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   General Gum - 1934

Notes: Cards, approximately 2-7/16" x 2-7/8", show red, blue, and white line 
art with gaps that produce a "motion card" effect using a polarizing plastic sheet. 
"Free! Cut out 10 Andy Gump Heads from 10 gum wrappers - Give to your 
dealer and he will GIVE YOU a permanent CELLULOID SCREEN for working 
your 'FUNNIES.'" -- "In order to make 'FUNNIES' move - lay screen over picture 
on card - then move screen slowly back and forth."

American Card Catalog reference is R56. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-
Sports Cards gallery.

   Card Text

   Although Uncle "Bim" Gump, the well known Australi
   Andy Gump, that lovable old bald-headed, big-nosed
   Aunt Mamie goes "SOCK" and Uncle Willie's very urg
   Harold Teen and Lillums are just on the verge of g
   Here's Kayo Mullins with a big seegar in his mouth
   Here's Tiny Tim, and it sure looks as though his s
   Here's Winnie Winkle lovelier than ever, dancing w
   Here we have Orphan Annie giving Sandy a lecture o
   Hot Dog! - Look at Dick Tracy and Junior blazing a
   Kayo Mullins swings his trusty baseball bat and WH
   Litt Orphan Annie is telling Daddy Warbucks how sh
   Look at Shadow Smart inhale that soda - Slup, Slup
   "Look pleasant please," says Harold Teen to his pa
   Looks as though Perry just told his Dad - "Rip" Wi
   "Now listen, Mister Moonshine Mullins, is that the
   "Oh Ma! Ma! Smitty's in the doughnuts again - Hurr
   Oh-Oh!! Looks like Clarence, Gasoline Alley's bad
   Perry Winkle goes Wham-Tam-Bam on his big bass dru
   Pompous "bimbo" takes a bow - Looks as though Mill
   Sandy and Annie have been through thick and thin t
   Uncle Avery thinks no more of spending a dime than
   Uncle Walt should be old enough to know that when
   Watch little Herbie go for the jam! He'll probably
   When I was your age, Chester, I held the school re

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