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Galactic Empires: Powers of the Mind (Series IV)
Companion Games - 1995

Notes:  Here, Companion Games did not like the way that the term "Common" 
cards sounded, so the most-common cards are "Uncommons", matched by Rares, 
Very-Rares, and Entity cards.  Booster boxes hold 36 packs of 10 cards each, and 
Very-Rares (34:box) or Entity cards (2:box) are found in positions 1 (starting with 
the cards face up); Uncommons are in positions 2-8; and Rares are in positions 

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Title                          Strength    Rarity            Artist

Arduous Study                  A7          Rare              Dan Gilman
Artifact - Scepter of Time     L6          VeryRarePrism     jael
Asteroid Shield                R/T2        Rare              Nicole Harsch
Atmospheric Evasion            R/O1        Uncommon          Pat Morrissey
Breached City                  R/O6        Rare              Pat Morrissey
Central Galactic Bank          B7          VeryRare          Darryl Elliot
CEO                            C8          VeryRare          jael
CFO                            C6          Rare              Ben Peck
Chakan: The Forever Man        C10         Entity            Robert A. Kraus
Citadel                        R/B8        VeryRare          Michael Trapp
Comet Control                  O2          Uncommon          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Corporeal Defender             R/M9        VeryRare          Nicole Harsch
Corporeal Field                F2          Uncommon          Richard J. Rausch
Corporeal Traveler             R/M5        Rare              Ben Peck
Cosmic String                  H5          Rare              Michael Trapp
Cyber Mage Implant             A2          Rare              Ralph Pecchia Jr.
Data Bank                      B5          Rare              Darryl Elliot
Deranged Psy                   A4          Uncommon          Nivard
Desolation                     O6          Uncommon          Randy Asplund-Faith
Discovery of Discoveries       O9          VeryRare          Douglas Chaffee
Divergence of Psy              H1          Uncommon          Douglas Chaffee
Dragon Harness                 E7          Rare              Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Dragon Muzzle                  E7          Rare              Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Electro-Field                  F1          Uncommon          Ron Rousselle II
Energy Storage Facility        B5          VeryRare          Darryl Elliot
Entertaining Pastime           O4          Rare              Randy Asplund-Faith
Evolving Terrain               A2          VeryRare          Sean Smith
Exploration Mission            R/O5        VeryRare          Randy Asplund-Faith
Field of Channeling            F4          Rare              Edward P. Beard Jr.
Field of Chaos                 F8          Rare              Edward P. Beard Jr.
Field of Death                 F7          VeryRare          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Field of Matter                F6          Rare              Ron Rousselle II
Field of Minor Wilding         F3          Uncommon          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Field of Power                 F3          Uncommon          Ron Rousselle II
Field of Viscaras              R/F5        Rare              Edward P. Beard Jr.
Field Transferal               R/O2        VeryRare          Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Fighter Support                O1          Uncommon          Nicole Harsch
Filarian Infester [A2]         A2          Uncommon          Melissa Benson
Filarian Infester [A4]         A4          Rare              Melissa Benson
Filarian Infester [A6]         A6          Rare              Melissa Benson
Filarian Infester [A7]         A7          VeryRare          Melissa Benson
Filarian Infester [A8]         A8          VeryRare          Melissa Benson
Filarian Mind Lord             A5          Rare              Melissa Benson
Healing Field                  F7          VeryRare          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Huge Invinco Guardian          M9          VeryRare          Sean Smith
Hypnotic Trance                O6          VeryRarePrism     Michael Kelner
Illness - Psychic Burnout      O8          VeryRare          Robert A. Kraus
Impending Chaos                O4          Uncommon          Randy Asplund-Faith
Infestation Inhibitor          A1          Uncommon          Melissa Benson
Informant                      R/C1        Rare              Robert A. Kraus
Inoperative Gravity            R/O7        Rare              Pat Morrissey
Interstellar Field             F9          VeryRare          Richard J. Rausch
Lesser Healing Field           F2          Uncommon          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Material Evil                  M6          Rare              Douglas Chaffee
Mental Inspiration             A5          Uncommon          Ben Peck
Mind Field                     F9          VeryRare          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Mind Guard [R/A4]              R/A4        Uncommon          Doug Savage
Mind Shield [R/A1]             R/A1        Uncommon          Doug Savage
Mind Turning [R/O3]            R/O3        Uncommon          Ralph Pecchia Jr.
Mind Turning [R/O5]            R/O5        Rare              Ben Peck
Mind Turning [R/O8]            R/O8        VeryRare          Ralph Pecchia Jr.
Minor Terrain Field            F1          Rare              Richard J. Rausch
Opposite Extension             A2          Uncommon          Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Parasitic Augmentation         R/O5        Rare              Robert A. Kraus
Parasitic Dispersion           R/O6        Rare              Edward P. Beard Jr.
Personal Base                  B1          Uncommon          Nicole Harsch
Personal Cruiser               S1          Uncommon          Randy Asplund-Faith
Planet Govessera               T5          VeryRare          Nicole Harsch
Plasma Vortex                  H3          Uncommon          Sean Smith
Political Intrigue             L10         Entity            Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Projected Infestation          A7          Rare              Melissa Benson
Psionic Enhancement            R/A6        Rare              Nivard
Psionic Soothing               R/O6        Rare              Nivard
Psy Control Base               B8          VeryRare          Mark Poole
Psy Disease                    O1          Uncommon          Doug Savage
Psy Dragoness                  D4          Uncommon          Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Psy Entrantrix                 M8          VeryRare          Ben Peck
Psy Healer                     C3          Uncommon          Christina Wald
Psy Marine                     C8          VeryRare          Frederich Haas
Psy Meditation Base            B9          VeryRare          Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Psy Moon                       T2          Uncommon          Mitchell Davidson Bentley
Psy Mutation                   O2          Uncommon          Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Psy Outpost                    B2          Uncommon          Mark Poole
Psy Pyramid                    B4          Rare              Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Psy Relay                      E8          Rare              Randy Asplund-Faith
Psy Responder                  R/O5        Rare              Robert A. Kraus
Psy Seduction                  R/A5        Rare              Edward P. Beard Jr.
Psy Training                   A5          Rare              Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Psy Training Site              B3          Rare              Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Psyber Mage                    C5          Rare              Pat Morrissey
Psybot [E4]                    E4          Uncommon          John and Lisa Hunt
Psybot [E8]                    E8          VeryRare          John and Lisa Hunt
Psycanti Apostle               P5          Rare              Ron Rousselle II
Psycanti Apprentice            P2          Uncommon          Ron Rousselle II
Psycanti Commandant            P6          VeryRare          Ron Rousselle II
Psycanti Conflagration         O9          VeryRarePrism     Edward P. Beard Jr.
Psycanti Deception             R/O3        Uncommon          Ron Rousselle II
Psycanti Defender              P4          VeryRare          Ron Rousselle II
Psycanti Duelist               P7          Rare              Ron Rousselle II
Psycanti Empath                P2          Uncommon          Ron Rousselle II
Psycanti Field                 F4          Uncommon          Ron Rousselle II
Psycanti Kineticist            P4          Rare              Ron Rousselle II
Psycanti Master                P10         Entity            Ron Rousselle II
Psycanti Muse                  P1          Uncommon          Ron Rousselle II
Psycanti Occultist             P3          Rare              Ron Rousselle II
Psycanti Paladin               P8          VeryRare          Ron Rousselle II
Psycanti Plane Enhancement     E6          VeryRare          Michael Trapp
Psycanti Planetesimal          T5          Rare              Nicole Harsch
Psycanti Pledge                P1          Uncommon          Ron Rousselle II
Psycanti Practitioner          P3          Uncommon          Ron Rousselle II
Psycanti Projection Station    B5          Rare              Gregg Glymph
Psycanti Sub-Master            P9          VeryRare          Ron Rousselle II
Psychotic Sludge [M1]          M1          Uncommon          Ben Peck
Psychotic Sludge [M4]          M4          Rare              Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Psyvis System                  T8          VeryRare          Randy Asplund-Faith
Quantum Decay                  H7          VeryRarePrism     Sean Smith
Quark                          H8          VeryRare          Michael Trapp
Quasi-Particle                 H8          VeryRare          Michael Trapp
Rogue Couple                   C6          Rare              Pat Morrissey
Safe Haven                     A7          VeryRare          Nicole Harsch
Scroll Of Viskaras             R/A4        Uncommon          Douglas Chaffee
Squadron Crash                 R/O8        VeryRare          Nicole Harsch
Star Walker                    A3          Uncommon          Mark Poole
Stellar Field                  F5          VeryRare          Richard J. Rausch
Stupefy                        O4          Uncommon          Randy Asplund-Faith
Technical Display              E7          VeryRare          Nicole Harsch
Techno-Field                   F6          Rare              Edward P. Beard Jr.
Techno-Psy                     A3          Uncommon          Mark Poole
Temporal Field                 F8          Uncommon          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Terrain Attack Shuttle         R/E1        Uncommon          Mark Poole
Terrain Field                  F4          VeryRare          Richard J. Rausch
Undiscovered System            T7          VeryRare          Sean Smith
Visonic Apostle                P5          Rare              Edward P. Beard Jr.
Visonic Apprentice             P2          Uncommon          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Visonic Commandant             P8          VeryRare          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Visonic Control Bore           O8          VeryRare          Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Visonic Defender               P6          VeryRare          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Visonic Duelist                P7          Rare              Edward P. Beard Jr.
Visonic Empath                 P2          Uncommon          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Visonic Field                  F4          Uncommon          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Visonic Homeworld              T4          Rare              Mitchell Davidson Bentley
Visonic Interference           R/O2        Uncommon          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Visonic Kineticist             P3          Rare              Edward P. Beard Jr.
Visonic Master                 P10         Entity            Edward P. Beard Jr.
Visonic Muse                   P1          Uncommon          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Visonic Occultist              P4          Rare              Edward P. Beard Jr.
Visonic Paladin                P6          VeryRare          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Visonic Pledge                 P1          Uncommon          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Visonic Practitioner           P4          Uncommon          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Visonic Ruins                  B6          Rare              Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Visonic Sub-Master             P9          VeryRare          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Warehouse                      B2          VeryRare          Darryl Elliot

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Strength    Title                          Rarity

Ability Cards

A1          Infestation Inhibitor          Uncommon
R/A1        Mind Shield [R/A1]             Uncommon
A2          Cyber Mage Implant             Rare
A2          Evolving Terrain               VeryRare
A2          Filarian Infester [A2]         Uncommon
A2          Opposite Extension             Uncommon
A3          Star Walker                    Uncommon
A3          Techno-Psy                     Uncommon
A4          Deranged Psy                   Uncommon
A4          Filarian Infester [A4]         Rare
R/A4        Mind Guard [R/A4]              Uncommon
R/A4        Scroll Of Viskaras             Uncommon
A5          Filarian Mind Lord             Rare
A5          Mental Inspiration             Uncommon
R/A5        Psy Seduction                  Rare
A5          Psy Training                   Rare
A6          Filarian Infester [A6]         Rare
R/A6        Psionic Enhancement            Rare
A7          Arduous Study                  Rare
A7          Filarian Infester [A7]         VeryRare
A7          Projected Infestation          Rare
A7          Safe Haven                     VeryRare
A8          Filarian Infester [A8]         VeryRare

Base Cards

B1          Personal Base                  Uncommon
B2          Psy Outpost                    Uncommon
B2          Warehouse                      VeryRare
B3          Psy Training Site              Rare
B4          Psy Pyramid                    Rare
B5          Data Bank                      Rare
B5          Energy Storage Facility        VeryRare
B5          Psycanti Projection Station    Rare
B6          Visonic Ruins                  Rare
B7          Central Galactic Bank          VeryRare
R/B8        Citadel                        VeryRare
B8          Psy Control Base               VeryRare
B9          Psy Meditation Base            VeryRare

Crew Cards

R/C1        Informant                      Rare
C3          Psy Healer                     Uncommon
C5          Psyber Mage                    Rare
C6          CFO                            Rare
C6          Rogue Couple                   Rare
C8          CEO                            VeryRare
C8          Psy Marine                     VeryRare
C10         Chakan: The Forever Man        Entity

Dragon Cards

D4          Psy Dragoness                  Uncommon

Equipment Cards

R/E1        Terrain Attack Shuttle         Uncommon
E4          Psybot [E4]                    Uncommon
E6          Psycanti Plane Enhancement     VeryRare
E7          Dragon Harness                 Rare
E7          Dragon Muzzle                  Rare
E7          Technical Display              VeryRare
E8          Psy Relay                      Rare
E8          Psybot [E8]                    VeryRare

Field Cards

F1          Electro-Field                  Uncommon
F1          Minor Terrain Field            Rare
F2          Corporeal Field                Uncommon
F2          Lesser Healing Field           Uncommon
F3          Field of Minor Wilding         Uncommon
F3          Field of Power                 Uncommon
F4          Field of Channeling            Rare
F4          Psycanti Field                 Uncommon
F4          Terrain Field                  VeryRare
F4          Visonic Field                  Uncommon
R/F5        Field of Viscaras              Rare
F5          Stellar Field                  VeryRare
F6          Field of Matter                Rare
F6          Techno-Field                   Rare
F7          Field of Death                 VeryRare
F7          Healing Field                  VeryRare
F8          Field of Chaos                 Rare
F8          Temporal Field                 Uncommon
F9          Interstellar Field             VeryRare
F9          Mind Field                     VeryRare

Hazard Cards

H1          Divergence of Psy              Uncommon
H3          Plasma Vortex                  Uncommon
H5          Cosmic String                  Rare
H7          Quantum Decay                  VeryRarePrism
H8          Quark                          VeryRare
H8          Quasi-Particle                 VeryRare

Luck Cards

L6          Artifact - Scepter of Time     VeryRarePrism
L10         Political Intrigue             Entity

Monster Cards

M1          Psychotic Sludge [M1]          Uncommon
M4          Psychotic Sludge [M4]          Rare
R/M5        Corporeal Traveler             Rare
M6          Material Evil                  Rare
M8          Psy Entrantrix                 VeryRare
R/M9        Corporeal Defender             VeryRare
M9          Huge Invinco Guardian          VeryRare

Occurrence Cards

R/O1        Atmospheric Evasion            Uncommon
O1          Fighter Support                Uncommon
O1          Psy Disease                    Uncommon
O2          Comet Control                  Uncommon
R/O2        Field Transferal               VeryRare
O2          Psy Mutation                   Uncommon
R/O2        Visonic Interference           Uncommon
R/O3        Mind Turning [R/O3]            Uncommon
R/O3        Psycanti Deception             Uncommon
O4          Entertaining Pastime           Rare
O4          Impending Chaos                Uncommon
O4          Stupefy                        Uncommon
R/O5        Exploration Mission            VeryRare
R/O5        Mind Turning [R/O5]            Rare
R/O5        Parasitic Augmentation         Rare
R/O5        Psy Responder                  Rare
R/O6        Breached City                  Rare
O6          Desolation                     Uncommon
O6          Hypnotic Trance                VeryRarePrism
R/O6        Parasitic Dispersion           Rare
R/O6        Psionic Soothing               Rare
R/O7        Inoperative Gravity            Rare
O8          Illness - Psychic Burnout      VeryRare
R/O8        Mind Turning [R/O8]            VeryRare
R/O8        Squadron Crash                 VeryRare
O8          Visonic Control Bore           VeryRare
O9          Discovery of Discoveries       VeryRare
O9          Psycanti Conflagration         VeryRarePrism

Psy Cards

P1          Psycanti Muse                  Uncommon
P1          Psycanti Pledge                Uncommon
P1          Visonic Muse                   Uncommon
P1          Visonic Pledge                 Uncommon
P2          Psycanti Apprentice            Uncommon
P2          Psycanti Empath                Uncommon
P2          Visonic Apprentice             Uncommon
P2          Visonic Empath                 Uncommon
P3          Psycanti Occultist             Rare
P3          Psycanti Practitioner          Uncommon
P3          Visonic Kineticist             Rare
P4          Psycanti Defender              VeryRare
P4          Psycanti Kineticist            Rare
P4          Visonic Occultist              Rare
P4          Visonic Practitioner           Uncommon
P5          Psycanti Apostle               Rare
P5          Visonic Apostle                Rare
P6          Psycanti Commandant            VeryRare
P6          Visonic Defender               VeryRare
P6          Visonic Paladin                VeryRare
P7          Psycanti Duelist               Rare
P7          Visonic Duelist                Rare
P8          Psycanti Paladin               VeryRare
P8          Visonic Commandant             VeryRare
P9          Psycanti Sub-Master            VeryRare
P9          Visonic Sub-Master             VeryRare
P10         Psycanti Master                Entity
P10         Visonic Master                 Entity

Ship Cards

S1          Personal Cruiser               Uncommon

Terrain Cards

R/T2        Asteroid Shield                Rare
T2          Psy Moon                       Uncommon
T4          Visonic Homeworld              Rare
T5          Planet Govessera               VeryRare
T5          Psycanti Planetesimal          Rare
T7          Undiscovered System            VeryRare
T8          Psyvis System                  VeryRare

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Title                          Strength

Uncommons (50)

Atmospheric Evasion            R/O1
Comet Control                  O2
Corporeal Field                F2
Deranged Psy                   A4
Desolation                     O6
Divergence of Psy              H1
Electro-Field                  F1
Field of Minor Wilding         F3
Field of Power                 F3
Fighter Support                O1
Filarian Infester [A2]         A2
Impending Chaos                O4
Infestation Inhibitor          A1
Lesser Healing Field           F2
Mental Inspiration             A5
Mind Guard [R/A4]              R/A4
Mind Shield [R/A1]             R/A1
Mind Turning [R/O3]            R/O3
Opposite Extension             A2
Personal Base                  B1
Personal Cruiser               S1
Plasma Vortex                  H3
Psy Disease                    O1
Psy Dragoness                  D4
Psy Healer                     C3
Psy Moon                       T2
Psy Mutation                   O2
Psy Outpost                    B2
Psybot [E4]                    E4
Psycanti Apprentice            P2
Psycanti Deception             R/O3
Psycanti Empath                P2
Psycanti Field                 F4
Psycanti Muse                  P1
Psycanti Pledge                P1
Psycanti Practitioner          P3
Psychotic Sludge [M1]          M1
Scroll Of Viskaras             R/A4
Star Walker                    A3
Stupefy                        O4
Techno-Psy                     A3
Temporal Field                 F8
Terrain Attack Shuttle         R/E1
Visonic Apprentice             P2
Visonic Empath                 P2
Visonic Field                  F4
Visonic Interference           R/O2
Visonic Muse                   P1
Visonic Pledge                 P1
Visonic Practitioner           P4

Rares (50)

Arduous Study                  A7
Asteroid Shield                R/T2
Breached City                  R/O6
CFO                            C6
Corporeal Traveler             R/M5
Cosmic String                  H5
Cyber Mage Implant             A2
Data Bank                      B5
Dragon Harness                 E7
Dragon Muzzle                  E7
Entertaining Pastime           O4
Field of Channeling            F4
Field of Chaos                 F8
Field of Matter                F6
Field of Viscaras              R/F5
Filarian Infester [A4]         A4
Filarian Infester [A6]         A6
Filarian Mind Lord             A5
Informant                      R/C1
Inoperative Gravity            R/O7
Material Evil                  M6
Mind Turning [R/O5]            R/O5
Minor Terrain Field            F1
Parasitic Augmentation         R/O5
Parasitic Dispersion           R/O6
Projected Infestation          A7
Psionic Enhancement            R/A6
Psionic Soothing               R/O6
Psy Pyramid                    B4
Psy Relay                      E8
Psy Responder                  R/O5
Psy Seduction                  R/A5
Psy Training                   A5
Psy Training Site              B3
Psyber Mage                    C5
Psycanti Apostle               P5
Psycanti Duelist               P7
Psycanti Kineticist            P4
Psycanti Occultist             P3
Psycanti Planetesimal          T5
Psycanti Projection Station    B5
Psychotic Sludge [M4]          M4
Rogue Couple                   C6
Techno-Field                   F6
Visonic Apostle                P5
Visonic Duelist                P7
Visonic Homeworld              T4
Visonic Kineticist             P3
Visonic Occultist              P4
Visonic Ruins                  B6

Very-Rares (48; each is 1:600 cards)

Artifact - Scepter of Time     L6
Central Galactic Bank          B7
CEO                            C8
Citadel                        R/B8
Corporeal Defender             R/M9
Discovery of Discoveries       O9
Energy Storage Facility        B5
Evolving Terrain               A2
Exploration Mission            R/O5
Field of Death                 F7
Field Transferal               R/O2
Filarian Infester [A7]         A7
Filarian Infester [A8]         A8
Healing Field                  F7
Huge Invinco Guardian          M9
Hypnotic Trance                O6
Illness - Psychic Burnout      O8
Interstellar Field             F9
Mind Field                     F9
Mind Turning [R/O8]            R/O8
Planet Govessera               T5
Psy Control Base               B8
Psy Entrantrix                 M8
Psy Marine                     C8
Psy Meditation Base            B9
Psybot [E8]                    E8
Psycanti Commandant            P6
Psycanti Conflagration         O9
Psycanti Defender              P4
Psycanti Paladin               P8
Psycanti Plane Enhancement     E6
Psycanti Sub-Master            P9
Psyvis System                  T8
Quantum Decay                  H7
Quark                          H8
Quasi-Particle                 H8
Safe Haven                     A7
Squadron Crash                 R/O8
Stellar Field                  F5
Technical Display              E7
Terrain Field                  F4
Undiscovered System            T7
Visonic Commandant             P8
Visonic Control Bore           O8
Visonic Defender               P6
Visonic Paladin                P6
Visonic Sub-Master             P9
Warehouse                      B2

Entity Cards (4; each is 1:1200 cards)

Chakan: The Forever Man        C10
Political Intrigue             L10
Psycanti Master                P10
Visonic Master                 P10

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