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Galactic Empires: Persona (Series IX)
   Companion Games - 1996

Notes:  Here, Companion Games did not like the way that the term "Common" cards sounded, so 
the most-common cards are "Uncommons", matched by "Very-Rares" and premium "Entity" cards. 
Booster packs hold 5 cards: 4 uncommons and 1 very-rare or entity. Some of the cards were also 
issued in earlier expansions.  I show which expansions in the "sort by rarity" section because it can 
affect a collector's quest for completeness.

There is some uncertainty about the choice of titles for some cards, either the name at the 
top of the card or the name at the middle of the card.  I choose the one that gives the most 
information, e.g., a planet's name or a ship description that includes an extra adjective/adverb. 
Further information and scans are posted at the Galactic Empires Archive website.

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Title                                       Strength    Rarity       Artist

Adamantine Hull - Sound Construction        E9          Very-Rare    Michael Trapp
Advanced Specimen                           A2          Uncommon     Randy Asplund-Faith
Alien Love                                  A3          Uncommon     Scott Werner
Allizdog                                    M7          Uncommon     Pat Morrissey
Amphibian Desire                            O4          Uncommon     Pat Morrissey
Ancient Control Network                     E6          Uncommon     C. Henry Schulte
Ancient Studies                             G6          Uncommon     Michael Trapp
Ancient's Library                           I7          Very-Rare    N. Taylor Blanchard
Ancients Portal                             L8          Very-Rare    N. Taylor Blanchard
Antimatter Equivalent                       A9          Very-Rare    Elvis McMaad
Aqaaran Aquatic Refuge                      T8          Very-Rare    C. Henry Schulte
Aqaaran Cavalier Fighter                    R/E6        Uncommon     N. Taylor Blanchard
Aqaaran Disjunction                         R/O5        Uncommon     Michael Carroll
Aqaaran Holy Day                            R/O1        Uncommon     Lissanne Lake
Argonian Fighter Planetoid                  T7          Very-Rare    C. Henry Schulte
Argonian Heavy Gail Fighter                 R/E9        Uncommon     George T. Henne Jr.
Artifact - Empire Constitution              L9          Very-Rare    Michael Trapp
Artifact - Spiritual Symbol                 L6          Uncommon     Randy Asplund-Faith
Ascension                                   A2          Uncommon     Scott Werner
Assault Tank                                E6          Very-Rare    Michael Carroll
Battlesled                                  B/S6        Very-Rare    Armand Cabrera
Bodyguard                                   C2          Uncommon     Lissanne Lake
Bolaar Covert System                        T8          Very-Rare    C. Henry Schulte
Bolaar Fighter                              R/E6        Uncommon     N. Taylor Blanchard
Boomerang Racks                             E5          Uncommon     George T. Henne Jr.
Boring Probe                                E3          Uncommon     C. Henry Schulte
Breeder                                     A6          Very-Rare    Randy Asplund-Faith
Chef                                        C4          Uncommon     Robert A. Kraus
Chief Engineer                              C8          Very-Rare    Lissanne Lake
City of Forever                             B6          Uncommon     C. Henry Schulte
Clydon Fighter                              R/E5        Uncommon     Armand Cabrera
Clydon Flagship                             S7          Very-Rare    Michael Trapp
Clydon Heavy Warcraft                       R/S3        Very-Rare    Michael Trapp
Clydon Imperial General                     C9          Very-Rare    Michael Trapp
Clydon System                               T7          Very-Rare    Kris Macintyre
Coffee Break                                O5          Uncommon     David A. Cherry
Communications Supervisor                   R/C8        Very-Rare    David A. Cherry
Construction Team                           C3          Uncommon     Robert A. Kraus
Cook                                        C1          Uncommon     Robert A. Kraus
Corporate Employee                          C3          Uncommon     Robert A. Kraus
Corporate Fighter                           R/E7        Uncommon     George T. Henne Jr.
Corporate Gold Card                         A5          Uncommon     The Corporation
Corporate System                            T9          Very-Rare    Sigmund Frye
Cryptologist                                R/C1        Uncommon     Lissanne Lake
Crystalline Detection Matrix                E2          Uncommon     Armand Cabrera
Cybernetic Engineer                         C5          Very-Rare    N. Taylor Blanchard
Dark Circuitry                              E10         Entity       David A. Cherry
Defensive Aircraft                          E3          Uncommon     N. Taylor Blanchard
Drag Racing                                 H6          Uncommon     Lissanne Lake
Dragon Sun                                  T5          Uncommon     C. Henry Schulte
Electronic Warfare Specialist               C7          Very-Rare    Lissanne Lake
Emergency Maintenance Team                  R/C2        Uncommon     David A. Cherry
Endri K'tal                                 P7          Very-Rare    Robert A. Kraus
Espionage                                   G4          Very-Rare    Pat Morrissey
Explorer                                    C6          Very-Rare    David A. Cherry
Filarian Needle Fighter                     R/E5        Uncommon     Michael Trapp
Firesuit Malfunction                        O2          Uncommon     Robert A. Kraus
First Sergeant                              C8          Very-Rare    Armand Cabrera
Flight Attendant                            R/C1        Uncommon     Robert A. Kraus
Flight Deck Supervisor                      C6          Very-Rare    David A. Cherry
Floating City                               B5          Uncommon     N. Taylor Blanchard
Fluctuating Stasis Mine                     E3          Uncommon     Michael Trapp
Free Trade Zone                             T7          Uncommon     Elvis McMaad
Galactic Credit Bureau                      B5          Very-Rare    Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Galactic Depression                         O8          Very-Rare    Robert A. Kraus
Galactic Parcel Ship                        S3          Uncommon     Armand Cabrera
Garbage Man                                 C3          Uncommon     Robert A. Kraus
Genetic Variant                             A5          Very-Rare    Randy Asplund-Faith
Gorilla Warfare Specialists                 R/C2        Uncommon     Armand Cabrera
Grand Chieftain - Marchias                  C9          Very-Rare    Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Grand Time Keeper - Sir Thomas Seth         R/C9        Very-Rare    David A. Cherry
Htim'                                       P8          Very-Rare    Robert A. Kraus
Hydroponic Technician Gardener              C3          Uncommon     Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
I'm a Persona                               A5          Uncommon     Jael
Illness - Space Sickness                    R/O3        Uncommon     Robert A. Kraus
Indirigan Chieftain - Licifrous             C6          Very-Rare    Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Indirigan Chieftain - Lone Wolf             C7          Very-Rare    Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Indirigan Chieftain - Murinca               C7          Very-Rare    Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Indirigan Chieftain - Noaha                 C9          Very-Rare    Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Indirigan Chieftain - Urvill                C7          Very-Rare    Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Indirigan Female                            C3          Very-Rare    Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Indirigan Gypsy Fighter                     R/E7        Uncommon     George T. Henne Jr.
Indirigan Tattoo                            R/A3        Very-Rare    Sigmund Frye
Infested Moon - Filarian Moon               T6          Very-Rare    C. Henry Schulte
Infinite Potential                          O5          Uncommon     Jael
Installation Field                          F3          Uncommon     n/a
Instant Reaction                            R/O3        Uncommon     John Matson
Insurrection                                A3          Uncommon     Lissanne Lake
Intergalactic Transgate                     O7          Very-Rare    Armand Cabrera
Ixubermorth Citadel                         I6          Very-Rare    N. Taylor Blanchard
J'x Yr'llite High Guard                     C8          Very-Rare    Lissanne Lake
J'xar Heavy Carrier - Quiver Class          S6          Very-Rare    Armand Cabrera
J'xar Jump Fighter                          R/E5        Uncommon     Armand Cabrera
J'xar Transgalactic Gate                    T9          Very-Rare    C. Henry Schulte
Jungle Love                                 R/O2        Uncommon     David A. Cherry
Jungle Moths                                R/M3        Uncommon     Lissanne Lake
Krebiz Homeland                             T7          Very-Rare    C. Henry Schulte
Leopan Claw Fighter                         R/E6        Uncommon     Armand Cabrera
Leopan Operations Planet                    T8          Very-Rare    C. Henry Schulte
Leopan Technologist                         C8          Very-Rare    David A. Cherry
Logistics Officer                           C8          Very-Rare    Armand Cabrera
Lone Wolf Battlecruiser                     S8          Very-Rare    George T. Henne Jr.
Lone Wolf Command Cruiser                   S6          Uncommon     George T. Henne Jr.
Lone Wolf Destroyer                         S5          Uncommon     George T. Henne Jr.
Lone Wolf Dreadnought                       S9          Very-Rare    George T. Henne Jr.
Lone Wolf Police Cruiser                    S7          Very-Rare    George T. Henne Jr.
Luck Guy                                    C1          Uncommon     Robert A. Kraus
Lunar Eclipse                               A1          Uncommon     C. Henry Schulte
Mad Chemist                                 C2          Uncommon     Lissanne Lake
Mainframe System - Desiree'                 E5          Very-Rare    Pat Morrissey
Marine Major                                R/C6        Very-Rare    Armand Cabrera
Master Navigator                            C8          Very-Rare    David A. Cherry
Mechad Planet - Arretia                     T9          Very-Rare    C. Henry Schulte
Metamorphosis                               R/O3        Uncommon     Lissanne Lake
Methane Atmosphere                          A2          Uncommon     George T. Henne Jr.
Millionaire                                 C8          Very-Rare    Lissanne Lake
Mind Thief                                  M7          Very-Rare    Jael
Nagir XII                                   T6          Uncommon     C. Henry Schulte
Negotiator                                  C3          Uncommon     Armand Cabrera
Noble Countess                              C5          Very-Rare    Ne'Ne Tina A. Thomas & Catherine Buck
Noble Duke                                  R/C4        Uncommon     Ne'Ne Tina A. Thomas & Catherine Buck
Noble Earl                                  C6          Very-Rare    Heather Bruton
Noble Jester                                C1          Uncommon     Heather Bruton
Noble Knight                                R/C5        Very-Rare    Heather Bruton
Noble Knight Templar                        R/C6        Very-Rare    Heather Bruton
Noble Laird                                 C8          Very-Rare    Heather Bruton
Noble Margrave                              C7          Very-Rare    Heather Bruton
Noble Marquis                               C5          Very-Rare    Ne'Ne Tina A. Thomas & Catherine Buck
Noble Robber Baron                          C4          Very-Rare    Ne'Ne Tina A. Thomas & Catherine Buck
Noble Scout                                 C3          Uncommon     Ne'Ne Tina A. Thomas & Catherine Buck
Noble Sovereign                             C9          Very-Rare    Heather Bruton
Noble Thane                                 C7          Very-Rare    Heather Bruton
Noble Viscount                              C6          Very-Rare    Heather Bruton
Nuclear Incident                            H3          Uncommon     Michael Carroll
Offspring                                   M2          Uncommon     Randy Asplund-Faith
Overwatch Dragon                            D6          Uncommon     Lissanne Lake
P.O.T. Element Capital                      T8          Very-Rare    C. Henry Schulte
Parasite Torpedoes                          E5          Very-Rare    Michael Trapp
Party Animals                               M1          Uncommon     Lissanne Lake
Peace Treaty                                O4          Uncommon     Lissanne Lake
Pendulum Defect                             R/O9        Very-Rare    Elvis McMaad
Pendulum Effect                             R/O6        Uncommon     Michael Trapp
Perfect Specimen                            A4          Very-Rare    Randy Asplund-Faith
Perpetual Motion Device                     E9          Very-Rare    Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Perseverance                                R/A1        Uncommon     Robert A. Kraus
Phaser Targeting Refit                      E5          Very-Rare    Chris Adams
Pioneer                                     C4          Very-Rare    N. Taylor Blanchard
Planet Gouge                                M4          Uncommon     Randy Asplund-Faith
Plasma Phasers                              E6          Uncommon     George T. Henne Jr.
Prehistoric Space Beast                     M9          Very-Rare    Robert A. Kraus
Psycanti Intellect Fighter                  R/E5        Uncommon     N. Taylor Blanchard
Quicksand                                   A8          Very-Rare    Elvis McMaad
Radioactive Being                           C2          Uncommon     Robert A. Kraus
Rebel Leader                                R/A10       Entity       David A. Cherry
Reestablish Territory                       O7          Uncommon     N. Taylor Blanchard
Renegade Science Officer                    C5          Very-Rare    Jael
Repair Asteroid                             T5          Very-Rare    C. Henry Schulte
Research Dragoness                          D4          Uncommon     Lissanne Lake
Research Mandator                           M6          Very-Rare    Mark Poole
Research Probe                              E3          Uncommon     N. Taylor Blanchard
Reserve Cruiser                             L6          Very-Rare    N. Taylor Blanchard
Reserve Lock                                R/O5        Uncommon     Scott Werner
Resources Management Personnel Department   A5          Uncommon     Robert A. Kraus
Riot                                        O4          Uncommon     Lissanne Lake
Royal Indirigan Tattoo                      A8          Very-Rare    Sigmund Frye
Sa'meh E'no                                 P9          Very-Rare    Robert A. Kraus
Salvage Mission                             G10         Entity       David A. Cherry
Scorpead Dominated Moon                     T7          Very-Rare    C. Henry Schulte
Secret Agent Alien                          R/A4        Very-Rare    Pat Morrissey
Senior Admiral                              C9          Very-Rare    Lissanne Lake
Senior Helmsman                             C5          Very-Rare    David A. Cherry
Skeleton Crew                               L4          Uncommon     Lissanne Lake
Solar Eclipse                               A3          Very-Rare    C. Henry Schulte
Sound Construction                          R/E8        Very-Rare    Michael Trapp
Speedy Delivery Alien                       C1          Uncommon     Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Squire                                      R/C2        Uncommon     Heather Bruton
Street People                               R/C1        Uncommon     Pat Morrissey
Suicide Mission                             O4          Uncommon     Armand Cabrera
Surface Probe                               E5          Very-Rare    Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Technopilot                                 C5          Uncommon     Lissanne Lake
Teleportation Station                       I6          Uncommon     N. Taylor Blanchard
Terask                                      M1          Uncommon     Scott Werner
Terrestrial Overgrowth                      A3          Uncommon     C. Henry Schulte
Theme Park                                  I9          Very-Rare    Robert A. Kraus
Time Knight's Scepter                       A5/5        Very-Rare    David A. Cherry
Time Monarch                                C6/6        Very-Rare    David A. Cherry
Tranoan Time Fighter                        R/E6/4      Uncommon     Alan Gutierrez
Tranquilizer Mount                          E4          Uncommon     Scott Werner
Troop Freighter                             S5          Very-Rare    Armand Cabrera
Tufor Fighter                               R/E6        Uncommon     Armand Cabrera
Tufor System                                T8          Very-Rare    Andrew Smith
Vektrea Minor                               T4          Uncommon     C. Henry Schulte
Vektrea System                              T7          Very-Rare    C. Henry Schulte
Vektrean Asteroid Flagstar                  T/B10       Entity       Alan Gutierrez
Vektrean Fighter                            R/E6        Uncommon     N. Taylor Blanchard
Veterans of Galactic Wars Hall              I4          Uncommon     N. Taylor Blanchard
Visionary                                   C1          Uncommon     David A. Cherry
Visonic Probe Fighter                       R/E5        Uncommon     Armand Cabrera
War Prophet                                 C10         Entity       David A. Cherry
Warcraft Coordinator                        C7          Very-Rare    Michael Trapp
Weapons Security                            L5          Uncommon     Michael Trapp
World Collector                             M9          Very-Rare    Robert A. Kraus
Zedan Chief Assassin                        C9          Very-Rare    N. Taylor Blanchard
Zedan Fighter                               R/E6        Uncommon     George T. Henne Jr.
Zedan Regional Colony                       T7          Very-Rare    Andrew Smith

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Strength    Title                                       Rarity


A1          Lunar Eclipse                               Uncommon
A2          Advanced Specimen                           Uncommon
A2          Ascension                                   Uncommon
A2          Methane Atmosphere                          Uncommon
A3          Alien Love                                  Uncommon
A3          Insurrection                                Uncommon
A3          Solar Eclipse                               Very-Rare
A3          Terrestrial Overgrowth                      Uncommon
A4          Perfect Specimen                            Very-Rare
A5          Corporate Gold Card                         Uncommon
A5          Genetic Variant                             Very-Rare
A5          I'm a Persona                               Uncommon
A5          Resources Management Personnel Department   Uncommon
A5/5        Time Knight's Scepter                       Very-Rare
A6          Breeder                                     Very-Rare
A8          Quicksand                                   Very-Rare
A8          Royal Indirigan Tattoo                      Very-Rare
A9          Antimatter Equivalent                       Very-Rare
R/A1        Perseverance                                Uncommon
R/A3        Indirigan Tattoo                            Very-Rare
R/A4        Secret Agent Alien                          Very-Rare
R/A10       Rebel Leader                                Entity


B/S6        Battlesled                                  Very-Rare
B5          Floating City                               Uncommon
B5          Galactic Credit Bureau                      Very-Rare
B6          City of Forever                             Uncommon
T/B10       Vektrean Asteroid Flagstar                  Entity


C1          Cook                                        Uncommon
C1          Luck Guy                                    Uncommon
C1          Noble Jester                                Uncommon
C1          Speedy Delivery Alien                       Uncommon
C1          Visionary                                   Uncommon
C2          Bodyguard                                   Uncommon
C2          Mad Chemist                                 Uncommon
C2          Radioactive Being                           Uncommon
C3          Construction Team                           Uncommon
C3          Corporate Employee                          Uncommon
C3          Garbage Man                                 Uncommon
C3          Hydroponic Technician Gardener              Uncommon
C3          Indirigan Female                            Very-Rare
C3          Negotiator                                  Uncommon
C3          Noble Scout                                 Uncommon
C4          Chef                                        Uncommon
C4          Noble Robber Baron                          Very-Rare
C4          Pioneer                                     Very-Rare
C5          Cybernetic Engineer                         Very-Rare
C5          Noble Countess                              Very-Rare
C5          Noble Marquis                               Very-Rare
C5          Renegade Science Officer                    Very-Rare
C5          Senior Helmsman                             Very-Rare
C5          Technopilot                                 Uncommon
C6          Explorer                                    Very-Rare
C6          Flight Deck Supervisor                      Very-Rare
C6          Indirigan Chieftain - Licifrous             Very-Rare
C6          Noble Earl                                  Very-Rare
C6          Noble Viscount                              Very-Rare
C6/6        Time Monarch                                Very-Rare
C7          Electronic Warfare Specialist               Very-Rare
C7          Indirigan Chieftain - Lone Wolf             Very-Rare
C7          Indirigan Chieftain - Murinca               Very-Rare
C7          Indirigan Chieftain - Urvill                Very-Rare
C7          Noble Margrave                              Very-Rare
C7          Noble Thane                                 Very-Rare
C7          Warcraft Coordinator                        Very-Rare
C8          Chief Engineer                              Very-Rare
C8          First Sergeant                              Very-Rare
C8          J'x Yr'llite High Guard                     Very-Rare
C8          Leopan Technologist                         Very-Rare
C8          Logistics Officer                           Very-Rare
C8          Master Navigator                            Very-Rare
C8          Millionaire                                 Very-Rare
C8          Noble Laird                                 Very-Rare
C9          Clydon Imperial General                     Very-Rare
C9          Grand Chieftain - Marchias                  Very-Rare
C9          Indirigan Chieftain - Noaha                 Very-Rare
C9          Noble Sovereign                             Very-Rare
C9          Senior Admiral                              Very-Rare
C9          Zedan Chief Assassin                        Very-Rare
C10         War Prophet                                 Entity
R/C1        Cryptologist                                Uncommon
R/C1        Flight Attendant                            Uncommon
R/C1        Street People                               Uncommon
R/C2        Emergency Maintenance Team                  Uncommon
R/C2        Gorilla Warfare Specialists                 Uncommon
R/C2        Squire                                      Uncommon
R/C4        Noble Duke                                  Uncommon
R/C5        Noble Knight                                Very-Rare
R/C6        Marine Major                                Very-Rare
R/C6        Noble Knight Templar                        Very-Rare
R/C8        Communications Supervisor                   Very-Rare
R/C9        Grand Time Keeper - Sir Thomas Seth         Very-Rare


D4          Research Dragoness                          Uncommon
D6          Overwatch Dragon                            Uncommon


E2          Crystalline Detection Matrix                Uncommon
E3          Boring Probe                                Uncommon
E3          Defensive Aircraft                          Uncommon
E3          Fluctuating Stasis Mine                     Uncommon
E3          Research Probe                              Uncommon
E4          Tranquilizer Mount                          Uncommon
E5          Boomerang Racks                             Uncommon
E5          Mainframe System - Desiree'                 Very-Rare
E5          Parasite Torpedoes                          Very-Rare
E5          Phaser Targeting Refit                      Very-Rare
E5          Surface Probe                               Very-Rare
E6          Ancient Control Network                     Uncommon
E6          Assault Tank                                Very-Rare
E6          Plasma Phasers                              Uncommon
E9          Adamantine Hull - Sound Construction        Very-Rare
E9          Perpetual Motion Device                     Very-Rare
E10         Dark Circuitry                              Entity
R/E5        Clydon Fighter                              Uncommon
R/E5        Filarian Needle Fighter                     Uncommon
R/E5        J'xar Jump Fighter                          Uncommon
R/E5        Psycanti Intellect Fighter                  Uncommon
R/E5        Visonic Probe Fighter                       Uncommon
R/E6        Aqaaran Cavalier Fighter                    Uncommon
R/E6        Bolaar Fighter                              Uncommon
R/E6        Leopan Claw Fighter                         Uncommon
R/E6        Tufor Fighter                               Uncommon
R/E6        Vektrean Fighter                            Uncommon
R/E6        Zedan Fighter                               Uncommon
R/E6/4      Tranoan Time Fighter                        Uncommon
R/E7        Corporate Fighter                           Uncommon
R/E7        Indirigan Gypsy Fighter                     Uncommon
R/E8        Sound Construction                          Very-Rare
R/E9        Argonian Heavy Gail Fighter                 Uncommon


F3          Installation Field                          Uncommon


G4          Espionage                                   Very-Rare
G6          Ancient Studies                             Uncommon
G10         Salvage Mission                             Entity


H3          Nuclear Incident                            Uncommon
H6          Drag Racing                                 Uncommon


I4          Veterans of Galactic Wars Hall              Uncommon
I6          Ixubermorth Citadel                         Very-Rare
I6          Teleportation Station                       Uncommon
I7          Ancient's Library                           Very-Rare
I9          Theme Park                                  Very-Rare


L4          Skeleton Crew                               Uncommon
L5          Weapons Security                            Uncommon
L6          Artifact - Spiritual Symbol                 Uncommon
L6          Reserve Cruiser                             Very-Rare
L8          Ancients Portal                             Very-Rare
L9          Artifact - Empire Constitution              Very-Rare


M1          Party Animals                               Uncommon
M1          Terask                                      Uncommon
M2          Offspring                                   Uncommon
M4          Planet Gouge                                Uncommon
M6          Research Mandator                           Very-Rare
M7          Allizdog                                    Uncommon
M7          Mind Thief                                  Very-Rare
M9          Prehistoric Space Beast                     Very-Rare
M9          World Collector                             Very-Rare
R/M3        Jungle Moths                                Uncommon


O2          Firesuit Malfunction                        Uncommon
O4          Amphibian Desire                            Uncommon
O4          Peace Treaty                                Uncommon
O4          Riot                                        Uncommon
O4          Suicide Mission                             Uncommon
O5          Coffee Break                                Uncommon
O5          Infinite Potential                          Uncommon
O7          Intergalactic Transgate                     Very-Rare
O7          Reestablish Territory                       Uncommon
O8          Galactic Depression                         Very-Rare
R/O1        Aqaaran Holy Day                            Uncommon
R/O2        Jungle Love                                 Uncommon
R/O3        Illness - Space Sickness                    Uncommon
R/O3        Instant Reaction                            Uncommon
R/O3        Metamorphosis                               Uncommon
R/O5        Aqaaran Disjunction                         Uncommon
R/O5        Reserve Lock                                Uncommon
R/O6        Pendulum Effect                             Uncommon
R/O9        Pendulum Defect                             Very-Rare


P7          Endri K'tal                                 Very-Rare
P8          Htim'                                       Very-Rare
P9          Sa'meh E'no                                 Very-Rare


S3          Galactic Parcel Ship                        Uncommon
S5          Lone Wolf Destroyer                         Uncommon
S5          Troop Freighter                             Very-Rare
S6          J'xar Heavy Carrier - Quiver Class          Very-Rare
S6          Lone Wolf Command Cruiser                   Uncommon
S7          Clydon Flagship                             Very-Rare
S7          Lone Wolf Police Cruiser                    Very-Rare
S8          Lone Wolf Battlecruiser                     Very-Rare
S9          Lone Wolf Dreadnought                       Very-Rare
R/S3        Clydon Heavy Warcraft                       Very-Rare


T4          Vektrea Minor                               Uncommon
T5          Dragon Sun                                  Uncommon
T5          Repair Asteroid                             Very-Rare
T6          Infested Moon - Filarian Moon               Very-Rare
T6          Nagir XII                                   Uncommon
T7          Argonian Fighter Planetoid                  Very-Rare
T7          Clydon System                               Very-Rare
T7          Free Trade Zone                             Uncommon
T7          Krebiz Homeland                             Very-Rare
T7          Scorpead Dominated Moon                     Very-Rare
T7          Vektrea System                              Very-Rare
T7          Zedan Regional Colony                       Very-Rare
T8          Aqaaran Aquatic Refuge                      Very-Rare
T8          Bolaar Covert System                        Very-Rare
T8          Leopan Operations Planet                    Very-Rare
T8          P.O.T. Element Capital                      Very-Rare
T8          Tufor System                                Very-Rare
T9          Corporate System                            Very-Rare
T9          J'xar Transgalactic Gate                    Very-Rare
T9          Mechad Planet - Arretia                     Very-Rare

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Title                                       Strength    Other Series


Advanced Specimen                           A2
Alien Love                                  A3
Allizdog                                    M7
Amphibian Desire                            O4
Ancient Control Network                     E6
Ancient Studies                             G6
Aqaaran Cavalier Fighter                    R/E6
Aqaaran Disjunction                         R/O5
Aqaaran Holy Day                            R/O1
Argonian Heavy Gail Fighter                 R/E9
Artifact - Spiritual Symbol                 L6
Ascension                                   A2
Bodyguard                                   C2
Bolaar Fighter                              R/E6
Boomerang Racks                             E5
Boring Probe                                E3
Chef                                        C4
City of Forever                             B6
Clydon Fighter                              R/E5
Coffee Break                                O5
Construction Team                           C3
Cook                                        C1
Corporate Employee                          C3
Corporate Fighter                           R/E7
Corporate Gold Card                         A5
Cryptologist                                R/C1
Crystalline Detection Matrix                E2
Defensive Aircraft                          E3
Drag Racing                                 H6
Dragon Sun                                  T5
Emergency Maintenance Team                  R/C2
Filarian Needle Fighter                     R/E5
Firesuit Malfunction                        O2
Flight Attendant                            R/C1
Floating City                               B5
Fluctuating Stasis Mine                     E3
Free Trade Zone                             T7
Galactic Parcel Ship                        S3
Garbage Man                                 C3
Gorilla Warfare Specialists                 R/C2
Hydroponic Technician Gardener              C3
I'm a Persona                               A5
Illness - Space Sickness                    R/O3
Indirigan Gypsy Fighter                     R/E7
Infinite Potential                          O5
Installation Field                          F3
Instant Reaction                            R/O3        Time Gates, Universe
Insurrection                                A3
J'xar Jump Fighter                          R/E5
Jungle Love                                 R/O2
Jungle Moths                                R/M3
Leopan Claw Fighter                         R/E6
Lone Wolf Command Cruiser                   S6
Lone Wolf Destroyer                         S5
Luck Guy                                    C1
Lunar Eclipse                               A1
Mad Chemist                                 C2
Metamorphosis                               R/O3
Methane Atmosphere                          A2
Nagir XII                                   T6
Negotiator                                  C3
Noble Duke                                  R/C4
Noble Jester                                C1
Noble Scout                                 C3
Nuclear Incident                            H3
Offspring                                   M2
Overwatch Dragon                            D6
Party Animals                               M1
Peace Treaty                                O4
Pendulum Effect                             R/O6
Perseverance                                R/A1
Planet Gouge                                M4
Plasma Phasers                              E6
Psycanti Intellect Fighter                  R/E5
Radioactive Being                           C2
Reestablish Territory                       O7
Research Dragoness                          D4
Research Probe                              E3
Reserve Lock                                R/O5
Resources Management Personnel Department   A5
Riot                                        O4
Skeleton Crew                               L4
Speedy Delivery Alien                       C1
Squire                                      R/C2
Street People                               R/C1
Suicide Mission                             O4
Technopilot                                 C5
Teleportation Station                       I6
Terask                                      M1
Terrestrial Overgrowth                      A3
Tranoan Time Fighter                        R/E6/4
Tranquilizer Mount                          E4
Tufor Fighter                               R/E6
Vektrea Minor                               T4
Vektrean Fighter                            R/E6
Veterans of Galactic Wars Hall              I4
Visionary                                   C1
Visonic Probe Fighter                       R/E5
Weapons Security                            L5
Zedan Fighter                               R/E6


Adamantine Hull - Sound Construction        E9
Ancient's Library                           I7
Ancients Portal                             L8
Antimatter Equivalent                       A9
Aqaaran Aquatic Refuge                      T8
Argonian Fighter Planetoid                  T7
Artifact - Empire Constitution              L9
Assault Tank                                E6
Battlesled                                  B/S6
Bolaar Covert System                        T8
Breeder                                     A6
Chief Engineer                              C8
Clydon Flagship                             S7
Clydon Heavy Warcraft                       R/S3
Clydon Imperial General                     C9
Clydon System                               T7
Communications Supervisor                   R/C8
Corporate System                            T9
Cybernetic Engineer                         C5
Electronic Warfare Specialist               C7
Endri K'tal                                 P7
Espionage                                   G4
Explorer                                    C6
First Sergeant                              C8
Flight Deck Supervisor                      C6
Galactic Credit Bureau                      B5
Galactic Depression                         O8
Genetic Variant                             A5
Grand Chieftain - Marchias                  C9
Grand Time Keeper - Sir Thomas Seth         R/C9
Htim'                                       P8
Indirigan Chieftain - Licifrous             C6
Indirigan Chieftain - Lone Wolf             C7
Indirigan Chieftain - Murinca               C7
Indirigan Chieftain - Noaha                 C9
Indirigan Chieftain - Urvill                C7
Indirigan Female                            C3
Indirigan Tattoo                            R/A3
Infested Moon - Filarian Moon               T6
Intergalactic Transgate                     O7
Ixubermorth Citadel                         I6
J'x Yr'llite High Guard                     C8
J'xar Heavy Carrier - Quiver Class          S6
J'xar Transgalactic Gate                    T9
Krebiz Homeland                             T7
Leopan Operations Planet                    T8
Leopan Technologist                         C8
Logistics Officer                           C8
Lone Wolf Battlecruiser                     S8
Lone Wolf Dreadnought                       S9
Lone Wolf Police Cruiser                    S7
Mainframe System - Desiree'                 E5
Marine Major                                R/C6
Master Navigator                            C8
Mechad Planet - Arretia                     T9
Millionaire                                 C8
Mind Thief                                  M7
Noble Countess                              C5
Noble Earl                                  C6
Noble Knight                                R/C5
Noble Knight Templar                        R/C6
Noble Laird                                 C8
Noble Margrave                              C7
Noble Marquis                               C5
Noble Robber Baron                          C4
Noble Sovereign                             C9
Noble Thane                                 C7
Noble Viscount                              C6
P.O.T. Element Capital                      T8
Parasite Torpedoes                          E5
Pendulum Defect                             R/O9
Perfect Specimen                            A4
Perpetual Motion Device                     E9
Phaser Targeting Refit                      E5
Pioneer                                     C4
Prehistoric Space Beast                     M9
Quicksand                                   A8
Renegade Science Officer                    C5
Repair Asteroid                             T5
Research Mandator                           M6
Reserve Cruiser                             L6
Royal Indirigan Tattoo                      A8
Sa'meh E'no                                 P9
Scorpead Dominated Moon                     T7
Secret Agent Alien                          R/A4
Senior Admiral                              C9
Senior Helmsman                             C5
Solar Eclipse                               A3
Sound Construction                          R/E8
Surface Probe                               E5
Theme Park                                  I9
Time Knight's Scepter                       A5/5
Time Monarch                                C6/6
Troop Freighter                             S5
Tufor System                                T8
Vektrea System                              T7
Warcraft Coordinator                        C7
World Collector                             M9
Zedan Chief Assassin                        C9
Zedan Regional Colony                       T7


Dark Circuitry                              E10
Rebel Leader                                R/A10
Salvage Mission                             G10
Vektrean Asteroid Flagstar                  T/B10
War Prophet                                 C10

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