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Galactic Empires: New Empires (Series III)
   Companion Games - 1996

Notes:  Booster packs hold 12 cards: 5 commons, 4 uncommons, 2 rares, and 1 very-rare 
or entity. Some of the cards were also issued in earlier expansions.  I show which expansions 
in the "sort by rarity" section because it can affect a collector's quest for completeness.

There is some uncertainty about the choice of titles for some cards, either the name at the 
top of the card or the name at the middle of the card.  I choose the one that gives the most 
information, e.g., a planet's name or a ship description that includes an extra adjective/adverb. 
Further information and scans are posted at the Galactic Empires Archive website.

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Title                                      Strength  Rarity      Artist

Accidental Evolution                       R/A9      Very-Rare   Susan Van Camp
Ace Fighter Pilot                          C6        Rare        Mark Poole
Administrator                              R/C6      Uncommon    Ben Peck
Agro Moon                                  T3        Common      Randy Asplund-Faith
Alfven Wave                                H6        Rare        Nivard
Anarchist                                  A5        Rare        John Matson
Ancient Ruins                              B2        Common      Randy Asplund-Faith
Android                                    C7        Rare        Lawrence Allen Williams
Artifact - Dragon Gem of Protection        L6        Rare        Melissa Benson
Artifact - Galactic Prism                  L8        Very-Rare   Ted Beargeon
Artifact - Krebiz Monolith                 L6        Rare        N. Taylor Blanchard
Artifact - Star Gate                       L7        Very-Rare   Randy Asplund-Faith
Artifact - War Medal of Yorl               A4        Uncommon    April Lee
Assault Fighter                            R/E8      Very-Rare   Darryl Elliot
Assault Rifle                              A4        Uncommon    Douglas Shuler
Astral Dragoness                           D6        Rare        Edward P. Beard Jr.
Aurora Effect                              L3        Uncommon    Ralph Pecchia Jr.
Avatar                                     R/A10     Entity      Susan Van Camp
Battle Suit                                A5        Uncommon    Mark Poole
Bionic Enhancement                         A4        Common      Ben Peck
Blayok Protostar                           T3        Common      Randy Asplund-Faith
Blookerak Gas Giant                        T9        Very-Rare   Mitchell Davidson Bentley
Bolaar Heavy Cargo Express                 S5        Very-Rare   Gary A. Kalin
Bosheegh Minor Planet                      T3        Common      Randy Asplund-Faith
Bureaucrat                                 C6        Uncommon    Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Captured Moon                              T2        Common      Randy Asplund-Faith
Cerebral Void                              O5        Uncommon    John Matson
Civilian Transporter                       R/E1      Common      N. Taylor Blanchard
Cloning Device                             E7        Very-Rare   Bryon Wackwitz
Clydon Battle Craft                        R/S2      Very-Rare   Douglas Chaffee
Clydon Carrier Craft                       R/S2      Rare        Douglas Chaffee
Clydon Energy Armor                        E3        Uncommon    Douglas Chaffee
Clydon Heavy Star Cruiser                  S5        Very-Rare   Douglas Chaffee
Clydon Light Star Cruiser                  S3        Uncommon    Douglas Chaffee
Clydon Man-O-War                           S6        Very-Rare   Douglas Chaffee
Clydon Medium Star Cruiser                 S4        Rare        Douglas Chaffee
Clydon Mine Craft                          R/S1      Uncommon    Douglas Chaffee
Clydon Science Craft                       R/S1      Uncommon    Douglas Chaffee
Clydon Scout Craft                         R/S1      Uncommon    Douglas Chaffee
Clydon Supermassive Planet                 T10       Entity      Randy Asplund-Faith
Clydon Ultra-Light Cruiser                 S2        Uncommon    Douglas Chaffee
Clydon War Craft                           R/S1      Rare        Douglas Chaffee
Clydon War Cruiser                         S5        Rare        Douglas Chaffee
Command Disjunction                        L6        Uncommon    April Lee
Cosmic Cyclone                             H6        Very-Rare   Mitchell Davidson Bentley
Cyber Disturbance                          H3        Uncommon    Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Cyber Mage [C4]                            C4        Common      Nivard
Cyber Mage [C6]                            C6        Very-Rare   Melissa Benson
Cyber Mites                                M7        Rare        Doug Savage
Cyber-Programmer                           C2        Common      Ben Peck
Cyborg Death                               R/A7      Very-Rare   Melissa A. Benson
Defense Grid                               E5        Rare        Randy Asplund-Faith
Demolition Expertise                       A4        Uncommon    Ron Rousselle II
Dependency World                           T5        Rare        Ne'Ne Tina A. Thomas
Deviant                                    A3        Common      Darryl Elliot
Devolution                                 R/O6      Rare        Susan Van Camp
Distortion Pocket                          H7        Very-Rare   Michael Trapp
Double Agent                               A6        Rare        Douglas Shuler
Duo-Brain                                  A8        Very-Rare   Ben Peck
Emergency Rescue Ship                      S5        Rare        Darryl Elliot
Energy Moon                                T1        Common      Randy Asplund-Faith
Escaped Prisoner                           C3        Uncommon    Douglas Shuler
Evil Temple                                B6        Very-Rare   April Lee
Explosive Mine                             E1        Common      Ralph Pecchia Jr.
False Distress Call                        O4        Uncommon    Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Femerazi System                            T6        Uncommon    Ne'Ne Tina A. Thomas
Genetic Mutation                           R/A4      Common      Susan Van Camp
Gravity Pocket [H4]                        H4        Uncommon    Christina Wald
Green Fighter Pilot                        C3        Common      Douglas Shuler
Heavy Planetary Shield                     B3        Uncommon    Randy Asplund-Faith
Hologram                                   R/E9      Very-Rare   Douglas Chaffee
Hospital                                   B6        Rare        Michael Trapp
Illness - Aldibrik Ailment                 O3        Common      John Matson
Illness - Space Deterioration              O4        Uncommon    April Lee
Independent Pirate Cruiser                 S6        Uncommon    Ted Beargeon
Intelligence Officer                       C4        Uncommon    Susan Van Camp
Interstellar Plasma                        R/H7      Rare        Ne'Ne Tina A. Thomas
Intoxication                               L3        Uncommon    Bryon Wackwitz
Legendary Pirate Captain                   C10       Entity      Ron Rousselle II
Lieutenant                                 C4        Uncommon    Lawrence Allen Williams
Logic                                      A2        Common      John Matson
Lucky Mine Explosion                       L2        Common      April Lee
Magnetic Cloud                             H3        Common      Michael Trapp
Magus Dragoness                            D4        Uncommon    Edward P. Beard Jr.
Manufacturing Plant                        B8        Very-Rare   Michael Trapp
Master Spy                                 R/C9      Very-Rare   Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Mechad Network Interface                   E8        Very-Rare   Christina Wald
Media Personality                          C3        Common      Ne'Ne Tina A. Thomas
Medical Scanner                            A1        Common      Darryl Elliot
Mental Anguish                             A6        Rare        Bryon Wackwitz
Mind Mold Symbionts                        A5        Rare        Edward P. Beard Jr.
Mine Deployment System                     E8        Very-Rare   Ralph Pecchia Jr.
Miscreant                                  A7        Very-Rare   Susan Van Camp
Monster Defense System                     E4        Uncommon    Ron Rousselle II
Nagiridni Pirate Cruiser                   S6        Very-Rare   Gary A. Kalin & Bob Wesson
Nagiridni Pirate Destroyer                 S5        Rare        Gary A. Kalin & Bob Wesson
Nagiridni Pirate Scout                     S2        Uncommon    Gary A. Kalin
Neutrino Dragoness                         D7        Very-Rare   Edward P. Beard Jr.
Obelisk System                             T4        Common      Randy Asplund-Faith
Orbital Decay                              O5        Uncommon    Ted Beargeon
P.O.T. Armed Launch                        S1        Common      Randy Asplund-Faith
P.O.T. Battlecruiser                       S7        Very-Rare   Randy Asplund-Faith
P.O.T. Battleship                          S9        Very-Rare   Randy Asplund-Faith
P.O.T. Command Cruiser                     S5        Rare        Randy Asplund-Faith
P.O.T. Destroyer                           S4        Common      Randy Asplund-Faith
P.O.T. Dreadnought                         S8        Very-Rare   Randy Asplund-Faith
P.O.T. Escort                              S2        Common      Randy Asplund-Faith
P.O.T. Fighter Carrier                     S6        Rare        Randy Asplund-Faith
P.O.T. Frigate                             S3        Common      Randy Asplund-Faith
P.O.T. Heavy Cruiser                       S5        Rare        Randy Asplund-Faith
P.O.T. Light Cruiser                       S5        Rare        Randy Asplund-Faith
P.O.T. Medium Cruiser                      S5        Rare        Randy Asplund-Faith
P.O.T. Minesweeper                         S4        Uncommon    Randy Asplund-Faith
P.O.T. Science Cutter                      S3        Common      Randy Asplund-Faith
P.O.T. Scout Cruiser                       S5        Uncommon    Randy Asplund-Faith
Parallel Universe                          L4        Common      Ron Rousselle II
Penal Colony                               B5        Rare        N. Taylor Blanchard
Pentier System                             T5        Rare        Randy Asplund-Faith
Phantom                                    M3        Uncommon    Ben Peck
Phase Dragoness                            D1        Rare        Susan Van Camp
Phase Rats                                 M3        Uncommon    Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Phaser Fighter                             R/E3      Uncommon    N. Taylor Blanchard
Phaser Magnifier Refit                     E7        Very-Rare   Doug Savage
Pirate System                              T5        Rare        Mitchell Davidson Bentley
Plasma Dragoness                           D3        Common      Edward P. Beard Jr.
Plasmatic Nebula                           T8        Very-Rare   Mitchell Davidson Bentley
Political Clout                            O6        Rare        Nivard
Promotion                                  A6        Uncommon    John Matson
Prophet                                    C6        Rare        Mark Poole
Radial Dish                                E3        Common      Ralph Pecchia Jr.
Rat Infestation                            M2        Common      Susan Van Camp
Redgelon                                   M8        Very-Rare   Dan Gilman
Refueler                                   S4        Rare        Michael Trapp
Repair Base                                B9        Very-Rare   Darryl Elliot
Research Developer                         C7        Very-Rare   Susan Van Camp
Robotic Crew                               E5        Common      Ted Beargeon
Rom's Comet                                T3        Common      Randy Asplund-Faith
Scandig Blob                               M3        Common      Alec Keating
Science Officer                            R/C2      Common      Susan Van Camp
Scientifically Enhance Tectonic Plate St   R/L4      Rare        Randy Asplund-Faith
Scorpead Battlecruiser                     S7        Very-Rare   Mark Poole
Scorpead Battleship                        S9        Very-Rare   Mark Poole
Scorpead Comet of Lore                     T7        Very-Rare   Randy Asplund-Faith
Scorpead Command Cruiser                   S6        Rare        Mark Poole
Scorpead Destroyer                         S3        Common      Mark Poole
Scorpead Dreadnought                       S8        Very-Rare   Mark Poole
Scorpead Escort                            S2        Common      Mark Poole
Scorpead Frigate                           S2        Common      Mark Poole
Scorpead Heavy Cruiser                     S6        Rare        Mark Poole
Scorpead Light Cruiser                     S5        Common      Mark Poole
Scorpead Minesweeper                       S4        Uncommon    Mark Poole
Scorpead Science Ship                      S4        Common      Mark Poole
Scorpead Scout Cruiser                     S5        Uncommon    Mark Poole
Sensor Planet                              T7        Very-Rare   April Lee
Sextaraan Web Crawlers                     R/M1      Common      April Lee
Ship Collision                             O9        Rare        Robert A. Kraus
Skull Reaper                               M9        Very-Rare   Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Skullets                                   M2        Uncommon    Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Slave Trader                               C6        Very-Rare   Melissa Benson
Spiritual Leader [C8]                      C8        Very-Rare   April Lee
Spiritual Temple                           B7        Uncommon    Susan Van Camp
Star Quake                                 H4        Uncommon    Mitchell Davidson Bentley
Stasis Mine                                E6        Rare        Alex Keating
Strategy                                   A1        Uncommon    Mark Poole
Structural Degeneration                    O8        Very-Rare   Douglas Shuler
Super Tanker                               S5        Very-Rare   N. Taylor Blanchard
Supersonic Flow                            H2        Common      Elvis McMaad
Supreme Leader                             C10       Entity      Mark Poole
Symnergenic Cloud                          M5        Rare        Ron Rousselle II
SYSOP                                      C1        Common      Michael Trapp
Tactical Fighter                           R/E6      Very-Rare   Edward P. Beard Jr.
Tactical Officer                           C7        Very-Rare   Randy Asplund-Faith
Tactician                                  C6        Rare        Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Tarragym Effect                            O8        Rare        Ralph Pecchia Jr.
Teamster                                   C4        Common      Alec Keating
Techno-Sorcerer                            A10       Entity      Edward P. Beard Jr.
Tectonic Burrower                          M5        Uncommon    Christina Wald
The Soulless                               M4        Uncommon    Ben Peck
Time Portal                                O10       Entity      Melissa Benson
Transport Shuttle                          R/E2      Common      Christina Wald
Transporter Mine                           E4        Uncommon    Douglas Shuler
Tufor Battleship                           S9        Very-Rare   John Matson
Tufor Command Launch                       S6        Rare        Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Cutter                               S3        Common      Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Destroyer                            S4        Common      Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Dreadnought                          S8        Very-Rare   Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Escort                               S2        Common      Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Fighter Carrier                      S6        Rare        Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Heavy Cruiser                        S5        Rare        Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Light Cruiser                        S4        Uncommon    Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Light Fighter Carrier                S3        Common      Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Mine Cruiser                         S6        Rare        Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Mine Layer                           S4        Uncommon    Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Operations Base                      B10       Entity      Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Research Scout                       S4        Common      Mark Maxwell
Tufor Science Platform                     B5        Uncommon    Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor War Cruiser                          S7        Very-Rare   Ben Peck
Undead Dragoness                           D8        Very-Rare   Gary A. Kalin
Vacation Planet Embrosia                   T3        Rare        Mark Poole
Vektrean Dreadnought                       S7        Very-Rare   Gary A. Kalin
Void Angel                                 M6        Rare        Lawrence Allen Williams
Vortex Dragoness                           D6        Very-Rare   Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Vymezies Blaze                             M6        Rare        Ron Rousselle II
Vymezies Matter                            M4        Uncommon    Gary A. Kalin
Vymezies Particle                          M2        Common      Lawrence Allen Williams
Warning Buoy                               R/O5      Rare        Doug Savage
Yorl the Forsaken                          R/C10     Entity      April Lee
Zaggoth Guardian                           M10       Entity      Douglas Chaffee
Zaggoth Mordeth                            M10       Entity      Lawrence Allen Williams
Zambarez Planet                            T5        Uncommon    Randy Asplund-Faith

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Strength  Title                                      Rarity


A1        Medical Scanner                            Common
A1        Strategy                                   Uncommon
A2        Logic                                      Common
A3        Deviant                                    Common
A4        Artifact - War Medal of Yorl               Uncommon
A4        Assault Rifle                              Uncommon
A4        Bionic Enhancement                         Common
A4        Demolition Expertise                       Uncommon
A5        Anarchist                                  Rare
A5        Battle Suit                                Uncommon
A5        Mind Mold Symbionts                        Rare
A6        Double Agent                               Rare
A6        Mental Anguish                             Rare
A6        Promotion                                  Uncommon
A7        Miscreant                                  Very-Rare
A8        Duo-Brain                                  Very-Rare
A10       Techno-Sorcerer                            Entity
R/A4      Genetic Mutation                           Common
R/A7      Cyborg Death                               Very-Rare
R/A9      Accidental Evolution                       Very-Rare
R/A10     Avatar                                     Entity


B2        Ancient Ruins                              Common
B3        Heavy Planetary Shield                     Uncommon
B5        Penal Colony                               Rare
B5        Tufor Science Platform                     Uncommon
B6        Evil Temple                                Very-Rare
B6        Hospital                                   Rare
B7        Spiritual Temple                           Uncommon
B8        Manufacturing Plant                        Very-Rare
B9        Repair Base                                Very-Rare
B10       Tufor Operations Base                      Entity


C1        SYSOP                                      Common
C2        Cyber-Programmer                           Common
C3        Escaped Prisoner                           Uncommon
C3        Green Fighter Pilot                        Common
C3        Media Personality                          Common
C4        Cyber Mage [C4]                            Common
C4        Intelligence Officer                       Uncommon
C4        Lieutenant                                 Uncommon
C4        Teamster                                   Common
C6        Ace Fighter Pilot                          Rare
C6        Bureaucrat                                 Uncommon
C6        Cyber Mage [C6]                            Very-Rare
C6        Prophet                                    Rare
C6        Slave Trader                               Very-Rare
C6        Tactician                                  Rare
C7        Android                                    Rare
C7        Research Developer                         Very-Rare
C7        Tactical Officer                           Very-Rare
C8        Spiritual Leader [C8]                      Very-Rare
C10       Legendary Pirate Captain                   Entity
C10       Supreme Leader                             Entity
R/C2      Science Officer                            Common
R/C6      Administrator                              Uncommon
R/C9      Master Spy                                 Very-Rare
R/C10     Yorl the Forsaken                          Entity


D1        Phase Dragoness                            Rare
D3        Plasma Dragoness                           Common
D4        Magus Dragoness                            Uncommon
D6        Astral Dragoness                           Rare
D6        Vortex Dragoness                           Very-Rare
D7        Neutrino Dragoness                         Very-Rare
D8        Undead Dragoness                           Very-Rare


E1        Explosive Mine                             Common
E3        Clydon Energy Armor                        Uncommon
E3        Radial Dish                                Common
E4        Monster Defense System                     Uncommon
E4        Transporter Mine                           Uncommon
E5        Defense Grid                               Rare
E5        Robotic Crew                               Common
E6        Stasis Mine                                Rare
E7        Cloning Device                             Very-Rare
E7        Phaser Magnifier Refit                     Very-Rare
E8        Mechad Network Interface                   Very-Rare
E8        Mine Deployment System                     Very-Rare
R/E1      Civilian Transporter                       Common
R/E2      Transport Shuttle                          Common
R/E3      Phaser Fighter                             Uncommon
R/E6      Tactical Fighter                           Very-Rare
R/E8      Assault Fighter                            Very-Rare
R/E9      Hologram                                   Very-Rare


H2        Supersonic Flow                            Common
H3        Cyber Disturbance                          Uncommon
H3        Magnetic Cloud                             Common
H4        Gravity Pocket [H4]                        Uncommon
H4        Star Quake                                 Uncommon
H6        Alfven Wave                                Rare
H6        Cosmic Cyclone                             Very-Rare
H7        Distortion Pocket                          Very-Rare
R/H7      Interstellar Plasma                        Rare


L2        Lucky Mine Explosion                       Common
L3        Aurora Effect                              Uncommon
L3        Intoxication                               Uncommon
L4        Parallel Universe                          Common
L6        Artifact - Dragon Gem of Protection        Rare
L6        Artifact - Krebiz Monolith                 Rare
L6        Command Disjunction                        Uncommon
L7        Artifact - Star Gate                       Very-Rare
L8        Artifact - Galactic Prism                  Very-Rare
R/L4      Scientifically Enhance Tectonic Plate St   Rare


M2        Rat Infestation                            Common
M2        Skullets                                   Uncommon
M2        Vymezies Particle                          Common
M3        Phantom                                    Uncommon
M3        Phase Rats                                 Uncommon
M3        Scandig Blob                               Common
M4        The Soulless                               Uncommon
M4        Vymezies Matter                            Uncommon
M5        Symnergenic Cloud                          Rare
M5        Tectonic Burrower                          Uncommon
M6        Void Angel                                 Rare
M6        Vymezies Blaze                             Rare
M7        Cyber Mites                                Rare
M8        Redgelon                                   Very-Rare
M9        Skull Reaper                               Very-Rare
M10       Zaggoth Guardian                           Entity
M10       Zaggoth Mordeth                            Entity
R/M1      Sextaraan Web Crawlers                     Common


O10       Time Portal                                Entity
O3        Illness - Aldibrik Ailment                 Common
O4        False Distress Call                        Uncommon
O4        Illness - Space Deterioration              Uncommon
O5        Cerebral Void                              Uncommon
O5        Orbital Decay                              Uncommon
O6        Political Clout                            Rare
O8        Structural Degeneration                    Very-Rare
O8        Tarragym Effect                            Rare
O9        Ship Collision                             Rare
R/O5      Warning Buoy                               Rare
R/O6      Devolution                                 Rare


S1        P.O.T. Armed Launch                        Common
S2        Clydon Ultra-Light Cruiser                 Uncommon
S2        Nagiridni Pirate Scout                     Uncommon
S2        P.O.T. Escort                              Common
S2        Scorpead Escort                            Common
S2        Scorpead Frigate                           Common
S2        Tufor Escort                               Common
S3        Clydon Light Star Cruiser                  Uncommon
S3        P.O.T. Frigate                             Common
S3        P.O.T. Science Cutter                      Common
S3        Scorpead Destroyer                         Common
S3        Tufor Cutter                               Common
S3        Tufor Light Fighter Carrier                Common
S4        Clydon Medium Star Cruiser                 Rare
S4        P.O.T. Destroyer                           Common
S4        P.O.T. Minesweeper                         Uncommon
S4        Refueler                                   Rare
S4        Scorpead Minesweeper                       Uncommon
S4        Scorpead Science Ship                      Common
S4        Tufor Destroyer                            Common
S4        Tufor Light Cruiser                        Uncommon
S4        Tufor Mine Layer                           Uncommon
S4        Tufor Research Scout                       Common
S5        Bolaar Heavy Cargo Express                 Very-Rare
S5        Clydon Heavy Star Cruiser                  Very-Rare
S5        Clydon War Cruiser                         Rare
S5        Emergency Rescue Ship                      Rare
S5        Nagiridni Pirate Destroyer                 Rare
S5        P.O.T. Command Cruiser                     Rare
S5        P.O.T. Heavy Cruiser                       Rare
S5        P.O.T. Light Cruiser                       Rare
S5        P.O.T. Medium Cruiser                      Rare
S5        P.O.T. Scout Cruiser                       Uncommon
S5        Scorpead Light Cruiser                     Common
S5        Scorpead Scout Cruiser                     Uncommon
S5        Super Tanker                               Very-Rare
S5        Tufor Heavy Cruiser                        Rare
S6        Clydon Man-O-War                           Very-Rare
S6        Independent Pirate Cruiser                 Uncommon
S6        Nagiridni Pirate Cruiser                   Very-Rare
S6        P.O.T. Fighter Carrier                     Rare
S6        Scorpead Command Cruiser                   Rare
S6        Scorpead Heavy Cruiser                     Rare
S6        Tufor Command Launch                       Rare
S6        Tufor Fighter Carrier                      Rare
S6        Tufor Mine Cruiser                         Rare
S7        P.O.T. Battlecruiser                       Very-Rare
S7        Scorpead Battlecruiser                     Very-Rare
S7        Tufor War Cruiser                          Very-Rare
S7        Vektrean Dreadnought                       Very-Rare
S8        P.O.T. Dreadnought                         Very-Rare
S8        Scorpead Dreadnought                       Very-Rare
S8        Tufor Dreadnought                          Very-Rare
S9        P.O.T. Battleship                          Very-Rare
S9        Scorpead Battleship                        Very-Rare
S9        Tufor Battleship                           Very-Rare
R/S1      Clydon Mine Craft                          Uncommon
R/S1      Clydon Science Craft                       Uncommon
R/S1      Clydon Scout Craft                         Uncommon
R/S1      Clydon War Craft                           Rare
R/S2      Clydon Battle Craft                        Very-Rare
R/S2      Clydon Carrier Craft                       Rare


T1        Energy Moon                                Common
T2        Captured Moon                              Common
T3        Agro Moon                                  Common
T3        Blayok Protostar                           Common
T3        Bosheegh Minor Planet                      Common
T3        Rom's Comet                                Common
T3        Vacation Planet Embrosia                   Rare
T4        Obelisk System                             Common
T5        Dependency World                           Rare
T5        Pentier System                             Rare
T5        Pirate System                              Rare
T5        Zambarez Planet                            Uncommon
T6        Femerazi System                            Uncommon
T7        Scorpead Comet of Lore                     Very-Rare
T7        Sensor Planet                              Very-Rare
T8        Plasmatic Nebula                           Very-Rare
T9        Blookerak Gas Giant                        Very-Rare
T10       Clydon Supermassive Planet                 Entity

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Title                                      Strength  Other Series


Agro Moon                                  T3
Ancient Ruins                              B2        Universe
Bionic Enhancement                         A4
Blayok Protostar                           T3
Bosheegh Minor Planet                      T3
Captured Moon                              T2
Civilian Transporter                       R/E1
Cyber Mage [C4]                            C4        Universe
Cyber-Programmer                           C2        Universe
Deviant                                    A3
Energy Moon                                T1
Explosive Mine                             E1        Universe
Genetic Mutation                           R/A4
Green Fighter Pilot                        C3
Illness - Aldibrik Ailment                 O3        Universe
Logic                                      A2        Universe
Lucky Mine Explosion                       L2
Magnetic Cloud                             H3
Media Personality                          C3
Medical Scanner                            A1
Obelisk System                             T4
P.O.T. Armed Launch                        S1
P.O.T. Destroyer                           S4        Universe
P.O.T. Escort                              S2        Universe
P.O.T. Frigate                             S3        Universe
P.O.T. Science Cutter                      S3        Universe
Parallel Universe                          L4
Plasma Dragoness                           D3        Universe
Radial Dish                                E3
Rat Infestation                            M2
Robotic Crew                               E5
Rom's Comet                                T3        Universe
Scandig Blob                               M3        Universe
Science Officer                            R/C2
Scorpead Destroyer                         S3        Universe
Scorpead Escort                            S2        Universe
Scorpead Frigate                           S2
Scorpead Light Cruiser                     S5        Universe
Scorpead Science Ship                      S4        Universe
Sextaraan Web Crawlers                     R/M1      Universe
Supersonic Flow                            H2        Universe
SYSOP                                      C1        Universe
Teamster                                   C4        Universe
Transport Shuttle                          R/E2
Tufor Cutter                               S3        Universe
Tufor Destroyer                            S4        Universe
Tufor Escort                               S2        Universe
Tufor Light Fighter Carrier                S3        Universe
Tufor Research Scout                       S4        Universe
Vymezies Particle                          M2


Administrator                              R/C6      Universe
Artifact - War Medal of Yorl               A4
Assault Rifle                              A4
Aurora Effect                              L3        Universe
Battle Suit                                A5        Universe
Bureaucrat                                 C6        Universe
Cerebral Void                              O5
Clydon Energy Armor                        E3        Advanced Technologies
Clydon Light Star Cruiser                  S3        Universe
Clydon Mine Craft                          R/S1      Universe
Clydon Science Craft                       R/S1      Universe
Clydon Scout Craft                         R/S1
Clydon Ultra-Light Cruiser                 S2        Universe
Command Disjunction                        L6
Cyber Disturbance                          H3        Universe
Demolition Expertise                       A4
Escaped Prisoner                           C3        Universe
False Distress Call                        O4        Universe
Femerazi System                            T6
Gravity Pocket [H4]                        H4        Universe
Heavy Planetary Shield                     B3        Universe
Illness - Space Deterioration              O4
Independent Pirate Cruiser                 S6
Intelligence Officer                       C4
Intoxication                               L3
Lieutenant                                 C4        Universe
Magus Dragoness                            D4
Monster Defense System                     E4        Advanced Technologies
Nagiridni Pirate Scout                     S2
Orbital Decay                              O5
P.O.T. Minesweeper                         S4        Universe
P.O.T. Scout Cruiser                       S5        Universe
Phantom                                    M3
Phase Rats                                 M3        Universe
Phaser Fighter                             R/E3
Promotion                                  A6
Scorpead Minesweeper                       S4        Universe
Scorpead Scout Cruiser                     S5        Universe
Skullets                                   M2
Spiritual Temple                           B7
Star Quake                                 H4
Strategy                                   A1        Universe
Tectonic Burrower                          M5        Universe
The Soulless                               M4
Transporter Mine                           E4        Universe
Tufor Light Cruiser                        S4        Universe
Tufor Mine Layer                           S4
Tufor Science Platform                     B5
Vymezies Matter                            M4        Universe
Zambarez Planet                            T5        Universe


Ace Fighter Pilot                          C6        Universe
Alfven Wave                                H6        Universe
Anarchist                                  A5        Universe
Android                                    C7        Universe
Artifact - Dragon Gem of Protection        L6
Artifact - Krebiz Monolith                 L6        Universe
Astral Dragoness                           D6        Universe
Clydon Carrier Craft                       R/S2      Universe
Clydon Medium Star Cruiser                 S4        Universe
Clydon War Craft                           R/S1      Universe
Clydon War Cruiser                         S5        Universe
Cyber Mites                                M7        Universe
Defense Grid                               E5        Primary, Universe
Dependency World                           T5        Universe
Devolution                                 R/O6
Double Agent                               A6        Universe
Emergency Rescue Ship                      S5        Universe
Hospital                                   B6        Universe
Interstellar Plasma                        R/H7      Universe
Mental Anguish                             A6        Universe
Mind Mold Symbionts                        A5        Universe
Nagiridni Pirate Destroyer                 S5        Piracy
P.O.T. Command Cruiser                     S5        Advanced Technologies
P.O.T. Fighter Carrier                     S6        Universe
P.O.T. Heavy Cruiser                       S5        Universe
P.O.T. Light Cruiser                       S5        Universe
P.O.T. Medium Cruiser                      S5
Penal Colony                               B5        Universe
Pentier System                             T5        Universe
Phase Dragoness                            D1
Pirate System                              T5        Universe
Political Clout                            O6        Universe
Prophet                                    C6        Universe
Refueler                                   S4        Universe
Scientifically Enhance Tectonic Plate St   R/L4      Universe
Scorpead Command Cruiser                   S6        Universe
Scorpead Heavy Cruiser                     S6        Universe
Ship Collision                             O9        Universe
Stasis Mine                                E6        Universe
Symnergenic Cloud                          M5
Tactician                                  C6        Universe
Tarragym Effect                            O8        Universe
Tufor Command Launch                       S6        Universe
Tufor Fighter Carrier                      S6        Universe
Tufor Heavy Cruiser                        S5        Universe
Tufor Mine Cruiser                         S6        Universe
Vacation Planet Embrosia                   T3        Universe
Void Angel                                 M6        Universe
Vymezies Blaze                             M6
Warning Buoy                               R/O5


Accidental Evolution                       R/A9
Artifact - Galactic Prism                  L8        Universe
Artifact - Star Gate                       L7
Assault Fighter                            R/E8      Universe
Blookerak Gas Giant                        T9        Universe
Bolaar Heavy Cargo Express                 S5        Piracy
Cloning Device                             E7        Advanced Technologies
Clydon Battle Craft                        R/S2      Universe
Clydon Heavy Star Cruiser                  S5        Universe
Clydon Man-O-War                           S6        Universe
Cosmic Cyclone                             H6        Universe
Cyber Mage [C6]                            C6
Cyborg Death                               R/A7
Distortion Pocket                          H7        Universe
Duo-Brain                                  A8        Universe
Evil Temple                                B6        Universe
Hologram                                   R/E9      Universe
Manufacturing Plant                        B8        Universe
Master Spy                                 R/C9
Mechad Network Interface                   E8        Universe
Mine Deployment System                     E8
Miscreant                                  A7        Universe
Nagiridni Pirate Cruiser                   S6        Piracy
Neutrino Dragoness                         D7
P.O.T. Battlecruiser                       S7        Universe
P.O.T. Battleship                          S9        Universe
P.O.T. Dreadnought                         S8        Universe
Phaser Magnifier Refit                     E7        Universe
Plasmatic Nebula                           T8        Universe
Redgelon                                   M8        Universe
Repair Base                                B9        Universe
Research Developer                         C7        Universe
Scorpead Battlecruiser                     S7        Universe
Scorpead Battleship                        S9        Universe
Scorpead Comet of Lore                     T7        Universe
Scorpead Dreadnought                       S8        Universe
Sensor Planet                              T7        Universe
Skull Reaper                               M9
Slave Trader                               C6        Piracy
Spiritual Leader [C8]                      C8        Universe
Structural Degeneration                    O8        Universe
Super Tanker                               S5
Tactical Fighter                           R/E6      Universe
Tactical Officer                           C7        Universe
Tufor Battleship                           S9        Universe
Tufor Dreadnought                          S8        Universe
Tufor War Cruiser                          S7        Universe
Undead Dragoness                           D8        Universe
Vektrean Dreadnought                       S7        Universe
Vortex Dragoness                           D6


Avatar                                     R/A10
Clydon Supermassive Planet                 T10
Legendary Pirate Captain                   C10
Supreme Leader                             C10
Techno-Sorcerer                            A10
Time Portal                                O10
Tufor Operations Base                      B10
Yorl the Forsaken                          R/C10
Zaggoth Guardian                           M10
Zaggoth Mordeth                            M10

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