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Greatest American Hero Sketch Card Series
   5FINITY Productions - 2009

Notes:  Proceeds benefitted the March of Dimes. Sketch numbers include all cards, 
including special items and artist or dealer exclusives. Further information and scans 
are posted at the 5FINITY website.

899 numbered packs.

Rare Sketch Card Artists

      Andy Carreon                     8
      Guy Davis                        4
      Adam Dekraker                    8
      Nicole Goff                      8
      Randy Kintz                      1
      Greg Larocque                    8
      Remmy                            1
      Trevor von Eeden                 8

Regular Sketch Card Artists

      Chris Allan                     16
      Axebone                         48
      Scott Barnett                   32
      Chris Bradberry                 35
      Ted Dastick                     24
      Keith Dotson                    24
      Michael Duron                   40
      Jerry Gaylord                   32
      Ben Glendenning                 96
      Ray-Anthony Height              24
      Jessica Hickman                 16
      Bat Hilliard                    47
      Anthony Hochrein                16
      Lak Lim                         72
      Randy Martinez                  16
      Eric Merced                     56
      Jake Minor                      16
      Rich Molinelli                  48
      Dan Schoening                   24
      Evan Shaner                     32
      Brian Shearer                   40
      Blair Shedd                     24
      Uko Smith                       24
      Jason Sobol                     24
      Jeremy Treece                   48
      Bryan Turner                    24
      Frankie B Washington            40

Autographed Sketch Cards (1:15 packs)

      Stephen J. Cannell
      Robert Culp
      William Katt
      Michael Pare
      Connie Sellecca
      (double, triple signed cards)

   Artwork for Above:

      Ben Glendenning                 64
      Ray-Anthony Height               8
      Lak Lim                         16
      Eric Merced                     16
      Evan Shaner                     16

Commission Request Cards

      (redemption card)               10

Baby Bottle Insert Cards (oversized)

      (baby bottle die cut)            5

Greatest (Hot) Packs (1:36 packs)

      (2-3 sketch cards)              25

Dealer Exclusive Cards

      (Golden Baby imprint)           40

Greatest Artist Dealer Exclusive Sketch Card

      (Red Baby imprint)               1

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