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Galactic Empires: Time Gates (Series V)
Companion Games - 1995

Notes:  Here, Companion Games did not like the way that the term "Common" 
cards sounded, so the most-common cards are "Uncommons", matched by Rares, 
Very-Rares, and Entity cards. Booster boxes held 36 packs of 12 cards each; in 
packs, Very-Rares (34:box) or Entity cards (2:box) are found in positions 1 
(starting with the cards face up); Uncommons are in positions 2-8; and Rares or 
Extra-Rares are in positions 9-12.  Compared to terminology used in other games, 
the Uncommons correspond to C; Rares are U2; Extra-Rares are U1; Very-Rares 
are R2; and Entities are R1.

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Title                          Strength   Rarity         Artist

Accelerated Aging              O6         Rare           Douglas Chaffee
Accelerated Burn               O3         Uncommon       Michael Kelner
Ante Accelerator               O8         VeryRare       Bruce Jensen
Anti-Time Exchange             L6         Rare           Mitchell Davidson Bentley
Anti-Time Mine Field           H8         Rare           Douglas Chaffee
Artifact - Timeglass           L8         VeryRare       Lubov
Aurora Borealis                A5         Rare           Michael Trapp
Base Relocation                O2         Uncommon       Gregg Glymph
Base Thrusters                 R/E8       Rare           Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Catastrophic Repetition        O9         VeryRareEtch   Mark Poole
Cessation of Engagement        R/O6       Uncommon       Lissane Lake
Cessation of Events            R/O4       Uncommon       Michael Kelner
Cessation of Fire              R/O8       VeryRareEtch   Michael Kelner
Cessation of Production        R/O7       Rare           Lissane Lake
Cessation of Time              R/O8       Rare           Michael Kelner
Continuum Disorder             R/O6       Rare           Lawrence Allen Williams
Crew Capture                   O6         Rare           Susan Van Camp
Criminal Judge                 C7         Rare           Frederich Haas
Crinkled Timeline              R/O3       Uncommon       Douglas Chaffee
Cryogenic Convict              C3         Uncommon       Mark Poole
Cybercyst                      M4         Uncommon       Mark Poole
Cybersist                      C4         Uncommon       Douglas Chaffee
Discard Delay                  R/O2       Uncommon       Christina Wald
Discard Equivalency            L9         VeryRare       Lawrence Allen Williams
Discard Exchange               R/O4       Uncommon       Gregg Glymph
Distortion Generator           R/E6       Uncommon       Mitchell Davidson Bentley
Dream State                    R/O2       Uncommon       jael
Dyson Sphere                   B10        Entity         Douglas Chaffee
Early Shipment                 O2         Uncommon       Margaret Organ Kean
Entity Swap                    R/H5       Rare           Susan Van Camp
Father of Time                 C10        Entity         Pat Morrissey
Flood                          O4         Rare           Robert A. Kraus
Frayed Time Spindle            L8         VeryRare       Mark Poole
Future Ship                    E9         VeryRare       Mark Poole
Future Transmission            O2         Uncommon       Mark Poole
Galacticnet                    O6         Rare           Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Headquarters Overhaul          L8         VeryRare       Douglas Chaffee
Instant Reaction               R/O3       Uncommon       John Matson
Intercept Action               R/O1       Uncommon       Douglas Chaffee
Invasion Force                 C4         Uncommon       John Matson
Janitor                        R/C1       Rare           Robert A. Kraus
Lost In Space                  R/O3       Uncommon       Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Mirror Skinned Phaser Eel      A3         Uncommon       Bruce Jensen
Modified Timeline              L8         VeryRare       Lawrence Allen Williams
Monster Halt                   A5         Rare           Susan Van Camp
Out of Phase World             T6         Rare           Michael Trapp
Out of Season                  R/O7       Uncommon       Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Past Transmission              R/O1       Uncommon       Mark Poole
Phaser Distorter               E8         VeryRare       Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Premonition                    R/A2       Uncommon       Lawrence Allen Williams
Quantum Occurrence             O7         Rare           Margaret Organ Kean
Repair Supply Base             B8         VeryRare       Darryl Elliot
Repeat Fire                    O8         VeryRareEtch   Mark Poole
Research Mandator              M3         Uncommon       Mark Poole
Reserve Call Up                R/O8       VeryRare       Lawrence Allen Williams
Resource Theft                 R/O6       Rare           Douglas Chaffee
Sequential Continuum           L2         Uncommon       Michael Trapp
Ship from the Future           R/S1       Uncommon       Bruce Jensen
Shipping Delays #1             R/O2       ExtraRare      Susan Van Camp
Shipping Delays #2             R/O2       ExtraRare      Susan Van Camp
Shipping Delays #3             R/O2       ExtraRare      Susan Van Camp
Shipping Delays #4             R/O2       ExtraRare      Susan Van Camp
Shipping Delays #5             R/O2       ExtraRare      Susan Van Camp
Shipping Delays #6             R/O2       ExtraRare      Susan Van Camp
Shipping Delays #7             R/O2       ExtraRare      Susan Van Camp
Shipping Delays #8             R/O2       ExtraRare      Susan Van Camp
Shipping Delays #9             R/O2       ExtraRare      Susan Van Camp
Shipping Delays #10            R/O2       ExtraRare      Susan Van Camp
Space-Time Diversion           H5         Uncommon       Michael Trapp
Space-Time Portal              E7         Rare           jael
Star Well                      R/H8       VeryRareEtch   Douglas Chaffee
Starburst Accelerator          E8         VeryRareEtch   Randy Asplund-Faith
Stasis Canister                R/E2       Uncommon       Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Stellar Gas Cloud              R/H7       Rare           Michael Trapp
Suark Beast                    M4         Uncommon       Robert A. Kraus
Suark Breed [C1]               C1         Uncommon       Robert A. Kraus
Suark Breed [C2]               C2         Uncommon       Robert A. Kraus
Suark Breed [C3]               C3         Rare           Robert A. Kraus
Suark Breed [C4]               C4         Rare           Robert A. Kraus
Suark Breed [C5]               C5         Rare           Robert A. Kraus
Suark Breed [C6]               C6         VeryRareEtch   Robert A. Kraus
Suspended Animation            R/L9       VeryRare       Michael Trapp
Temporal Comprehension         A5         Rare           Bruce Jensen
Temporal Correction            R/L7       Rare           Margaret Organ Kean
Temporal Engineer              R/C9       VeryRare       Lawrence Allen Williams
Temporal Fighter               E9         Uncommon       Darryl Elliot
Temporal Ion Storm             H6         Rare           Randy Asplund-Faith
Temporal Loophole              L5         Rare           Mitchell Davidson Bentley
Temporal Mechanic              C4         Uncommon       jael
Temporal Shifter               A2         Uncommon       Lubov
Temporal Shuttle               E7         Uncommon       Christina Wald
Temporal Snake [M2/8]          M2/8       Uncommon       Lissane Lake
Temporal Snake [M4/6]          M4/6       Rare           Lissane Lake
Temporal Snake [M6/4]          M6/4       VeryRare       Lissane Lake
Temporal Transporter [R/E3]    R/E3       Uncommon       Ben Peck
Temporal Transporter [R/E7]    R/E7       VeryRare       Ben Peck
Time Assault Team              R/C6       Rare           jael
Time Capsule [E2]              E2         Uncommon       Susan Van Camp
Time Capsule [E4]              E4         Rare           Darryl Elliot
Time Capsule [E6]              E6         VeryRare       Robert A. Kraus
Time Compression               R/O1       Uncommon       Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Time Discrepancy               R/O8       VeryRare       jael
Time Dragoness                 D6         Rare           jael
Time Enclave [T2]              T2         Uncommon       Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Time Enclave [T6]              T6         Rare           Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Time Evacuation                R/L5       Rare           Lawrence Allen Williams
Time Exchange                  R/L3       Uncommon       Mitchell Davidson Bentley
Time Expansion                 O5         Uncommon       Mitchell Davidson Bentley
Time Fiend                     M5         Rare           Douglas Chaffee
Time Gap Generator             R/E7       Rare           Douglas Chaffee
Time Gate                      R/O6       Uncommon       Michael Kelner
Time Guardian                  M6         Rare           Douglas Chaffee
Time Intrusion                 H9         VeryRare       Mark Poole
Time Jump                      R/O6       Rare           Susan Van Camp
Time Keeper                    R/M4       Uncommon       Bruce Jensen
Time Knight [C1/9]             C1/9       VeryRare       David Cherry
Time Knight [C10]              C10        Entity         David Cherry
Time Knight [C2/8]             C2/8       VeryRare       David Cherry
Time Knight [C3/7]             C3/7       VeryRare       David Cherry
Time Knight [C4/6]             C4/6       VeryRare       David Cherry
Time Knight [C5/5]             C5/5       VeryRare       David Cherry
Time Knight [C6/4]             C6/4       VeryRare       David Cherry
Time Knight [C7/3]             C7/3       VeryRare       David Cherry
Time Knight [C8/2]             C8/2       VeryRare       David Cherry
Time Knight [C9/1]             C9/1       VeryRare       David Cherry
Time Lore                      R/A8       VeryRare       Lubov
Time Machine                   E8         VeryRare       Douglas Chaffee
Time Merchant                  C5         Rare           Lubov
Time Screen                    R/E7       Rare           Douglas Chaffee
Time Shield                    E8         VeryRareEtch   Douglas Chaffee
Time Ship [S1]                 S1         Uncommon       Douglas Chaffee
Time Ship [S3]                 S3         Rare           Douglas Chaffee
Time Ship [S5]                 S5         VeryRare       Douglas Chaffee
Time Skip                      R/O1       Uncommon       Lawrence Allen Williams
Time Switch                    R/O3       Uncommon       jael
Time Thief                     M6         Rare           Lubov
Time Tornado                   H7         Rare           Douglas Chaffee
Time Trap                      R/H5       Uncommon       Bruce Jensen
Time Typhoon                   R/H7       VeryRare       Robert A. Kraus
Time Wave [H5]                 H5         Uncommon       Bruce Jensen
Time Wave [H7]                 H7         Rare           Bruce Jensen
Time Wave [H9]                 H9         VeryRare       Bruce Jensen
Timeline Alteration            L9         VeryRare       Bruce Jensen
Timeline Reversal              L10        Entity         Mark Poole
Tranoan Battlecruiser          S6/4       VeryRare       John & Lisa Hunt
Tranoan Destroyer              S3/7       VeryRare       John & Lisa Hunt
Tranoan Dreadnought            S7/3       VeryRare       John & Lisa Hunt
Tranoan Frigate                S2/8       VeryRare       John & Lisa Hunt
Tranoan Time Cruiser           S5/5       VeryRare       John & Lisa Hunt
Tranoan Time Ship              S4/6       VeryRare       John & Lisa Hunt
Trophy Hunter                  R/C4       Uncommon       John Matson
Twist of Fate                  R/L8       VeryRare       Susan Van Camp0
Unlucky Crew Action            R/L1       Uncommon       Robert A. Kraus
Vacuum Effect                  R/L8       VeryRareEtch   Mitchell Davidson Bentley
Veterinarian                   R/C5       Rare           Susan Van Camp
Well of Time                   L8         VeryRare       Douglas Chaffee
Wreckage Survivors             O6         Rare           Christina Wald

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Strength   Title                          Rarity

Ability Cards

R/A2       Premonition                    Uncommon
A2         Temporal Shifter               Uncommon
A3         Mirror Skinned Phaser Eel      Uncommon
A5         Aurora Borealis                Rare
A5         Monster Halt                   Rare
A5         Temporal Comprehension         Rare
R/A8       Time Lore                      VeryRare

Base Cards

B8         Repair Supply Base             VeryRare
B10        Dyson Sphere                   Entity

Crew Cards

R/C1       Janitor                        Rare
C1         Suark Breed [C1]               Uncommon
C1/9       Time Knight [C1/9]             VeryRare
C2         Suark Breed [C2]               Uncommon
C2/8       Time Knight [C2/8]             VeryRare
C3         Cryogenic Convict              Uncommon
C3         Suark Breed [C3]               Rare
C3/7       Time Knight [C3/7]             VeryRare
C4         Cybersist                      Uncommon
C4         Invasion Force                 Uncommon
C4         Suark Breed [C4]               Rare
C4         Temporal Mechanic              Uncommon
R/C4       Trophy Hunter                  Uncommon
C4/6       Time Knight [C4/6]             VeryRare
C5         Suark Breed [C5]               Rare
C5         Time Merchant                  Rare
R/C5       Veterinarian                   Rare
C5/5       Time Knight [C5/5]             VeryRare
C6         Suark Breed [C6]               VeryRareEtch
R/C6       Time Assault Team              Rare
C6/4       Time Knight [C6/4]             VeryRare
C7         Criminal Judge                 Rare
C7/3       Time Knight [C7/3]             VeryRare
C8/2       Time Knight [C8/2]             VeryRare
R/C9       Temporal Engineer              VeryRare
C9/1       Time Knight [C9/1]             VeryRare
C10        Father of Time                 Entity
C10        Time Knight [C10]              Entity

Dragon Cards

D6         Time Dragoness                 Rare

Equipment Cards

R/E2       Stasis Canister                Uncommon
E2         Time Capsule [E2]              Uncommon
R/E3       Temporal Transporter [R/E3]    Uncommon
E4         Time Capsule [E4]              Rare
R/E6       Distortion Generator           Uncommon
E6         Time Capsule [E6]              VeryRare
E7         Space-Time Portal              Rare
E7         Temporal Shuttle               Uncommon
R/E7       Temporal Transporter [R/E7]    VeryRare
R/E7       Time Gap Generator             Rare
R/E7       Time Screen                    Rare
R/E8       Base Thrusters                 Rare
E8         Phaser Distorter               VeryRare
E8         Starburst Accelerator          VeryRareEtch
E8         Time Machine                   VeryRare
E8         Time Shield                    VeryRareEtch
E9         Future Ship                    VeryRare
E9         Temporal Fighter               Uncommon

Hazard Cards

R/H5       Entity Swap                    Rare
H5         Space-Time Diversion           Uncommon
R/H5       Time Trap                      Uncommon
H5         Time Wave [H5]                 Uncommon
H6         Temporal Ion Storm             Rare
R/H7       Stellar Gas Cloud              Rare
H7         Time Tornado                   Rare
R/H7       Time Typhoon                   VeryRare
H7         Time Wave [H7]                 Rare
H8         Anti-Time Mine Field           Rare
R/H8       Star Well                      VeryRareEtch
H9         Time Intrusion                 VeryRare
H9         Time Wave [H9]                 VeryRare

Luck Cards

R/L1       Unlucky Crew Action            Uncommon
L2         Sequential Continuum           Uncommon
R/L3       Time Exchange                  Uncommon
L5         Temporal Loophole              Rare
R/L5       Time Evacuation                Rare
L6         Anti-Time Exchange             Rare
R/L7       Temporal Correction            Rare
L8         Artifact - Timeglass           VeryRare
L8         Frayed Time Spindle            VeryRare
L8         Headquarters Overhaul          VeryRare
L8         Modified Timeline              VeryRare
R/L8       Twist of Fate                  VeryRare
R/L8       Vacuum Effect                  VeryRareEtch
L8         Well of Time                   VeryRare
L9         Discard Equivalency            VeryRare
R/L9       Suspended Animation            VeryRare
L9         Timeline Alteration            VeryRare
L10        Timeline Reversal              Entity

Monster Cards

M2/8       Temporal Snake [M2/8]          Uncommon
M3         Research Mandator              Uncommon
M4         Cybercyst                      Uncommon
M4         Suark Beast                    Uncommon
R/M4       Time Keeper                    Uncommon
M4/6       Temporal Snake [M4/6]          Rare
M5         Time Fiend                     Rare
M6         Time Guardian                  Rare
M6         Time Thief                     Rare
M6/4       Temporal Snake [M6/4]          VeryRare

Occurrence Cards

R/O1       Intercept Action               Uncommon
R/O1       Past Transmission              Uncommon
R/O1       Time Compression               Uncommon
R/O1       Time Skip                      Uncommon
O2         Base Relocation                Uncommon
R/O2       Discard Delay                  Uncommon
R/O2       Dream State                    Uncommon
O2         Early Shipment                 Uncommon
O2         Future Transmission            Uncommon
R/O2       Shipping Delays #1             ExtraRare
R/O2       Shipping Delays #2             ExtraRare
R/O2       Shipping Delays #3             ExtraRare
R/O2       Shipping Delays #4             ExtraRare
R/O2       Shipping Delays #5             ExtraRare
R/O2       Shipping Delays #6             ExtraRare
R/O2       Shipping Delays #7             ExtraRare
R/O2       Shipping Delays #8             ExtraRare
R/O2       Shipping Delays #9             ExtraRare
R/O2       Shipping Delays #10            ExtraRare
O3         Accelerated Burn               Uncommon
R/O3       Crinkled Timeline              Uncommon
R/O3       Instant Reaction               Uncommon
R/O3       Lost In Space                  Uncommon
R/O3       Time Switch                    Uncommon
R/O4       Cessation of Events            Uncommon
R/O4       Discard Exchange               Uncommon
O4         Flood                          Rare
O5         Time Expansion                 Uncommon
O6         Accelerated Aging              Rare
R/O6       Cessation of Engagement        Uncommon
R/O6       Continuum Disorder             Rare
O6         Crew Capture                   Rare
O6         Galacticnet                    Rare
R/O6       Resource Theft                 Rare
R/O6       Time Gate                      Uncommon
R/O6       Time Jump                      Rare
O6         Wreckage Survivors             Rare
R/O7       Cessation of Production        Rare
R/O7       Out of Season                  Uncommon
O7         Quantum Occurrence             Rare
O8         Ante Accelerator               VeryRare
R/O8       Cessation of Fire              VeryRareEtch
R/O8       Cessation of Time              Rare
O8         Repeat Fire                    VeryRareEtch
R/O8       Reserve Call Up                VeryRare
R/O8       Time Discrepancy               VeryRare
O9         Catastrophic Repetition        VeryRareEtch

Ship Cards

R/S1       Ship from the Future           Uncommon
S1         Time Ship [S1]                 Uncommon
S2/8       Tranoan Frigate                VeryRare
S3         Time Ship [S3]                 Rare
S3/7       Tranoan Destroyer              VeryRare
S4/6       Tranoan Time Ship              VeryRare
S5         Time Ship [S5]                 VeryRare
S5/5       Tranoan Time Cruiser           VeryRare
S6/4       Tranoan Battlecruiser          VeryRare
S7/3       Tranoan Dreadnought            VeryRare

Terrain Cards

T2         Time Enclave [T2]              Uncommon
T6         Out of Phase World             Rare
T6         Time Enclave [T6]              Rare

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Title                          Strength

Uncommons (50)

Accelerated Burn               O3
Base Relocation                O2
Cessation of Engagement        R/O6
Cessation of Events            R/O4
Crinkled Timeline              R/O3
Cryogenic Convict              C3
Cybercyst                      M4
Cybersist                      C4
Discard Delay                  R/O2
Discard Exchange               R/O4
Distortion Generator           R/E6
Dream State                    R/O2
Early Shipment                 O2
Future Transmission            O2
Instant Reaction               R/O3
Intercept Action               R/O1
Invasion Force                 C4
Lost In Space                  R/O3
Mirror Skinned Phaser Eel      A3
Out of Season                  R/O7
Past Transmission              R/O1
Premonition                    R/A2
Research Mandator              M3
Sequential Continuum           L2
Ship from the Future           R/S1
Space-Time Diversion           H5
Stasis Canister                R/E2
Suark Beast                    M4
Suark Breed [C1]               C1
Suark Breed [C2]               C2
Temporal Fighter               E9
Temporal Mechanic              C4
Temporal Shifter               A2
Temporal Shuttle               E7
Temporal Snake [M2/8]          M2/8
Temporal Transporter [R/E3]    R/E3
Time Capsule [E2]              E2
Time Compression               R/O1
Time Enclave [T2]              T2
Time Exchange                  R/L3
Time Expansion                 O5
Time Gate                      R/O6
Time Keeper                    R/M4
Time Ship [S1]                 S1
Time Skip                      R/O1
Time Switch                    R/O3
Time Trap                      R/H5
Time Wave [H5]                 H5
Trophy Hunter                  R/C4
Unlucky Crew Action            R/L1

Rares (R2; 45)

Accelerated Aging              O6
Anti-Time Exchange             L6
Anti-Time Mine Field           H8
Aurora Borealis                A5
Base Thrusters                 R/E8
Cessation of Production        R/O7
Cessation of Time              R/O8
Continuum Disorder             R/O6
Crew Capture                   O6
Criminal Judge                 C7
Entity Swap                    R/H5
Flood                          O4
Galacticnet                    O6
Janitor                        R/C1
Monster Halt                   A5
Out of Phase World             T6
Quantum Occurrence             O7
Resource Theft                 R/O6
Space-Time Portal              E7
Stellar Gas Cloud              R/H7
Suark Breed [C3]               C3
Suark Breed [C4]               C4
Suark Breed [C5]               C5
Temporal Comprehension         A5
Temporal Correction            R/L7
Temporal Ion Storm             H6
Temporal Loophole              L5
Temporal Snake [M4/6]          M4/6
Time Assault Team              R/C6
Time Capsule [E4]              E4
Time Dragoness                 D6
Time Enclave [T6]              T6
Time Evacuation                R/L5
Time Fiend                     M5
Time Gap Generator             R/E7
Time Guardian                  M6
Time Jump                      R/O6
Time Merchant                  C5
Time Screen                    R/E7
Time Ship [S3]                 S3
Time Thief                     M6
Time Tornado                   H7
Time Wave [H7]                 H7
Veterinarian                   R/C5
Wreckage Survivors             O6

Extra-Rare Cards (R1; each is 1:300 cards)

Shipping Delays #1             R/O2    (box closed)
Shipping Delays #2             R/O2    (monster's eyes showing
Shipping Delays #3             R/O2    (monster's teeth almost out of box)
Shipping Delays #4             R/O2    (monster head out, clipboard in front)
Shipping Delays #5             R/O2    (clipboard at side)
Shipping Delays #6             R/O2    (clipboard near mouth)
Shipping Delays #7             R/O2    (clipboard in mouth and hand)
Shipping Delays #8             R/O2    (clipboard in mouth only)
Shipping Delays #9             R/O2    (biped falling, knee showing)
Shipping Delays #10            R/O2    (one arm and one leg showing)

Very-Rares (48; each is 1:600 cards)

Ante Accelerator               O8
Artifact - Timeglass           L8
Catastrophic Repetition        O9
Cessation of Fire              R/O8
Discard Equivalency            L9
Frayed Time Spindle            L8
Future Ship                    E9
Headquarters Overhaul          L8
Modified Timeline              L8
Phaser Distorter               E8
Repair Supply Base             B8
Repeat Fire                    O8
Reserve Call Up                R/O8
Star Well                      R/H8
Starburst Accelerator          E8
Suark Breed [C6]               C6
Suspended Animation            R/L9
Temporal Engineer              R/C9
Temporal Snake [M6/4]          M6/4
Temporal Transporter [R/E7]    R/E7
Time Capsule [E6]              E6
Time Discrepancy               R/O8
Time Intrusion                 H9
Time Knight [C1/9]             C1/9
Time Knight [C2/8]             C2/8
Time Knight [C3/7]             C3/7
Time Knight [C4/6]             C4/6
Time Knight [C5/5]             C5/5
Time Knight [C6/4]             C6/4
Time Knight [C7/3]             C7/3
Time Knight [C8/2]             C8/2
Time Knight [C9/1]             C9/1
Time Lore                      R/A8
Time Machine                   E8
Time Shield                    E8
Time Ship [S5]                 S5
Time Typhoon                   R/H7
Time Wave [H9]                 H9
Timeline Alteration            L9
Tranoan Battlecruiser          S6/4
Tranoan Destroyer              S3/7
Tranoan Dreadnought            S7/3
Tranoan Frigate                S2/8
Tranoan Time Cruiser           S5/5
Tranoan Time Ship              S4/6
Twist of Fate                  R/L8
Vacuum Effect                  R/L8
Well of Time                   L8

Entity Cards (4; each is 1:1200 cards)

Dyson Sphere                   B10
Father of Time                 C10
Time Knight [C10]              C10
Timeline Reversal              L10

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