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F.Y.E. Cinema Cel Cards
F.Y.E./Disney - 2000s (various)

Notes:  These oversized (5" x 7") cards hold a 2" x 2" film cel mounted in the card, 
and are offered as a bonus for placing a $5 deposit on a pre-release order for DVDs 
at the For Your Entertainment (F.Y.E.) chain of video stores. Most are for Disney 
releases, including Touchstone, but a few do not appear to be produced there or 
distributed by Buena Vista Productions. So we are concluding that they are an 
"F.Y.E. thing" and not a "Disney thing." Thanks to Michael Beam for the list!

Disney Titles

   Jungle Book
   The Little Mermaid
   101 Dalmatians
   Peter Pan
   Pirates of the Caribbean
   Sleeping Beauty

Touchstone Titles

   King Arthur
   The Village

Other Titles


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