clown is really a most funny creature, when te
    43   Just flip the pictures - if you're not too lazy -
    44   See the pig, see the gob, see a lady on the run! C
    45   Introducing a lion, and a lady, and a rootin', too
    46   These three hail from far-off and distant places!
    47   A funny man, and a sad tramp, and with them a pola
    48   Ha, ha ha! And tee hee hee! Cast a glance at these
    49   Hi, Mom! Hi, Pop! And how is little Leo? Did you e
    50   Hi, Mom! Hi, Pop! And how is little Lou? Did you e
    51   Strong-arm Bill is a man of muscle and might! But
    52   Hold that frown! Hold that tiger! As for the girl
    53   To tell the truth is our solemn duty - these folks
    54   Watch the fat turkey - he's really making tracks!
    55   Here's a pug, and a lady, with 'em is a dude! Mix
    56   Boo, hoo, hoo! Whatever is Whiskers going to do? H
    57   Take an old maid, and a pirate, and a baby, too -
    58   The lady's a chump, the guy's a champ, the chimp's
    59   The cop is frowning, the others are not! Flip 'em
    60   These three each hail from three different nations
    61   See the three animals standing in a line! Flip 'em
    62   Now here is beauty, and also the beast! In general
    63   Two strange, weird critters, next to a little pup
    64   Here's a horse, and a pug, with a chimp in between
    65   Three very scarey faces for you to switch - then y
    66   Behold the funny clown! See the pretty mist! Now h

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