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Funny Valentines "A"
   Topps - 1960

Notes:  These cards feature artwork by Jack Davis. They were produced after the original 
Funny Valentines set, also of 66 cards, proved so popular the previous year. This set is 
distinguished from the first set by the "A" appended to the card numbers. Boxes were 
identified with "New," and two types of packs were used (one marked 1¢ and one 
marked 5¢). Thanks much toBob Hall for the checklist! American Card Catalog reference 
is R708-2B. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

Box of 5¢ packs: 36 packs of 5 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.73 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Setup (Card Front)                                  Punch Line (Card Back)

 1A   You're in a class by yourself                       you dunce
 2A   I love your eyes                                    all 4 of them
 3A   You're so much fun at masquerade parties            you don't even need a mask
 4A   Fly away with me                                    we'll use your broomstick
 5A   You're as strong as an ox                           & just as smart
 6A   Did I ever tell you, you are beautiful?             No wonder
 7A   I'd love to hold hands with you                     if it wasn't for that third 1
 8A   You remind me of something grand                    Grand Canyon
 9A   You could win the Miss Universe Contest             if they held it on the moon
10A   It was love at first sight                          -
11A   You're so sweet                                     no wonder you get flies
12A   When I'm with you it's like being on a cruise       sickening
13A   You were made for me                                by an idiot inventer
14A   You've got something every girl wants               me
15A   At last I found my ideal                            me
16A   There's nothing wrong with you                      that a new head wouldn't cure
17A   You're 1 in a million                               & are the other 999,999 happy
18A   I'd climb the highest mountain                      to get away from you
19A   Take my heart                                       you've taken everything else
20A   We'd make a lovely couple if it wasn't for 1 thing  you
21A   You've got what it takes                            to haunt a house
22A   I'd like to give you something to remember me by    a black eye
23A   My funny valentine, you're sweet                    stupid, but sweet
24A   If we combined your looks & my brains               we'd make an ugly monster
25A   I'm sorry I spoke in anger, I'm sorry I spoke in
        spite, I'm sorry I spoke so quickly               I thought of some worse things to say last night
26A   I'd love to take you home                           but I haven't got a leash
27A   You could be a movie star                           if they ever remake "Dracula"
28A   I used to feel inferior                             then I met you
29A   You send me                                         & am I glad to go
30A   I love the way your nose turns up                   then down, then up, then down
31A   When I'm with you I get a strange feeling           like when the dentist drills a nerve
32A   I didn't forget you                                 I just didn't care
33A   When I grow up, I'll be like you                    old
34A   Your eyes are fascinating                           Is that why they keep looking at each other?
35A   Some are born beautiful, some are born smart        Hi 2-time loser
36A   I love your beautiful teeth                         both of them
37A   I could write a book about you                      "Care & Feeding of Slobs"
38A   You ought to be on the stage                        there's 1 leaving in 10 minutes
39A   If I told them how beautiful you are, they
        wouldn't believe me                               'cause they've seen you
40A   You're like a beautiful Greek statue                a little cracked
41A   Darling, I long to be in your arms                  all 6 of them
42A   I'd love to marry you                               but I've had enough trouble in my life
43A   Your voice is like a canary's                       & so's your nose
44A   I'm a man who thinks for himself                    & I think you're a creep
45A   If you really knew how I felt about you             You'd hire a bodyguard
46A   When I'm with you, there's only 1 thing I can say   Help
47A   I wish we were married                              to different people
48A   You've given me something to live for               revenge
49A   You're like sugar candy                             sticky & gooey
50A   I keep your picture in my room                      to scare away ghosts
51A   Since I met you, I can't eat, I can't drink, I
        can't go any place                                I'm broke
52A   I'm yours forever                                   I can't help it
53A   You're out of this world                            Please stay there
54A   With a friend like you                              who needs enemies?
55A   When I met you, I went overboard                    -
56A   Have you ever considered acting?                    like a human being?
57A   Please answer my question                           Are you for real?
58A   Darling, you're my whole world                      big, fat & round
59A   We have something in common                         We're both disgusting
60A   Everything I have is yours                          wrinkles, warts, hives & blemishes
61A   I used to think you were a conceited fool           I still do
62A   I like you                                          but Mother Nature didn't
63A   I've grown accustomed to your face                  It wasn't easy
64A   If you were the only girl in the world & I were
        the only boy                                      I'd hang myself
65A   When I'm with you, I can't catch my breath          but I can sure catch yours
66A   Who says no one's perfect?                          You're a perfect idiot

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