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Futuristic Warriors Series 1
Studio E - 1996

Notes:  This nudity-featuring series was distributed as a boxed set (3500
produced) including 32 cards plus one of the four chase cards. The theme
is that alien Xarconians aim to kill Earth's men, with the remaining males
"prey for bands of marauding sex-starved women who tote lethal hardware
and prefer spike-heel boots and leather-and-metal bikinis with nipple-
exposure ports to flip flops ..."

No.   Title / Card Text / Puzzle Location              Subset

  1   Sara Saint James - Cyborg Aurora                 Centerfolds of the Future
  2   on this story but before the invasion, female
  3   The Beginning of the End - As far as what we k
  4   Catrina Tracer - Banshee                         Centerfolds of the Future
  5   the experiment they were always talking about
  6   Taylor St. Clair - Cypher                        Centerfolds of the Future
  7   Raven Sky - Sgt. Vindicator                      Centerfolds of the Future
  8   The War - How the war of the women came about
  9   our atmosphere, but if they mate with our wome
 10   (puzzle top right)
 11   (puzzle top center)
 12   (puzzle top left)
 13   (puzzle middle right)
 14   (puzzle middle center)
 15   (puzzle middle left)
 16   (puzzle bottom right)
 17   (puzzle bottom center)
 18   (puzzle bottom left)
 19   Elektra Fiction - Sabre                          Centerfolds of the Future
 20   Crystal Diamond - Cyborg Captain Pulsar          Centerfolds of the Future
 21   Santana Dia Monte - Stinger                      Centerfolds of the Future
 22   baby! But the first squad to make the differen
 23   The Change - So you want to hear about the cha
 24   the girls were equipped with, using power men
 25   They seemed to be in a rip, in what I guess yo
 26   Captain Pulsar later wrote in her report: Ther
 27   Drina Wild - Captain Scorpion                    Centerfolds of the Future
 28   ship (the ladies refused to call it a mother s
 29   What Now. - I'm sure it was a strange command
 30   The only time they have seen us, is in batttle
 31   Cory Lang - Laser                                Centerfolds of the Future
 32   of that lately). This guy was talking about a


Puzzle Cards (1 per box)

FW1   (puzzle bottom left) Laser is seen here protec

Autographed Cards (randomly inserted)

--    (Autographed cards)


  1   (Woman and a robot; dealers)

©2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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