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Funny Travel Posters
Topps - 1967

Notes:  Posters are large fold-outs, measuring approximately 9-3/4"x 18-1/2". 
The posters were reissued later, as well, and (at least one version) did not have 
poster numbers, and additional items were included. Diana Fibbes reports 
unnumbered posters matching numbered items 1, 2, 8, 9, 16, 17, 19, and 24 
below, and two others that are different. Jon Preddle added to the list of 
extras and reports that the re-issue series was available in the 1972-1973 
time frame. I have started a list at the bottom for the posters that weren't part 
of the numbered release; these captions are also different from the related 
"Silly Stickers" series from Topps. Thanks, all!

No.   Title

  1   See Los Angeles ... If You Can
  2   Visit Old England ... Land of Tradition
  3   America's Most Exciting City -- Chicago
  4   Visit the Everglades .. You'll Never Go Anywhere Else
  5   See the Canals of Venice -- For Sheer Beauty
  6   Take a Trip to San Francisco
  7   Come to Florida and Learn to Swim ... (Fast)
  8   Come to Hawaii .. It Will Surf You Right!
  9   Visit Africa ... But Not at Dinner Time
 10   When in Italy Visit the Leaning Tower of Pizza
 11   Visit Paris ... City of Hospitality?
 12   Visit New York ... Fun City
 13   Visit Transylvania and You'll Never Leave
 14   Visit Our School Cafeteria ... It's a Nice Place to Visit But You Won't Want to Eat There
 15   Visit Sunny Cuba ... But Not During the Execution Season
 16   See the Ruins of Rome ... If You Can Find Them!
 17   You'll Be Charmed with India
 18   Visit Sing Sing ... and Feel Wanted
 19   Visit Kansas ... Land of Gentle Breezes
 20   Visit My Dining Room ... You'll Never Eat Anyplace Else!
 21   See Niagara Falls by Boat
 22   Visit Hollywood ... and See the Stars
 23   Visit the Home of Advertising ... Madison Avenue
 24   Visit Mexico ... Where the Action Is!

Unnumbered Posters from Re-Issue

 --   Come to Moscow and Paint the Town Red
 --   Come to Paris for Kicks
 --   Come to Switzerland ... For the Time of Your Life
 --   Visit Bombay ... It's Smashing!

©2002, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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