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Galactic Empires: Advanced Technologies (Series VI)
   Companion Games - 1996

Notes:  Booster packs hold 12 cards: 6 uncommons, 4 rares or common, and 2 very-rare 
or entity. Some of the cards were also issued in earlier expansions.  I show which expansions 
in the "sort by rarity" section because it can affect a collector's quest for completeness.

There is some uncertainty about the choice of titles for some cards, either the name at the 
top of the card or the name at the middle of the card.  I choose the one that gives the most 
information, e.g., a planet's name or a ship description that includes an extra adjective/adverb. 
Further information and scans are posted at the Galactic Empires Archive website.

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Title                                           Strength  Rarity      Artist

Alien Technology Expert                         C5        Uncommon    Debbie Hughes
Ammo Reserve                                    E2        Very-Rare   Mark Poole
Anti-Starcraft                                  B1        Rare        Mark Maxwell
Argonian Flagship                               S10       Entity      Gary A. Kalin & Tim Adams
Argonian Patrol Ship                            S1        Uncommon    Gary A. Kalin
Argonian Spy Ship                               S5        Rare        Gary A. Kalin
Argonian Troop Ship                             S2        Uncommon    Gary A. Kalin
Armor System Refit                              E1        Uncommon    Mark Kellner
Armor System Refit                              E3        Rare        Michael Kellner
Armory Base                                     B6        Very-Rare   Mark Maxwell
Automation                                      A7        Very-Rare   Darryl Elliott
Base Relocation Tug                             R/S1      Uncommon    Christina Wald
Battery                                         E4        Uncommon    Mark Kellner
Battle Sled                                     B/S4      Rare        Douglas Chaffee
Blood Clydon                                    A5        Rare        Douglas Chaffee
Bolaar Boarding Cruiser                         S4        Rare        Gary A. Kalin
Bolaar Negotiator                               A7        Very-Rare   Lubov
Bolaar Patrol Ship                              S1        Uncommon    Gary A. Kalin
Bolaar Spy Scout                                S4        Uncommon    Gary A. Kalin
Border Post                                     B2        Rare        Douglas Chaffee
Border Station                                  B4        Very-Rare   Douglas Chaffee
Cloning Device                                  E7        Very-Rare   Bryon Wackwitz
Clydon Boarding Warcraft                        R/S2      Rare        Douglas Chaffee
Clydon Energy Armor                             E3        Uncommon    Douglas Chaffee
Clydon Spy Warcraft                             R/S1      Uncommon    Douglas Chaffee
Clydon Troop Warcraft                           R/S1      Uncommon    Douglas Chaffee
Command & Control Center                        E4        Rare        Darryl Elliott
Corporate Carrier                               S3        Uncommon    Gregg Glymph
Corporate Flagship                              S10       Entity      Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Corporate Influence                             O6        Rare        Lubov
Corporate Patrol Scout                          S1        Uncommon    Gregg Glymph
Corporate Patrol Ship                           S1        Rare        Gregg Glymph
Corporate Spy Ship                              S5        Rare        Gregg Glymph
Corporate Troop Ship                            S2        Uncommon    Gregg Glymph
Cosmic Cataclysm                                H1        Very-Rare   Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Deck Crew                                       C4        Rare        Jael
Demobilization                                  L9        Very-Rare   Ted Beargeon
Distortion Cannon Failure                       R/O6      Rare        Mark Poole
Distortion Cannon Refit                         E6        Rare        Mark Poole
Dragon Saddle                                   E3        Rare        Douglas Chaffee
Drone Clydon                                    A3        Uncommon    Douglas Chaffee
Energy Flux                                     L5        Very-Rare   Tim Adams
Equipment Malfunction                           R/O9      Very-Rare   Michael Kellner
Espionage Satellite                             B4        Uncommon    Michael Carroll
EWACS Shuttlecraft                              E8        Very-Rare   Mark Maxwell
Executive Position                              A4        Uncommon    Lubov
Fighter Defense System                          R/O3      Very-Rare   Darryl Elliott
Fighter Installation                            I3        Uncommon    Mark Maxwell
Formation Lights                                R/E1      Rare        Darryl Elliott
Freighter Station                               B2        Uncommon    Darryl Elliott
Fuser                                           E8        Very-Rare   Elvis McMaad
Fusion Mine                                     E4        Very-Rare   Michael Kellner
Gaseous Degeneration                            O4        Rare        Tim Adams
Guardian Field                                  R/F5      Rare        n/a
Heavy Patrol Capsule Refit                      E2        Very-Rare   Christina Wald
Heavy Weapons Platform                          B4        Rare        Mark Maxwell
Hyperspace Detonator Refit                      E3        Rare        Mark Poole
Hyperspace Vortex [H3]                          H3        Uncommon    Mark Maxwell
Hyperspace Vortex [H5]                          H5        Rare        Mark Maxwell
Il'ith I'karnas                                 P9        Very-Rare   Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Imperial Clydon                                 A7        Very-Rare   Douglas Chaffee
Improved Automaton                              R/A7      Rare        Mark Maxwell
Indirigan Supercarrier                          S10       Entity      Tim Adams
Intergalactic Grave Robbers                     C8        Very-Rare   Lubov
Invasion                                        O4        Rare        Debbie Hughes
Krebiz Cargo Capsule                            S2        Uncommon    Gary A. Kalin
Krebiz Dreadnought Carrier                      S3        Very-Rare   Gary A. Kalin
Krebiz King Kraken                              S7        Very-Rare   Gary A. Kalin
Landing Signal Officer                          R/C1      Uncommon    Lubov
Light Battle Sled                               B/S2      Uncommon    Douglas Chaffee
Mechad Infiltration Unit                        S3        Uncommon    Mark Poole
Mechad Juggernaut                               S9        Very-Rare   Mark Poole & Tim Adams
Mechad Patrol Scout                             S1        Uncommon    Mark Poole
Mechad Patrol Ship                              S1        Uncommon    Mark Poole
Mechad Patrol Ship Leader                       S1        Rare        Mark Poole
Mechad Patrol Support Ship                      S5        Rare        Mark Poole
Mechanization                                   A4        Uncommon    Tim Adams
Merchant Ship                                   O6        Very-Rare   Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Military Police                                 C7        Very-Rare   Lubov
Mine Defenses                                   R/O6      Very-Rare   Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Mine Deployment Failure                         R/06      Very-Rare   Michael Kellner
Mining Expedition                               O3        Uncommon    Mark Maxwell
Minor Luck Demon                                R/M4      Rare        April Lee
Monster Defense System                          R/E4      Rare        Ron Rousselle II
Munition Processing Ship                        S2        Uncommon    Mark Maxwell
Murphy's Law                                    R/L9      Very-Rare   Susan Van Camp
Officer's Saber                                 A6        Rare        Darryl Elliott
Oscillating Transporter                         R/E6      Rare        Mark Kellner
P.O.T. Command Cruiser                          S5        Rare        Randy Asplundh-Faith
P.O.T. Flagship                                 S10       Entity      Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
P.O.T. Light Star Cruiser (Centaurian)          S5        Rare        Randy Asplundh-Faith
P.O.T. Patrol Launch                            S1        Uncommon    Randy Asplundh-Faith
P.O.T. Spy Cutter                               S3        Uncommon    Randy Asplundh-Faith
P.O.T. Star Cruiser (Peladine)                  S5        Rare        Randy Asplundh-Faith
P.O.T. Star Destroyer (Tequan)                  S4        Uncommon    Randy Asplundh-Faith
P.O.T. Star Frigate (Tequan)                    S3        Uncommon    Randy Asplundh-Faith
P.O.T.. Troop Transport                         S2        Uncommon    Randy Asplundh-Faith
Patrol Capsule Refit                            E1        Uncommon    Christina Wald
Patrol Scout Refit                              E3        Rare        Christina Wald
Patrol Ship                                     S1        Uncommon    Mark Maxwell
Patrol Ship Courier                             S7        Very-Rare   Mark Maxwell
Patrol Ship Support Base                        B3        Uncommon    Mark Maxwell
Patrol Ship Tender                              S3        Uncommon    Mark Maxwell
Plasma Stream Accelerator                       E9        Very-Rare   Randy Asplundh-Faith
Power Generation Complex                        B8        Rare        Mark Maxwell
Projection Station                              I2        Very-Rare   Randy Asplundh-Faith
Protection Field                                R/F7      Very-Rare   n/a
Pseudo Capsule                                  R/E1      Uncommon    Christina Wald
Red Tape                                        R/O6      Rare        Lubov
Repair Tug                                      S2        Rare        Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Research Field                                  F6        Uncommon    n/a
Salvage Ship                                    S4        Rare        Darryl Elliott
Scorpead Battle Carrier                         S7        Very-Rare   Mark Poole
Scorpead Patrol Ship                            S1        Uncommon    Mark Poole
Scorpead Spy Ship                               S3        Uncommon    Mark Poole
Scorpead Troop Ship                             S3        Rare        Mark Poole
Shield Penetration Failure                      R/O7      Rare        Mark Kellner
Shield Penetration Refit                        E7        Very-Rare   Elvis McMaad
Shield Resonance Wave                           H9        Very-Rare   Michael Kellner
Ship of the Ancients                            S3        Rare        Mark Poole
Ship Upgrade                                    E1        Uncommon    Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Ship Upgrade                                    E2        Rare        Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Shuttle Malfunction                             R/L8      Very-Rare   Ted Beargeon
Solitary Station                                I1        Uncommon    Mark Maxwell
Space Remora [M1]                               M1        Uncommon    Tim Adams
Space Remora [M3]                               M3        Rare        Tim Adams
Space Remora [M5]                               M5        Very-Rare   Tim Adams
Strobe Malfunction                              R/O6      Rare        Mark Maxwell
Targeting Systems                               E10       Entity      Randy Hoar & Tim Adams
Thick Shelled Crab                              R/A4      Uncommon    Darryl Elliott
Time Alteration Device                          E9        Very-Rare   Mark Maxwell
Tour Guide                                      R/C1      Common      Debbie Hughes
Tractor Beam                                    E8        Very-Rare   Gary A. Kalin
Transporter Malfunction                         R/L7      Very-Rare   Douglas Shuler
Tufor Flagship                                  S10       Entity      Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Mine Accelerator                          E8        Very-Rare   Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Mine Patrol Ship                          S1        Uncommon    Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Patrol Scout                              S1        Uncommon    Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Patrol Ship                               S1        Rare        Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Spy Ship                                  S5        Rare        Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Troop Ship                                S2        Uncommon    Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Unit Overhaul                                   E9        Very-Rare   Mark Poole
Vacater Battle Cruiser                          S8        Very-Rare   Tim Adams
Vacater Dreadnaught                             S9        Very-Rare   Tim Adams
Vacater Heavy Cruiser                           S7        Very-Rare   Tim Adams
Variable Plasma Overload                        R/O8      Very-Rare   Gregg Glymph
Variable Plasma Refit                           E6        Very-Rare   Gregg Glymph
Vektrean Asteroid Station [Misprint]            T/B6      Rare        jael
Vektrean Command Override                       E6        Very-Rare   jael
Vektrean Leadership                             A6        Rare        Lubov
Vektrean Loyalty                                A8        Very-Rare   Lubov
Vektrean Patrol Ship                            S1        Uncommon    Gary A. Kalin

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Strength  Title                                           Rarity


A3        Drone Clydon                                    Uncommon
A4        Executive Position                              Uncommon
A4        Mechanization                                   Uncommon
A5        Blood Clydon                                    Rare
A6        Officer's Saber                                 Rare
A6        Vektrean Leadership                             Rare
A7        Automation                                      Very-Rare
A7        Bolaar Negotiator                               Very-Rare
A7        Imperial Clydon                                 Very-Rare
A8        Vektrean Loyalty                                Very-Rare
R/A4      Thick Shelled Crab                              Uncommon
R/A7      Improved Automaton                              Rare


B1        Anti-Starcraft                                  Rare
B2        Border Post                                     Rare
B2        Freighter Station                               Uncommon
B3        Patrol Ship Support Base                        Uncommon
B4        Border Station                                  Very-Rare
B4        Espionage Satellite                             Uncommon
B4        Heavy Weapons Platform                          Rare
B6        Armory Base                                     Very-Rare
B8        Power Generation Complex                        Rare


C4        Deck Crew                                       Rare
C5        Alien Technology Expert                         Uncommon
C7        Military Police                                 Very-Rare
C8        Intergalactic Grave Robbers                     Very-Rare
R/C1      Landing Signal Officer                          Uncommon
R/C1      Tour Guide                                      Common


E1        Armor System Refit                              Uncommon
E1        Patrol Capsule Refit                            Uncommon
E1        Ship Upgrade                                    Uncommon
E2        Ammo Reserve                                    Very-Rare
E2        Heavy Patrol Capsule Refit                      Very-Rare
E2        Ship Upgrade                                    Rare
E3        Armor System Refit                              Rare
E3        Clydon Energy Armor                             Uncommon
E3        Dragon Saddle                                   Rare
E3        Hyperspace Detonator Refit                      Rare
E3        Patrol Scout Refit                              Rare
E4        Battery                                         Uncommon
E4        Command & Control Center                        Rare
E4        Fusion Mine                                     Very-Rare
E6        Distortion Cannon Refit                         Rare
E6        Variable Plasma Refit                           Very-Rare
E6        Vektrean Command Override                       Very-Rare
E7        Cloning Device                                  Very-Rare
E7        Shield Penetration Refit                        Very-Rare
E8        EWACS Shuttlecraft                              Very-Rare
E8        Fuser                                           Very-Rare
E8        Tractor Beam                                    Very-Rare
E8        Tufor Mine Accelerator                          Very-Rare
E9        Plasma Stream Accelerator                       Very-Rare
E9        Time Alteration Device                          Very-Rare
E9        Unit Overhaul                                   Very-Rare
E10       Targeting Systems                               Entity
R/E1      Formation Lights                                Rare
R/E1      Pseudo Capsule                                  Uncommon
R/E4      Monster Defense System                          Rare
R/E6      Oscillating Transporter                         Rare


F6        Research Field                                  Uncommon
R/F5      Guardian Field                                  Rare
R/F7      Protection Field                                Very-Rare


H1        Cosmic Cataclysm                                Very-Rare
H3        Hyperspace Vortex [H3]                          Uncommon
H5        Hyperspace Vortex [H5]                          Rare
H9        Shield Resonance Wave                           Very-Rare


I1        Solitary Station                                Uncommon
I2        Projection Station                              Very-Rare
I3        Fighter Installation                            Uncommon


L5        Energy Flux                                     Very-Rare
L9        Demobilization                                  Very-Rare
R/L7      Transporter Malfunction                         Very-Rare
R/L8      Shuttle Malfunction                             Very-Rare
R/L9      Murphy's Law                                    Very-Rare


M1        Space Remora [M1]                               Uncommon
M3        Space Remora [M3]                               Rare
M5        Space Remora [M5]                               Very-Rare
R/M4      Minor Luck Demon                                Rare


O3        Mining Expedition                               Uncommon
O4        Gaseous Degeneration                            Rare
O4        Invasion                                        Rare
O6        Corporate Influence                             Rare
O6        Merchant Ship                                   Very-Rare
R/O3      Fighter Defense System                          Very-Rare
R/O6      Distortion Cannon Failure                       Rare
R/O6      Mine Defenses                                   Very-Rare
R/O6      Mine Deployment Failure                         Very-Rare
R/O6      Red Tape                                        Rare
R/O6      Strobe Malfunction                              Rare
R/O7      Shield Penetration Failure                      Rare
R/O8      Variable Plasma Overload                        Very-Rare
R/O9      Equipment Malfunction                           Very-Rare


S1        Argonian Patrol Ship                            Uncommon
S1        Bolaar Patrol Ship                              Uncommon
S1        Corporate Patrol Scout                          Uncommon
S1        Corporate Patrol Ship                           Rare
S1        Mechad Patrol Scout                             Uncommon
S1        Mechad Patrol Ship                              Uncommon
S1        Mechad Patrol Ship Leader                       Rare
S1        P.O.T. Patrol Launch                            Uncommon
S1        Patrol Ship                                     Uncommon
S1        Scorpead Patrol Ship                            Uncommon
S1        Tufor Mine Patrol Ship                          Uncommon
S1        Tufor Patrol Scout                              Uncommon
S1        Tufor Patrol Ship                               Rare
S1        Vektrean Patrol Ship                            Uncommon
S2        Argonian Troop Ship                             Uncommon
S2        Corporate Troop Ship                            Uncommon
S2        Krebiz Cargo Capsule                            Uncommon
S2        Munition Processing Ship                        Uncommon
S2        P.O.T.. Troop Transport                         Uncommon
S2        Repair Tug                                      Rare
S2        Tufor Troop Ship                                Uncommon
S3        Corporate Carrier                               Uncommon
S3        Krebiz Dreadnought Carrier                      Very-Rare
S3        Mechad Infiltration Unit                        Uncommon
S3        P.O.T. Spy Cutter                               Uncommon
S3        P.O.T. Star Frigate (Tequan)                    Uncommon
S3        Patrol Ship Tender                              Uncommon
S3        Scorpead Spy Ship                               Uncommon
S3        Scorpead Troop Ship                             Rare
S3        Ship of the Ancients                            Rare
S4        Bolaar Boarding Cruiser                         Rare
S4        Bolaar Spy Scout                                Uncommon
S4        P.O.T. Star Destroyer (Tequan)                  Uncommon
S4        Salvage Ship                                    Rare
S5        Argonian Spy Ship                               Rare
S5        Corporate Spy Ship                              Rare
S5        Mechad Patrol Support Ship                      Rare
S5        P.O.T. Command Cruiser                          Rare
S5        P.O.T. Light Star Cruiser (Centaurian)          Rare
S5        P.O.T. Star Cruiser (Peladine)                  Rare
S5        Tufor Spy Ship                                  Rare
S7        Krebiz King Kraken                              Very-Rare
S7        Patrol Ship Courier                             Very-Rare
S7        Scorpead Battle Carrier                         Very-Rare
S7        Vacater Heavy Cruiser                           Very-Rare
S8        Vacater Battle Cruiser                          Very-Rare
S9        Mechad Juggernaut                               Very-Rare
S9        Vacater Dreadnaught                             Very-Rare
S10       Argonian Flagship                               Entity
S10       Corporate Flagship                              Entity
S10       Indirigan Supercarrier                          Entity
S10       P.O.T. Flagship                                 Entity
S10       Tufor Flagship                                  Entity
B/S2      Light Battle Sled                               Uncommon
B/S4      Battle Sled                                     Rare
R/S1      Base Relocation Tug                             Uncommon
R/S1      Clydon Spy Warcraft                             Uncommon
R/S1      Clydon Troop Warcraft                           Uncommon
R/S2      Clydon Boarding Warcraft                        Rare


T/B6      Vektrean Asteroid Station [Misprint]            Rare

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Title                                           Strength  Other Series


Tour Guide                                      R/C1


Alien Technology Expert                         C5
Argonian Patrol Ship                            S1
Argonian Troop Ship                             S2
Armor System Refit                              E1
Base Relocation Tug                             R/S1
Battery                                         E4
Bolaar Patrol Ship                              S1        Piracy
Bolaar Spy Scout                                S4
Clydon Energy Armor                             E3        New Empires
Clydon Spy Warcraft                             R/S1
Clydon Troop Warcraft                           R/S1
Corporate Carrier                               S3
Corporate Patrol Scout                          S1
Corporate Troop Ship                            S2
Drone Clydon                                    A3
Espionage Satellite                             B4
Executive Position                              A4
Fighter Installation                            I3
Freighter Station                               B2
Hyperspace Vortex [H3]                          H3
Krebiz Cargo Capsule                            S2
Landing Signal Officer                          R/C1
Light Battle Sled                               B/S2
Mechad Infiltration Unit                        S3
Mechad Patrol Scout                             S1
Mechad Patrol Ship                              S1
Mechanization                                   A4
Mining Expedition                               O3
Munition Processing Ship                        S2
P.O.T. Patrol Launch                            S1
P.O.T. Spy Cutter                               S3
P.O.T. Star Destroyer (Tequan)                  S4
P.O.T. Star Frigate (Tequan)                    S3
P.O.T.. Troop Transport                         S2
Patrol Capsule Refit                            E1
Patrol Ship                                     S1
Patrol Ship Support Base                        B3
Patrol Ship Tender                              S3
Pseudo Capsule                                  R/E1
Research Field                                  F6
Scorpead Patrol Ship                            S1
Scorpead Spy Ship                               S3
Ship Upgrade                                    E1
Solitary Station                                I1
Space Remora [M1]                               M1
Thick Shelled Crab                              R/A4
Tufor Mine Patrol Ship                          S1
Tufor Patrol Scout                              S1
Tufor Troop Ship                                S2
Vektrean Patrol Ship                            S1


Anti-Starcraft                                  B1
Argonian Spy Ship                               S5
Armor System Refit                              E3
Battle Sled                                     B/S4
Blood Clydon                                    A5
Bolaar Boarding Cruiser                         S4
Border Post                                     B2
Clydon Boarding Warcraft                        R/S2
Command & Control Center                        E4
Corporate Influence                             O6
Corporate Patrol Ship                           S1
Corporate Spy Ship                              S5
Deck Crew                                       C4
Distortion Cannon Failure                       R/O6
Distortion Cannon Refit                         E6
Dragon Saddle                                   E3
Formation Lights                                R/E1
Gaseous Degeneration                            O4
Guardian Field                                  R/F5
Heavy Weapons Platform                          B4
Hyperspace Detonator Refit                      E3
Hyperspace Vortex [H5]                          H5
Improved Automaton                              R/A7
Invasion                                        O4
Mechad Patrol Ship Leader                       S1
Mechad Patrol Support Ship                      S5
Minor Luck Demon                                R/M4
Monster Defense System                          R/E4      New Empires
Officer's Saber                                 A6
Oscillating Transporter                         R/E6
P.O.T. Command Cruiser                          S5        New Empires
P.O.T. Light Star Cruiser (Centaurian)          S5
P.O.T. Star Cruiser (Peladine)                  S5
Patrol Scout Refit                              E3
Power Generation Complex                        B8
Red Tape                                        R/O6
Repair Tug                                      S2
Salvage Ship                                    S4
Scorpead Troop Ship                             S3
Shield Penetration Failure                      R/O7
Ship of the Ancients                            S3
Ship Upgrade                                    E2
Space Remora [M3]                               M3
Strobe Malfunction                              R/O6
Tufor Patrol Ship                               S1
Tufor Spy Ship                                  S5
Vektrean Asteroid Station [Misprint]            T/B6
Vektrean Leadership                             A6


Ammo Reserve                                    E2
Armory Base                                     B6
Automation                                      A7
Bolaar Negotiator                               A7
Border Station                                  B4
Cloning Device                                  E7        New Empires
Cosmic Cataclysm                                H1
Demobilization                                  L9
Energy Flux                                     L5
Equipment Malfunction                           R/O9
EWACS Shuttlecraft                              E8
Fighter Defense System                          R/O3
Fuser                                           E8        Primary
Fusion Mine                                     E4
Heavy Patrol Capsule Refit                      E2
Il'ith I'karnas                                 P9
Imperial Clydon                                 A7
Intergalactic Grave Robbers                     C8
Krebiz Dreadnought Carrier                      S3
Krebiz King Kraken                              S7
Mechad Juggernaut                               S9
Merchant Ship                                   O6
Military Police                                 C7
Mine Defenses                                   R/O6
Mine Deployment Failure                         R/06
Murphy's Law                                    R/L9
Patrol Ship Courier                             S7
Plasma Stream Accelerator                       E9
Projection Station                              I2
Protection Field                                R/F7
Scorpead Battle Carrier                         S7
Shield Penetration Refit                        E7
Shield Resonance Wave                           H9
Shuttle Malfunction                             R/L8
Space Remora [M5]                               M5
Time Alteration Device                          E9
Tractor Beam                                    E8
Transporter Malfunction                         R/L7
Tufor Mine Accelerator                          E8
Unit Overhaul                                   E9
Vacater Battle Cruiser                          S8
Vacater Dreadnaught                             S9
Vacater Heavy Cruiser                           S7
Variable Plasma Overload                        R/O8
Variable Plasma Refit                           E6
Vektrean Command Override                       E6
Vektrean Loyalty                                A8


Argonian Flagship                               S10
Corporate Flagship                              S10
Indirigan Supercarrier                          S10
P.O.T. Flagship                                 S10
Targeting Systems                               E10
Tufor Flagship                                  S10

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