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Galactic Empires: Universe Edition (Series "U")
Companion Games - 1995

Notes:  This series consists mostly of cards that were part of earlier (and in the
case of Piracy, later) expansions, although there are some cards that are exclusive
to the Universe expansion.  I show which expansions in the "sort by rarity" section
because it can affect a collector's quest for completeness. Cards issued in different
expansions are marked identically, except for eratta, although the colors in this
and later expansions are typically more vibrant. Gameplay is unchanged for cards
printed for different expansions. Series 1 (Alpha and Beta) cards have different
card textures and do not show artists' names in the Effects box.

In 6-card booster packs, Very-Rares or Entity cards (1 or 2 per box) are found in
position 1 (starting with the cards face up); Rares are in positions 6 and 7; and
Uncommons and Commons make up two independent groupings in positions
8 through 10 and 5 plus 11 through 14.  Positions 2 through 4 are "theme" posi-
tions that tend to focus on several empires each, and hold cards that are unique to 
that position in the packs, which can be Very-Rare, Rare, or Uncommon.  For 
instance, there are 100 base Rare cards in positions 6-7 with 53 additional Rares 
scattered across positions 2-4.  There are a few errors in the rarity lists originally 
published by Companion, most notably the tagging of a handful of cards as "VC" 
(Very-Common) when they should have been "UC" (Uncommon).  Collation can
be fairly clumped for the cards isolated in the theme positions, with several boxes
perhaps producing no copies of specific Uncommons.  Cards found in these loca-
tions are given a suffix in the main list, e.g., "Uncommon4" for Uncommon cards 
that are found only in pack-position number four.  Cards without the suffix are 
found only in positions 6-7 (Rares) or 5+8-14 (Commons and Uncommons).

The collecting community can be inconsistent on the choice of titles for some cards, 
using either the name at the top of the card or the name at the middle of the card.  I 
choose the one that gives the most information, e.g., a planet's name or a ship des-
cription that includes an extra adjective/adverb.

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Title                                              Strength   Rarity              Artist

Academy                                            B7         Very-Rare           Ted Beargeon
Accelerated Aging                                  O6         Rare                Douglas Chaffee
Accelerated Timeline                               L9         Very-Rare           Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Ace Fighter Pilot                                  C6         Rare                Mark Poole
Administrative Facility                            B5         Rare                Lawrence Allen Williams
Administrator                                      R/C6       Uncommon            Ben Peck
Admiral                                            C9         Very-Rare           Melissa Benson
Advanced Preparedness                              R/L8       Very-Rare           Ron Rousselle II
Aldibrik Munitions Plant                           T4         Rare2               Space, Time & Art
Alfven Wave                                        H6         Rare                Nivard
Alien Artifact                                     L7         Rare                Christina Wald
Alien Love Interest                                R/O8       Rare                Ne'ne' Tina A. Thomas
Alien Parasites                                    M3         Uncommon            Doug Savage
Alliance Treaty                                    O9         Very-Rare           Melissa Benson
Ambassador                                         C5         Very-Rare           Ron Rousselle II
Anarchist                                          A5         Rare                John Matson
Ancient Molting                                    A5         Very-Rare4          Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Ancient Ruins                                      B2         Common              Randy Asplund-Faith
Ancient Spacefarer                                 C6         Very-Rare           April Lee
Android                                            C7         Rare                Lawrence Allen Williams
Anomaly Portal                                     R/L7       Very-Rare           Ron Rousselle II
Antimatter Mine                                    E5         Very-Rare           Melissa Benson
Apollo Body                                        T1         Uncommon2           Michael Carroll
Argo                                               T7         Very-Rare           Josepha Haveman
Argonian Blizzard Destroyer                        S4         Rare4               Gary A. Kalin
Argonian Cumulonimbus Scout Cruiser                S4         Rare4               Gary A. Kalin
Argonian Energy Flux Mode Enhancement              E8         Very-Rare           Gary A. Kalin
Argonian Galestorm Assault Carrier                 S4         Rare4               Gary A. Kalin
Argonian Hull Rotation                             R/E4       Very-Rare4          Gary A. Kalin
Argonian Hurricane Battlecruiser (tilt right)      S7         Very-Rare4          Gary A. Kalin
Argonian Ionstorm Heavy Carrier                    S7         Very-Rare4          Gary A. Kalin
Argonian Nova Dreadnought                          S8         Very-Rare           Gary A. Kalin
Argonian Sector HQ                                 25         Very-Rare4 Prism    Ron Rousselle II
Argonian Sleet Minesweeper                         S4         Very-Rare4          Gary A. Kalin
Argonian Star Cluster Battleship                   S9         Very-Rare           Gary A. Kalin
Argonian Strobe                                    E7         Very-Rare           Gary A. Kalin
Argonian Sunspot Frigate (shadow left)             S3         Uncommon4           Gary A. Kalin
Argonian Tornado Command Cruiser                   S6         Very-Rare4          Gary A. Kalin
Argonian Typhoon Heavy Cruiser                     S5         Very-Rare4          Gary A. Kalin
Argonian Warm Front Escort                         S2         Rare4               Gary A. Kalin
Argonian Whirlwind Light Cruiser                   S5         Rare4               Gary A. Kalin
Armory Moon                                        T3         Uncommon2           Douglas Shuler
Artifact - Galactic Prism                          L8         Very-Rare           Ted Beargeon
Artifact - Krebiz Monolith                         L6         Very-Rare4          N. Taylor Blanchard
Artificial Landmass                                A10        Entity              John Holland
Artificial Satellite                               T2         Uncommon2           Tim Adams
Assassin                                           C8         Very-Rare           Melissa Benson
Assault Fighter                                    R/E8       Very-Rare           Darryl Elliot
Asteroid Field                                     T6         Rare2               Gary A. Kalin
Asteroid Shield                                    R/T2       Rare2               Nicole Harsch
Astral Dragoness                                   D6         Very-Rare4          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Astromorph                                         M5         Rare                Douglas Shuler
Aurora Borealis                                    A5         Rare                Michael Trapp
Aurora Effect                                      L3         Very-Rare           Ralph Pecchia Jr.
Automaton                                          A3         Rare                Cline A. Siegenthaler
Bar Tender                                         R/C1       Rare                Ron Rousselle II
Base Commander                                     C6         Very-Rare           Mark Poole
Base Station                                       B4         Rare                Gary A. Kalin
Battle Suit                                        A5         Uncommon            Mark Poole
Battlestation                                      B6         Rare                Michael Trapp
Benakis Asteroid Belt                              T3         Uncommon2           Gary A. Kalin
Biruk's Comet                                      T2         Uncommon2           Josepha Haveman
Black Hole                                         T6         Rare                Josepha Haveman
Blookerak Gas Giant                                T9         Very-Rare           Mitchell Davidson Bentley
Boarding Party [C1]                                C1         Common              John D. Matson
Boarding Party [C3]                                C3         Uncommon            John Holland
Boarding Party [C4]                                C4         Rare                Ne'ne' Tina A. Thomas
Boarding Party [C7]                                C7         Very-Rare           April Lee
Bolaar IV                                          T4         Uncommon2           Josepha Haveman
Bounty Hunter                                      C4         Uncommon            Robert A. Kraus
Breached City                                      R/O6       Rare                Pat Morrissey
Broken Supply Lines                                O6         Rare                Ron Rousselle II
Brown Dwarf                                        T3         Uncommon2           Tim Adams
Bureaucracy                                        O3         Uncommon            Ben Peck
Bureaucrat                                         C6         Uncommon            Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Candor II                                          T5         Uncommon2           Josepha Haveman
Capital Revitalization                             O7         Very-Rare           Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Captain                                            C5         Uncommon            Douglas Chaffee
Captain's Bluff                                    R/A6       Very-Rare           Melissa Benson
Captured Satellite                                 T1         Uncommon2           Gary A. Kalin
Cargo                                              E1         Common              Gary A. Kalin
Central Galactic Bank                              B7         Very-Rare           Darryl Elliott
CEO                                                C8         Very-Rare           jael
CFO                                                C6         Rare                Ben Peck
Citadel                                            R/B8       Very-Rare           Michael Trapp
Clone                                              C6         Very-Rare           Ne'Ne tina A. Thomas
Clydon Battle Craft                                R/S2       Very-Rare           Douglas Chaffee
Clydon Carrier Craft                               R/S2       Uncommon3           Douglas Chaffee
Clydon Heavy Star Cruiser                          S5         Very-Rare           Douglas Chaffee
Clydon Light Star Cruiser                          S3         Rare3               Douglas Chaffee
Clydon Man-o-War                                   S6         Very-Rare3          Douglas Chaffee
Clydon Medium Star Cruiser                         S4         Very-Rare3          Douglas Chaffee
Clydon Mine Craft                                  R/S1       Uncommon3           Douglas Chaffee
Clydon Science Craft                               R/S1       Rare3               Douglas Chaffee
Clydon Sector HQ                                   25         Very-Rare3 Prism    Edward P. Beard Jr.
Clydon Ultra-Light Cruiser                         S2         Uncommon3           Douglas Chaffee
Clydon War Craft                                   R/S1       Rare3               Douglas Chaffee
Clydon War Cruiser                                 S5         Rare3               Douglas Chaffee
Comet Impact                                       O2         Rare                Douglas Shuler
Commando                                           R/C6       Rare                Lawrence Allen Williams
Commodore                                          C8         Very-Rare           Ron Rousselle II
Computer Virus                                     O8         Very-Rare           Christina Wald
Confidential Coordinating First Chief ....         C1         Uncommon            Nivard
Corporate Battlecruiser                            S7         Very-Rare4          Gregg Glymph
Corporate Battleship                               S9         Very-Rare           Gregg Glymph
Corporate Command Cruiser                          S7         Very-Rare4          Gregg Glymph
Corporate Destroyer                                S3         Uncommon4           Gregg Glymph
Corporate Dreadnought                              S8         Very-Rare           Gregg Glymph
Corporate Escort                                   S2         Uncommon4           Gregg Glymph
Corporate Frigate                                  S2         Uncommon4           Gregg Glymph
Corporate Headquarters                             25         Very-Rare4 Prism    Gregg Glymph
Corporate Heavy Cruiser                            S6         Very-Rare4          Gregg Glymph
Corporate Homeworld                                T9         Very-Rare           Mitchell Davidson Bentley
Corporate Light Cruiser                            S4         Rare4               Gregg Glymph
Corporate Minesweeper                              S4         Rare4               Gregg Glymph
Corporate Scout Cruiser                            S5         Rare4               Gregg Glymph
Corrupt Politician                                 C4         Uncommon            Ben Peck
Cosmic Cyclone                                     H6         Very-Rare           Mitchell Davidson Bentley
Cosmic Rays                                        H4         Rare                Mark Poole
Crab Pulsar                                        H6         Rare                Mitchell Davidson Bentley
Crew man                                           R/C1       Common              Lawrence Allen Williams
Criminal Judge                                     C7         Very-Rare           Frederich Haas
Crinkled Timeline                                  R/O3       Uncommon            Douglas Chaffee
Crystal Planet                                     T3         Common              Michael Carroll
Cursed Alien Artifact                              L4         Uncommon            Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Cyber Disturbance                                  H3         Uncommon            Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Cyber Mage                                         C4         Rare                Nivard
Cyber Mites                                        M7         Rare                Doug Savage
Cyber-Programmer                                   C2         Common              Ben Peck
Damage Control Team                                R/C6       Rare                Ben Peck
Data Bank                                          B5         Rare                Darryl Elliot
Defense Grid                                       E5         Very-Rare3          Randy Asplundh-Faith
Defensive Electronic Warfare                       R/O3       Uncommon            Nivard
Defensive Override                                 R/L5       Rare                Gary A. Kalin
Defensive Satellites (planet right)                B2         Common              Gary A. Kalin
Demigod Diversion                                  R/L8       Very-Rare           Mark Poole
Dependency World                                   T5         Rare2               Ne'Ne Tina A. Thomas
Dimensional Portal                                 H9         Very-Rare           Christina Wald
Discovery of Discoveries                           O9         Very-Rare           Douglas Chaffee
Distant Sun                                        T4         Common              Michael Carroll
Distortion Generator                               R/E6       Uncommon            Mitchell Davidson Bentley
Distortion Pocket                                  H7         Very-Rare           Michael Trapp
Distress Beacon                                    R/L6       Rare                Mark Poole
Distribution Node                                  E1         Rare4               C. Henry Schulte
Distribution Nodes [E5]                            E5         Uncommon            C. Henry Schulte
Distribution Nodes [E9]                            E9         Very-Rare4          C. Henry Schulte
Divergence of Psy                                  H1         Uncommon            Douglas Chaffee
Divergent Anomaly                                  H1         Common              Michael Trapp
Doctor (Argonian)                                  R/C7       Rare                Ron Rousselle II
Double Agent                                       A6         Rare                Douglas Shuler
Dragon Automaton                                   A9         Very-Rare           Edward P. Beard Jr.
Dragon Breeding Ground                             25         Very-Rare4 Prism    Robert A. Kraus
Dragon Cave                                        T5         Rare2               Lawrence Allen Williams
Dragon Egg                                         T3         Uncommon2           Tim Adams
Dragon Hole                                        T3         Uncommon2           Lawrence Allen Williams
Dragon Lair [T8]                                   T8         Very-Rare           Robert A. Kraus
Dragon Lair [T9]                                   T9         Very-Rare           Robert A. Kraus
Duo-Brain                                          A8         Very-Rare           Ben Peck
Dust Cloud                                         H1         Common              Mitchell Davidson Bentley
Economic Crisis                                    O8         Very-Rare           Aris Multimedia Inc.
EM Burst                                           H5         Uncommon            Mitchell Davidson Bentley
Emergency Damage Control                           R/O8       Very-Rare           Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Emergency Power                                    R/E3       Rare                Ted Beargeon
Emergency Rescue Ship                              S5         Rare                Darryl Elliot
Engineer                                           C2         Uncommon            John Holland
Ensign                                             C2         Uncommon            Ne'ne' Tina A. Thomas
Entertaining Pastime                               O4         Rare                Randy Asplund-Faith
Eon Molting                                        A7         Very-Rare           Edward P. Beard Jr.
Escape pod                                         E1         Common              Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Escaped Prisoner                                   C3         Uncommon            Douglas Shuler
Ether Dragoness                                    D9         Very-Rare4          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Evasive Maneuvers                                  R/O5       Rare                Melissa Benson
Evil Temple                                        B6         Very-Rare           April Lee
Expeditious Reserves                               L7         Very-Rare           Douglas Shuler
Explosive Mine                                     E1         Common              Ralph Pecchia Jr.
Explosive Ore Carrier                              S10        Entity              Mark Maxwell
False Distress Call                                O4         Uncommon            Paul 'Prof' Herbert
False Intelligence Report                          O7         Rare                Mark Poole
False Mine                                         R/E1       Uncommon            Doug Savage
Fighter                                            R/E5       Rare                Gary A. Kalin
Fighter Garrison                                   B2         Uncommon            Ted Beargeon
Fleet Freighter (nose right)                       S1         Common              Gary A. Kalin
Fleet Tug                                          S2         Rare                Gary A. Kalin
Flood                                              O4         Common              Robert A. Kraus
Forced Retreat                                     O4         Uncommon            Gary A. Kalin
Forming System                                     T4         Uncommon2           Michael Carroll
Frayed Time Spindle                                L8         Very-Rare           Mark Poole
Gaia Planet                                        T4         Rare2               Tim Adams
Galactic Armageddon                                L10        Entity              John Holland
Garbage Scow                                       S6         Uncommon            Ron Rousselle II
General                                            C8         Very-Rare           Mark Poole
Globular Cluster                                   T6         Rare2               Tim Adams
Gold Vein                                          O2         Common              Susan Van Camp
Gorgochok System                                   T6         Very-Rare           Douglas Shuler
Gravity Pocket [H4]                                H4         Uncommon            Christina Wald
Gravity Pocket [H8}                                H8         Very-Rare           Christina Wald
Gravity Wave                                       H2         Common              Mark Poole
Greater Automaton                                  A5         Very-Rare           Cline A. Siegenthaler
Hand-Held Weapon                                   A2         Uncommon            Lawrence Allen Williams
Harvesters                                         M4         Very-Rare           Melissa Benson
Hcsuar-Drahcir System                              T5         Uncommon2           Mitchell Davidson Bentley
Heavy Fighter                                      R/E7       Very-Rare           Gary A. Kalin
Heavy Phaser Refit                                 E4         Uncommon            Gary A. Kalin
Heavy Planetary Shield                             B3         Uncommon            Randy Asplund-Faith
Heavy Shield Refit                                 E3         Rare                Gary A. Kalin
Heavy Shuttlecraft                                 R/E4       Uncommon            Gary A. Kalin
Heavy Weapon Refit [E3]                            E3         Uncommon            Ted Beargeon
Heavy Weapon Refit [E6]                            E6         Rare                Ted Beargeon
Heavy Weapons Backfire                             R/L5       Rare                Michael Trapp
Helmsman                                           C2         Common              Melissa Benson
Hologram                                           R/E9       Very-Rare           Douglas Chaffee
Homecloud Nebula                                   T5         Very-Rare           Gary A. Kalin
Hospital                                           B6         Rare                Michael Trapp
Hot Nobelium                                       A4         Rare                Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Huge Invinco Guardian                              M9         Very-Rare           Sean Smith
Hydrogen Dragoness                                 D5         Very-Rare4          Robert A. Kraus
Hypercube                                          E10        Entity              John Holland
Ice Moon                                           T3         Common              Mark Maxwell
Illness - Aldibrik Ailment                         O3         Uncommon            John Matson
Illness [O1]                                       O1         Common              Ne'Ne' Tina A. Thomas
Illness [O9]                                       O9         Very-Rare           Melissa Benson
Independent Freighter                              S2         Uncommon            Michael Trapp
Independent Pirate Ship                            S4         Rare                Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Independent Tug                                    S3         Very-Rare           Douglas Shuler
Indirigan Female                                   C1         Rare                Melissa Benson
Indirigan Light Cruiser                            S6         Rare                Gary A. Kalin
Indirigan Nomads Destroyer                         S5         Uncommon            Gary A. Kalin
Infestation Inhibitor                              A1         Uncommon            Melissa Benson
Informant                                          R/C1       Rare                Robert A. Kraus
Information Leak                                   O4         Uncommon            Ron Rousselle II
Insanity [O5]                                      O5         Rare                Robert A. Kraus
Insanity [O9]                                      O9         Very-Rare           Robert A. Kraus
Instant Reaction                                   R/O3       Uncommon            John Matson
Intercept Action                                   R/O1       Uncommon            Douglas Chaffee
Intergalactic Void                                 T10        Entity              Mark Maxwell
Interplanetary Conflict                            O7         Very-Rare           Lawrence Allen Williams
Interstellar Plasma                                R/H7       Rare                Ne'Ne' Tina A. Thomas
Invinco Guardian                                   M3         Common              Melissa Benson
Ion Storm [H2]                                     H2         Common              Josepha Haveman
Ion Storm [H5]                                     H5         Rare                Josepha Haveman
Ionized Particle Field                             T2         Uncommon2           Mark Poole
Juggernaut                                         M7         Very-Rare           Ron Rouselle Ii
Kraken                                             M9         Very-Rare           Mark Poole
Krebiz Armor [E1]                                  E1         Rare4               Gary A. Kalin
Krebiz Armor [E3]                                  E3         Rare                Gary A. Kalin
Krebiz Battlecruiser +                             S7+5+2     Very-Rare4          Christina Wald
Krebiz Battleship                                  S9         Very-Rare           Christina Wald
Krebiz Command Ship +                              S6+4+2     Rare4               Christina Wald
Krebiz Escort Ship +                               S3+2+1     Rare4               Christina Wald
Krebiz Heavy Carrier +                             S8+6+2     Very-Rare4          Christina Wald
Krebiz Heavy Cruiser +                             S6+4+2     Very-Rare4          Christina Wald
Krebiz Light Carrier +                             S4+3+1     Uncommon4           Christina Wald
Krebiz Minesweeper +                               S3+2+1     Rare4               Christina Wald
Krebiz Scout Ship +                                S5+3+2     Uncommon4           Christina Wald
Krebiz Sector HQ                                   25         Very-Rare4 Prism    John Holland
Krebizar                                           T7         Very-Rare           Mitchell Davidson Bentley
Labor Strikes                                      O6         Very-Rare           Lawrence Allen Williams
Landing Officer                                    A3         Uncommon            John Holland
Large Asteroid                                     T1         Uncommon2           Gary A. Kalin
Large Minefield                                    H6         Rare                Alec Keating
Legendary Officer                                  C10        Entity              Ron Rousselle II
Lesser Automaton                                   A1         Uncommon            Cline A. Siegenthaler
Lieutenant                                         C4         Uncommon            Lawrence Allen Williams
Local Police Ship                                  S4         Rare                Lawrence Allen Williams
Logic                                              A2         Common              John Matson
Lost Fleet                                         L9         Very-Rare           Ted Beargeon
Luck Demon                                         R/M9       Very-Rare           April Lee
Lucky Crew Action                                  R/L1       Common              Susan Van Camp
Lucky Maneuver                                     R/L6       Very-Rare           Ben Peck
Lucky Shield Repair                                L4         Rare                Lawrence Allen Williams
Luxury Liner                                       S6         Very-Rare           Lawrence Allen Williams
Maelstrom                                          H7         Very-Rare           Douglas Shuler
Manufacturing Plant                                B8         Very-Rare           Michael Trapp
Marauder                                           C9         Very-Rare           Robert A. Kraus
Marine                                             R/C4       Uncommon            John Matson
Mechad Battlecruiser                               S6         Very-Rare4          Mark Poole
Mechad Battleship                                  S8         Very-Rare           Mark Poole
Mechad Command Cruiser                             S6         Very-Rare4          Mark Poole
Mechad Destroyer                                   S3         Uncommon4           Mark Poole
Mechad Dreadnought                                 S7         Very-Rare4          Mark Poole
Mechad Escort                                      S2         Rare4               Mark Poole
Mechad Heavy Cruiser                               S5         Rare4               Mark Poole
Mechad Medium Cruiser                              S4         Rare4               Mark Poole
Mechad Minesweeper                                 S5         Rare4               Mark Poole
Mechad Network Interface                           E8         Very-Rare           Christina Wald
Mechad Scout Cruiser                               S4         Rare4               Mark Poole
Mechad Sector Node                                 25         Very-Rare4 Prism    Mark Poole
Mechad System                                      T8         Very-Rare           Mitchell Davidson Bentley
Mental Anguish                                     A6         Rare                Bryon Wackwitz
Mental Inspiration                                 A5         Uncommon            Ben Peck
Mercenary [C2]                                     C2         Common              Douglas Shuler
Mercenary [C6]                                     C6         Rare                Robert A. Kraus
Meteor Shower                                      H2         Uncommon            Doug Shuler
Military Outpost                                   B1         Common              Michael Carroll
Mind Control Beast                                 M6         Very-Rare           Edward P. Beard, Jr.
Mind Guard                                         R/A4       Uncommon            Ralph Peccia Jr.
Mind Mold Symbionts                                A5         Rare                Edward P. Beard Jr.
Mind Turning                                       R/O8       Very-Rare           Ralph Peccia Jr.
Mine Rack                                          E7         Very-Rare           Ron Rousselle II
Miscommunications                                  R/L4       Very-Rare           Douglas Shuler
Miscreant                                          A7         Very-Rare           Susan Van Camp
Modified Timeline                                  L8         Very-Rare           Lawrence Allen Williams
Monster Healing                                    R/L4       Rare                Susan Van Camp
Monster Overstrike                                 R/L4       Very-Rare           Lawrence Allen Williams
Moon                                               T3         Uncommon2           Aris Multimedia Entertainment
Moon Dragoness                                     D8         Very-Rare4          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Mutineer                                           R/C5       Very-Rare           Nivard
Mystic Wanderer                                    C7         Very-Rare           Douglas Shuler
Natural Disaster                                   O2         Uncommon            Susan Van Camp
Navigational Error                                 L4         Very-Rare           Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Navigator                                          C4         Rare                Melissa Benson
Nebula Dragon                                      D9         Very-Rare4          Robert A. Kraus
Neutrino Dragoness                                 D6         Very-Rare4          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Neutron Dragoness                                  D7         Very-Rare4          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Nuclear Mine                                       E2         Common              Alex Keating
Nurse                                              C3         Uncommon            Ne'ne' Tina A. Thomas
Occumbus                                           M5         Rare                Lawrence Allen Williams
Offensive Electronic Warfare                       O3         Common              Ron Rousselle II
Offensive/Defensive Electronic Warfare             R/O3       Uncommon            Ben Peck
Omniscience                                        A6         Very-Rare           Ne'ne' Tina A. Thomas
Oort Cloud                                         T2         Uncommon2           Michael Carroll
Oort Dragoness                                     D2         Very-Rare4          Robert A. Kraus
Ops                                                C6         Rare                Ben Peck
Ordnance Officer                                   C2         Uncommon            Nivard
Ore Carrier                                        S5         Rare                Lawrence Allen Williams
Out of Season                                      R/O7       Uncommon            Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
P.O.T. Battlecruiser                               S7         Very-Rare3          Randy Asplundh-Faith
P.O.T. Battleship                                  S9         Very-Rare           Randy Asplund-Faith
P.O.T. Destroyer                                   S4         Uncommon3           Randy Asplundh-Faith
P.O.T. Dreadnought                                 S8         Very-Rare           Randy Asplund-Faith
P.O.T. Escort                                      S2         Rare3               Randy Asplundh-Faith
P.O.T. Fighter Carrier                             S6         Very-Rare3          Randy Asplundh-Faith
P.O.T. Frigate                                     S3         Uncommon3           Randy Asplundh-Faith
P.O.T. Heavy Cruiser                               S5         Very-Rare3          Randy Asplundh-Faith
P.O.T. Light Cruiser                               S5         Very-Rare3          Randy Asplundh-Faith
P.O.T. Minesweeper                                 S4         Rare3               Randy Asplundh-Faith
P.O.T. Science Cutter                              S3         Rare3               Randy Asplundh-Faith
P.O.T. Scout Cruiser                               S5         Rare3               Randy Asplundh-Faith
Penal Colony                                       B5         Rare                N. Taylor Blanchard
Pentier System                                     T5         Rare                Randy Asplundh-Faith
Personal Base                                      B1         Uncommon            Nicole Harsch
Phase Rats                                         M3         Common              Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Phaser Magnifier Refit                             E7         Very-Rare3          Doug Savage
Phaser Malfunction                                 R/L2       Uncommon            Mark Poole
Phaser Refit                                       E2         Common              Gary A. Kalin
Pirate System                                      T5         Rare2               Mitchell Davidson Bentley
Pirate's Cache                                     L3         Uncommon            Douglas Shuler
Plague                                             O8         Very-Rare           Ron Rousselle II
Planet Gouge                                       M2         Common              Gary A. Kalin
Planetary Leader                                   R/C6       Rare                Ne'ne' Tina A. Thomas
Planetary Phaser Base                              B4         Uncommon            Douglas Shuler
Planetary Revolt                                   O8         Very-Rare           Ted Beargeon
Planetary Shield                                   B1         Common              Gary A. Kalin
Planetary Storm                                    T1         Uncommon2           Aris Multimedia Inc.
Planetary Transportation                           E5         Common              Mark Maxwell
Plasma Dragoness                                   D3         Very-Rare4          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Plasma Field                                       T/H2       Uncommon2           Josepha Haveman
Plasma Occupied Territory Element HQ               25         Very-Rare3          Randy Asplundh-Faith
Plasmatic Nebula                                   T8         Very-Rare           Mitchell Davidson Bentley
Podekkur Prime                                     T4         Uncommon2           Mark Poole
Police Cutter                                      S2         Uncommon            Ben Peck
Political Clout                                    O6         Rare                Nivard
Political Upheaval                                 O5         Very-Rare           Nivard
Populated Moon                                     T2         Common              Michael Carroll
Power Generation Platform                          B3         Rare                Nivard
Probe                                              E1         Common              Gary A. Kalin
Prophet                                            C6         Rare                Mark Poole
Protostar                                          T3         Uncommon2           Michael Carroll
Pulsar                                             H3         Common              Gary A. Kalin
Quantum Black Hole                                 T7         Uncommon2           Michael Carroll
Quantum Occurrence                                 O7         Rare                Margaret Organ Kean
Quark                                              H8         Very-Rare           Michael Trapp
Quark Dragoness                                    D3         Very-Rare4          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Quartermaster                                      C5         Very-Rare           Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Quasar                                             H3         Rare                Michael Trapp
Rabuff Locttoor                                    T4         Uncommon2           Beth Fay
Radiation Dragoness                                D4         Very-Rare4          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Radioactive Dust Cloud                             H3         Uncommon            Douglas Shuler
Rear Admiral                                       C8         Very-Rare           Susan Van Camp
Redgelon                                           M8         Very-Rare           Dan Gilman
Refueler                                           S4         Rare                Michael Trapp
Repair Base                                        B9         Very-Rare           Darryl Elliot
Repair Delivery                                    R/O4       Very-Rare           Gary A. Kalin
Repair Malfunction                                 R/L3       Rare                Ron Rousselle II
Repair Moon                                        T3         Uncommon2           Aris Multimedia Inc.
Repair Skid                                        B3         Uncommon            John Holland
Repulsion Beam                                     R/E2       Very-Rare3          Gary A. Kalin
Rescue Attempt                                     G3         Common              Mark Maxwell
Research Base                                      B4         Uncommon            Michael Trapp
Research Defiler                                   M1         Rare                Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Research Developer                                 C7         Very-Rare           Susan Van Camp
Reserve Power                                      E3         Rare                Lawrence Allen Williams
Ring System                                        T5         Rare2               Michael Carroll
Rogue Couple                                       C6         Very-Rare           Pat Morissey
Rom's Comet                                        T3         Uncommon2           Randy Asplund-Faith
Sabot Sequencer                                    E6         Very-Rare4          Gary A. Kalin
Saboteur                                           C7         Rare                Mark Poole
Safe Haven                                         A7         Very-Rare           Nicole Harsch
Scandig Blob                                       M3         Uncommon            Alec Keating
Science Officer [R/C4]                             R/C4       Common              Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Science Officer [R/C6]                             R/C6       Rare                Douglas Shuler
Scientific Breakthrough                            R/O7       Very-Rare           Nivard
Scientifically Enhance Tectonic Plate Structure    L4         Uncommon            Randy Asplund-Faith
Scintillating Dragoness                            D1         Rare4               Edward P. Beard Jr.
Scorpead Battlecruiser                             S7         Very-Rare3          Mark Poole
Scorpead Battleship                                S9         Very-Rare           Mark Poole
Scorpead Comet of Lore                             T7         Very-Rare           Randy Asplund-Faith
Scorpead Command Cruiser                           S6         Very-Rare3          Mark Poole
Scorpead Destroyer                                 S3         Uncommon3           Mark Poole
Scorpead Dreadnought                               S8         Very-Rare           Mark Poole
Scorpead Escort                                    S2         Uncommon3           Mark Poole
Scorpead Heavy Cruiser                             S6         Very-Rare3          Mark Poole
Scorpead Light Cruiser                             S5         Rare3               Mark Poole
Scorpead Minesweeper                               S4         Rare3               Mark Poole
Scorpead Science Ship                              S4         Uncommon3           Mark Poole
Scorpead Scout Cruiser                             S5         Rare3               Mark Poole
Scorpead Sector HQ                                 25         Very-Rare3 Prism    Mark Poole
Security Officer                                   R/C4       Uncommon            Melissa Benson
Seductress                                         M6         Rare                April Lee
Self Destruction                                   O8         Very-Rare           April Lee
Sensor Planet                                      T7         Very-Rare           Ne'Ne Tina A. Thomas
Serious Hull Breach                                O2         Rare                April Lee
Sextaraan Web Crawlers                             R/M1       Common              Randy Asplund-Faith
Shadow                                             M3         Uncommon            Robert A. Kraus
Shield Fiend                                       M3         Common              Gary A. Kalin
Shield Refit                                       E1         Uncommon            Gary A. Kalin
Ship Collector                                     M8         Very-Rare           Robert A. Kraus
Ship Collision                                     O9         Rare                Ron Rousselle II
Ship from the Future                               R/S1       Uncommon            Bruce Jensen
Ship Mimic                                         M5         Very-Rare           Ralph Pecchia Jr.
Shipping Delays #2                                 R/O2       Rare                Susan Van Camp
Shipyard                                           B8         Very-Rare           Lawrence Allen Williams
Shuttle Bomb                                       E4         Uncommon            Ralph Pecchia Jr.
Shuttle Malfunction                                R/L4       Uncommon            Ted Beargeon
Shuttlecraft (nose right)                          R/E3       Common              Gary A. Kalin
Sigry III                                          T3         Uncommon2           Gary A. Kalin
Slick Bargainer                                    A2         Very-Rare           Ted Beargeon
Small Minefield                                    H3         Uncommon            Ron Rousselle II
Small Moon                                         T1         Uncommon2           Space, Time & Art
Small Phaser Eel                                   M1         Common              Gary A. Kalin
Snare Vines                                        M2         Common              April Lee
Sochess Comet                                      T6         Rare2               Gary A. Kalin
Solar Dragoness                                    R/D6       Very-Rare4          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Solitude                                           G4         Common              Debbie Hughes
Space Dragon                                       M4         Uncommon            Ryan Gable
Space Station                                      B3         Uncommon            Gary A. Kalin
Space Vertigo                                      R/M3       Common              Ben Peck
Space Yacht                                        S2         Uncommon            Christina Wald
Spacetacean                                        M4         Rare                Mark Poole
Spiritual Guidance                                 A8         Uncommon            Debbie Hughes
Spiritual Leader [C10]                             C10        Entity              Edward P. Beard Jr.
Spiritual Leader [C4]                              C4         Rare                April Lee
Spiritual Leader [C8]                              C8         Very-Rare           Dan Gilman
Spiritual Temple                                   B4         Common              Debbie Hughes
Spy                                                R/C6       Rare                Nivard
Squadron Commander                                 C6         Rare                Christina Wald
Star                                               T5         Rare2               Davidson Bentley
Starbase                                           B9         Very-Rare           Mark Poole
Starving Artist                                    R/C1       Very-Rare           Your Name Here
Stasis Mine                                        E6         Very-Rare3          Alec Keating
Stealth Fighter                                    R/E3       Uncommon            Randy 'Tarkis' Hoar
Stellar Map                                        E4         Very-Rare           Mark Poole
Strategy                                           A1         Common              Douglas Shuler
Structural Degeneration                            O8         Very-Rare           Bryon Wackwitz
Suicide Squad                                      C5         Rare                Douglas Shuler
Sun Spot                                           R/O1       Uncommon            Ne'Ne' Tina A. Thomas
Super Computer                                     E6         Rare                Clien A. Seigenthauler
Supernova Remnant                                  T4         Uncommon2           Elvis McMaad
Supersonic Flow                                    H2         Common              Ben Peck
Surprise Attack                                    O7         Very-Rare           Gary A. Kalin
Survey Mission                                     G2         Common              Michael Carroll
Survey Shuttle                                     E4         Uncommon            Mark Maxwell
Suspended Animation                                R/L9       Very-Rare           Michael Trapp
SYSOP                                              C1         Rare                Edward P. Beard Jr.
Tactical Fighter                                   R/E6       Very-Rare           Randy Asplund-Faith
Tactical Officer                                   C7         Very-Rare           Susan Van Camp
Tactical Retreat                                   R/O5       Rare                Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Tactician                                          C6         Rare                Ne'Ne' Tina A. Thomas & Catherine Buck
Targeting Error                                    R/L8       Very-Rare           Ralph Pecchia Jr.
Tarragym Effect                                    O8         Rare                Alec Keating
Teamster                                           C4         Common              Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Technological Breakthrough                         O8         Very-Rare           Christina Wald
Tectonic Burrower                                  M5         Uncommon            Paul 'Prof' Herbert
Telepath                                           R/C6       Very-Rare           Ne'Ne' Tina A. Thomas
Temporal Correction                                R/L7       Rare                Margaret Organ Kean
Temporal Mechanic                                  C4         Very-Rare           jael
Temporal Shuttle                                   E7         Uncommon            Christina Wald
Temporal Transporter                               R/E3       Uncommon            Ben Peck
Terraforming                                       O5         Very-Rare           Ben Peck
Terrain Attack Shuttle                             R/E1       Uncommon            Mark Poole
The Cramannerak System                             T5         Uncommon2           Space, Time & Art
The Scandig System                                 T8         Very-Rare           Josepha Haveman
Time Discrepancy                                   R/O8       Uncommon            Pat Morrissey
Time Dragoness                                     D8         Very-Rare           jael
Time Intrusion                                     H9         Very-Rare           Mark Poole
Time Keeper [M10]                                  M10        Entity              Debbie Hughes
Time Keeper [R/M4]                                 R/M4       Uncommon            Bruce Jensen
Time Lore                                          R/A8       Very-Rare           Lubov
Time Manipulation                                  G1         Common              Ben Peck
Time Merchant                                      C5         Very-Rare           Lubov
Time Thief                                         M6         Rare                Lubov
Time Tornado                                       H7         Rare                Douglas Chaffee
Time Typhoon                                       R/H7       Very-Rare           Robert A. Kraus
Time Warp [H1]                                     H1         Very-Rare           Gary A. Kalin
Time Warp [H10]                                    H10        Entity              John Holland
Time Wave                                          H9         Very-Rare           Bruce Jensen
Toxic Waste Spill                                  O10        Entity              Robert A. Kraus
Tractor Beam                                       R/E2       Rare                Gary A. Kalin
Tram Refit [E2]                                    E2         Common              Doug Chaffee
Tram Refit [E4]                                    E4         Uncommon            Doug Chaffee
Transporter                                        R/E2       Common              Gary A. Kalin
Transporter Malfunction                            R/L3       Uncommon            Douglas Shuler
Transporter Mine                                   E4         Uncommon            Nivard
Tri-lateral Textangula                             M7         Very-Rare           Edward P. Beard Jr.
Tri-Millennia Molting                              A3         Rare4               Ron Rousselle II
Trophy Hunter                                      R/C4       Uncommon            John Matson
Tufor Battleship                                   S9         Very-Rare           Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Command Launch                               S6         Very-Rare3          Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Cutter                                       S3         Uncommon3           Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Destroyer                                    S4         Rare3               Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Dreadnought                                  S8         Very-Rare           Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Escort                                       S2         Rare3               Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Fighter Carrier                              S6         Very-Rare3          Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Heavy Cruiser                                S5         Very-Rare3          Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Light Cruiser                                S4         Rare3               Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Light Fighter Carrier                        S3         Rare3               Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Mine Cruiser                                 S6         Very-Rare3          Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Mine Platform                                B3         Common              Mark Maxwell
Tufor Research Scout                               S4         Rare3               Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tufor Sector Operations                            25         Very-Rare3          Ben Peck
Tufor War Cruiser                                  S7         Very-Rare3          Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Tuforeous Dead Zone                                H9         Very-Rare           Douglas Shuler
Twist of Fate                                      R/L8       Very-Rare           Susan Van Camp
Type II Supernova                                  H6         Very-Rare           Gary A. Kalin
Undead Dragoness                                   D8         Very-Rare4          Edward P. Beard Jr.
Undiscovered System                                T7         Very-Rare           Sean Smith
Unlucky Targeting                                  R/L3       Rare                Michael Trapp
Unsuccessful Minesweeping                          R/L4       Uncommon            Mark Poole
Vacation Planet Embrosia                           T3         Rare2               Christina Wald
Vektrea Prime                                      T5         Rare2               Josepha Haveman
Vektrean Asteroid Outpost                          T/B5       Rare3               Ted Beargeon
Vektrean Asteroid Starbase                         T/B9       Very-Rare           Randy 'Tarkas' Hoar
Vektrean Battlecruiser                             S6         Very-Rare3          Gary A. Kalin
Vektrean Destroyer                                 S3         Uncommon3           Gary A. Kalin
Vektrean Dreadnought                               S7         Very-Rare3          Gary A. Kalin
Vektrean Frigate                                   S2         Uncommon3           Gary A. Kalin
Vektrean Heavy Cruiser                             S5         Uncommon3           Gary A. Kalin
Vektrean Light Cruiser                             S4         Uncommon3           Gary A. Kalin
Vektrean Sector HQ                                 25         Very-Rare3 Prism    John Holland
Vektrean Spy Cruiser                               S6         Rare3               Gary A. Kalin
Verkirsh I & II                                    T5         Rare2               Mitchell Davidson Bentley
Visilikiiy's Eye                                   M6         Rare                Lawrence Allen Williams
Void Angel                                         M6         Rare                Ne'Ne Tina A. Thomas
Void Dragoness                                     D5         Very-Rare4          Lawrence Allen Williams
Volatile Terrain                                   R/O5       Common              Mark Maxwell
Vorn Ringed Gas Giant                              T6         Very-Rare           Gary A. Kalin
Vymezies Matter                                    M4         Uncommon            Lawrence Allen Williams
Wandering Desire                                   O3         Rare                Ralph Pecchia Jr.
Warp Engine Breach                                 L2         Rare                Michael Trapp
Warp Field Destabilization Gun                     E6         Very-Rare4          Michael Trapp
Warp Funnel                                        H4         Uncommon            Gary A. Kalin
Weapons Officer                                    C5         Rare                John D. Matson
Zambarez Planet                                    T5         Uncommon2           Randy Asplund-Faith
Zarom                                              M5         Rare                April Lee

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Strength   Title                                              Rarity

Sector Headquarters Cards

25         Argonian Sector HQ                                 Very-Rare4 Prism
25         Clydon Sector HQ                                   Very-Rare3 Prism
25         Corporate Headquarters                             Very-Rare4 Prism
25         Dragon Breeding Ground                             Very-Rare4 Prism
25         Krebiz Sector HQ                                   Very-Rare4 Prism
25         Mechad Sector Node                                 Very-Rare4 Prism
25         Plasma Occupied Territory Element HQ               Very-Rare3
25         Scorpead Sector HQ                                 Very-Rare3 Prism
25         Tufor Sector Operations                            Very-Rare3
25         Vektrean Sector HQ                                 Very-Rare3 Prism

Ability Cards

A1         Infestation Inhibitor                              Uncommon
A1         Lesser Automaton                                   Uncommon
A1         Strategy                                           Common
A2         Hand-Held Weapon                                   Uncommon
A2         Logic                                              Common
A2         Slick Bargainer                                    Very-Rare
A3         Automaton                                          Rare
A3         Landing Officer                                    Uncommon
A3         Tri-Millennia Molting                              Rare4
A4         Hot Nobelium                                       Rare
R/A4       Mind Guard                                         Uncommon
A5         Anarchist                                          Rare
A5         Ancient Molting                                    Very-Rare4
A5         Aurora Borealis                                    Rare
A5         Battle Suit                                        Uncommon
A5         Greater Automaton                                  Very-Rare
A5         Mental Inspiration                                 Uncommon
A5         Mind Mold Symbionts                                Rare
R/A6       Captain's Bluff                                    Very-Rare
A6         Double Agent                                       Rare
A6         Mental Anguish                                     Rare
A6         Omniscience                                        Very-Rare
A7         Eon Molting                                        Very-Rare
A7         Miscreant                                          Very-Rare
A7         Safe Haven                                         Very-Rare
A8         Duo-Brain                                          Very-Rare
A8         Spiritual Guidance                                 Uncommon
R/A8       Time Lore                                          Very-Rare
A9         Dragon Automaton                                   Very-Rare
A10        Artificial Landmass                                Entity

Base Cards

B1         Military Outpost                                   Common
B1         Personal Base                                      Uncommon
B1         Planetary Shield                                   Common
B2         Ancient Ruins                                      Common
B2         Defensive Satellites (planet right)                Common
B2         Fighter Garrison                                   Uncommon
B3         Heavy Planetary Shield                             Uncommon
B3         Power Generation Platform                          Rare
B3         Repair Skid                                        Uncommon
B3         Space Station                                      Uncommon
B3         Tufor Mine Platform                                Common
B4         Base Station                                       Rare
B4         Planetary Phaser Base                              Uncommon
B4         Research Base                                      Uncommon
B4         Spiritual Temple                                   Common
B5         Administrative Facility                            Rare
B5         Data Bank                                          Rare
B5         Penal Colony                                       Rare
T/B5       Vektrean Asteroid Outpost                          Rare3
B6         Battlestation                                      Rare
B6         Evil Temple                                        Very-Rare
B6         Hospital                                           Rare
B7         Academy                                            Very-Rare
B7         Central Galactic Bank                              Very-Rare
R/B8       Citadel                                            Very-Rare
B8         Manufacturing Plant                                Very-Rare
B8         Shipyard                                           Very-Rare
B9         Repair Base                                        Very-Rare
B9         Starbase                                           Very-Rare
T/B9       Vektrean Asteroid Starbase                         Very-Rare

Crew Cards

R/C1       Bar Tender                                         Rare
C1         Boarding Party [C1]                                Common
C1         Confidential Coordinating First Chief ....         Uncommon
R/C1       Crew man                                           Common
C1         Indirigan Female                                   Rare
R/C1       Informant                                          Rare
R/C1       Starving Artist                                    Very-Rare
C1         SYSOP                                              Rare
C2         Cyber-Programmer                                   Common
C2         Engineer                                           Uncommon
C2         Ensign                                             Uncommon
C2         Helmsman                                           Common
C2         Mercenary [C2]                                     Common
C2         Ordnance Officer                                   Uncommon
C3         Boarding Party [C3]                                Uncommon
C3         Escaped Prisoner                                   Uncommon
C3         Nurse                                              Uncommon
C4         Boarding Party [C4]                                Rare
C4         Bounty Hunter                                      Uncommon
C4         Corrupt Politician                                 Uncommon
C4         Cyber Mage                                         Rare
C4         Lieutenant                                         Uncommon
R/C4       Marine                                             Uncommon
C4         Navigator                                          Rare
R/C4       Science Officer [R/C4]                             Common
R/C4       Security Officer                                   Uncommon
C4         Spiritual Leader [C4]                              Rare
C4         Teamster                                           Common
C4         Temporal Mechanic                                  Very-Rare
R/C4       Trophy Hunter                                      Uncommon
C5         Ambassador                                         Very-Rare
C5         Captain                                            Uncommon
R/C5       Mutineer                                           Very-Rare
C5         Quartermaster                                      Very-Rare
C5         Suicide Squad                                      Rare
C5         Time Merchant                                      Very-Rare
C5         Weapons Officer                                    Rare
C6         Ace Fighter Pilot                                  Rare
R/C6       Administrator                                      Uncommon
C6         Ancient Spacefarer                                 Very-Rare
C6         Base Commander                                     Very-Rare
C6         Bureaucrat                                         Uncommon
C6         CFO                                                Rare
C6         Clone                                              Very-Rare
R/C6       Commando                                           Rare
R/C6       Damage Control Team                                Rare
C6         Mercenary [C6]                                     Rare
C6         Ops                                                Rare
R/C6       Planetary Leader                                   Rare
C6         Prophet                                            Rare
C6         Rogue Couple                                       Very-Rare
R/C6       Science Officer [R/C6]                             Rare
R/C6       Spy                                                Rare
C6         Squadron Commander                                 Rare
C6         Tactician                                          Rare
R/C6       Telepath                                           Very-Rare
C7         Android                                            Rare
C7         Boarding Party [C7]                                Very-Rare
C7         Criminal Judge                                     Very-Rare
R/C7       Doctor (Argonian)                                  Rare
C7         Mystic Wanderer                                    Very-Rare
C7         Research Developer                                 Very-Rare
C7         Saboteur                                           Rare
C7         Tactical Officer                                   Very-Rare
C8         Assassin                                           Very-Rare
C8         CEO                                                Very-Rare
C8         Commodore                                          Very-Rare
C8         General                                            Very-Rare
C8         Rear Admiral                                       Very-Rare
C8         Spiritual Leader [C8]                              Very-Rare
C9         Admiral                                            Very-Rare
C9         Marauder                                           Very-Rare
C10        Legendary Officer                                  Entity
C10        Spiritual Leader [C10]                             Entity

Dragon Cards

D1         Scintillating Dragoness                            Rare4
D2         Oort Dragoness                                     Very-Rare4
D3         Plasma Dragoness                                   Very-Rare4
D3         Quark Dragoness                                    Very-Rare4
D4         Radiation Dragoness                                Very-Rare4
D5         Hydrogen Dragoness                                 Very-Rare4
D5         Void Dragoness                                     Very-Rare4
D6         Astral Dragoness                                   Very-Rare4
D6         Neutrino Dragoness                                 Very-Rare4
R/D6       Solar Dragoness                                    Very-Rare4
D7         Neutron Dragoness                                  Very-Rare4
D8         Moon Dragoness                                     Very-Rare4
D8         Time Dragoness                                     Very-Rare
D8         Undead Dragoness                                   Very-Rare4
D9         Ether Dragoness                                    Very-Rare4
D9         Nebula Dragon                                      Very-Rare4

Equipment Cards

E1         Cargo                                              Common
E1         Distribution Node                                  Rare4
E1         Escape pod                                         Common
E1         Explosive Mine                                     Common
R/E1       False Mine                                         Uncommon
E1         Krebiz Armor [E1]                                  Rare4
E1         Probe                                              Common
E1         Shield Refit                                       Uncommon
R/E1       Terrain Attack Shuttle                             Uncommon
E2         Nuclear Mine                                       Common
E2         Phaser Refit                                       Common
R/E2       Repulsion Beam                                     Very-Rare3
R/E2       Tractor Beam                                       Rare
E2         Tram Refit [E2]                                    Common
R/E2       Transporter                                        Common
R/E3       Emergency Power                                    Rare
E3         Heavy Shield Refit                                 Rare
E3         Heavy Weapon Refit [E3]                            Uncommon
E3         Krebiz Armor [E3]                                  Rare
E3         Reserve Power                                      Rare
R/E3       Shuttlecraft (nose right)                          Common
R/E3       Stealth Fighter                                    Uncommon
R/E3       Temporal Transporter                               Uncommon
R/E4       Argonian Hull Rotation                             Very-Rare4
E4         Heavy Phaser Refit                                 Uncommon
R/E4       Heavy Shuttlecraft                                 Uncommon
E4         Shuttle Bomb                                       Uncommon
E4         Stellar Map                                        Very-Rare
E4         Survey Shuttle                                     Uncommon
E4         Tram Refit [E4]                                    Uncommon
E4         Transporter Mine                                   Uncommon
E5         Antimatter Mine                                    Very-Rare
E5         Defense Grid                                       Very-Rare3
E5         Distribution Nodes [E5]                            Uncommon
R/E5       Fighter                                            Rare
E5         Planetary Transportation                           Common
R/E6       Distortion Generator                               Uncommon
E6         Heavy Weapon Refit [E6]                            Rare
E6         Sabot Sequencer                                    Very-Rare4
E6         Stasis Mine                                        Very-Rare3
E6         Super Computer                                     Rare
R/E6       Tactical Fighter                                   Very-Rare
E6         Warp Field Destabilization Gun                     Very-Rare4
E7         Argonian Strobe                                    Very-Rare
R/E7       Heavy Fighter                                      Very-Rare
E7         Mine Rack                                          Very-Rare
E7         Phaser Magnifier Refit                             Very-Rare3
E7         Temporal Shuttle                                   Uncommon
E8         Argonian Energy Flux Mode Enhancement              Very-Rare
R/E8       Assault Fighter                                    Very-Rare
E8         Mechad Network Interface                           Very-Rare
E9         Distribution Nodes [E9]                            Very-Rare4
R/E9       Hologram                                           Very-Rare
E10        Hypercube                                          Entity

Agenda Cards

G1         Time Manipulation                                  Common
G2         Survey Mission                                     Common
G3         Rescue Attempt                                     Common
G4         Solitude                                           Common

Hazard Cards

H1         Divergence of Psy                                  Uncommon
H1         Divergent Anomaly                                  Common
H1         Dust Cloud                                         Common
H1         Time Warp [H1]                                     Very-Rare
H2         Gravity Wave                                       Common
H2         Ion Storm [H2]                                     Common
H2         Meteor Shower                                      Uncommon
T/H2       Plasma Field                                       Uncommon2
H2         Supersonic Flow                                    Common
H3         Cyber Disturbance                                  Uncommon
H3         Pulsar                                             Common
H3         Quasar                                             Rare
H3         Radioactive Dust Cloud                             Uncommon
H3         Small Minefield                                    Uncommon
H4         Cosmic Rays                                        Rare
H4         Gravity Pocket [H4]                                Uncommon
H4         Warp Funnel                                        Uncommon
H5         EM Burst                                           Uncommon
H5         Ion Storm [H5]                                     Rare
H6         Alfven Wave                                        Rare
H6         Cosmic Cyclone                                     Very-Rare
H6         Crab Pulsar                                        Rare
H6         Large Minefield                                    Rare
H6         Type II Supernova                                  Very-Rare
H7         Distortion Pocket                                  Very-Rare
R/H7       Interstellar Plasma                                Rare
H7         Maelstrom                                          Very-Rare
H7         Time Tornado                                       Rare
R/H7       Time Typhoon                                       Very-Rare
H8         Gravity Pocket [H8}                                Very-Rare
H8         Quark                                              Very-Rare
H9         Dimensional Portal                                 Very-Rare
H9         Time Intrusion                                     Very-Rare
H9         Time Wave                                          Very-Rare
H9         Tuforeous Dead Zone                                Very-Rare
H10        Time Warp [H10]                                    Entity

Luck Cards

R/L1       Lucky Crew Action                                  Common
R/L2       Phaser Malfunction                                 Uncommon
L2         Warp Engine Breach                                 Rare
L3         Aurora Effect                                      Very-Rare
L3         Pirate's Cache                                     Uncommon
R/L3       Repair Malfunction                                 Rare
R/L3       Transporter Malfunction                            Uncommon
R/L3       Unlucky Targeting                                  Rare
L4         Cursed Alien Artifact                              Uncommon
L4         Lucky Shield Repair                                Rare
R/L4       Miscommunications                                  Very-Rare
R/L4       Monster Healing                                    Rare
R/L4       Monster Overstrike                                 Very-Rare
L4         Navigational Error                                 Very-Rare
L4         Scientifically Enhance Tectonic Plate Structure    Uncommon
R/L4       Shuttle Malfunction                                Uncommon
R/L4       Unsuccessful Minesweeping                          Uncommon
R/L5       Defensive Override                                 Rare
R/L5       Heavy Weapons Backfire                             Rare
L6         Artifact - Krebiz Monolith                         Very-Rare4
R/L6       Distress Beacon                                    Rare
R/L6       Lucky Maneuver                                     Very-Rare
L7         Alien Artifact                                     Rare
R/L7       Anomaly Portal                                     Very-Rare
L7         Expeditious Reserves                               Very-Rare
R/L7       Temporal Correction                                Rare
R/L8       Advanced Preparedness                              Very-Rare
L8         Artifact - Galactic Prism                          Very-Rare
R/L8       Demigod Diversion                                  Very-Rare
L8         Frayed Time Spindle                                Very-Rare
L8         Modified Timeline                                  Very-Rare
R/L8       Targeting Error                                    Very-Rare
R/L8       Twist of Fate                                      Very-Rare
L9         Accelerated Timeline                               Very-Rare
L9         Lost Fleet                                         Very-Rare
R/L9       Suspended Animation                                Very-Rare
L10        Galactic Armageddon                                Entity

Monster Cards

M1         Research Defiler                                   Rare
R/M1       Sextaraan Web Crawlers                             Common
M1         Small Phaser Eel                                   Common
M2         Planet Gouge                                       Common
M2         Snare Vines                                        Common
M3         Alien Parasites                                    Uncommon
M3         Invinco Guardian                                   Common
M3         Phase Rats                                         Common
M3         Scandig Blob                                       Uncommon
M3         Shadow                                             Uncommon
M3         Shield Fiend                                       Common
R/M3       Space Vertigo                                      Common
M4         Harvesters                                         Very-Rare
M4         Space Dragon                                       Uncommon
M4         Spacetacean                                        Rare
R/M4       Time Keeper [R/M4]                                 Uncommon
M4         Vymezies Matter                                    Uncommon
M5         Astromorph                                         Rare
M5         Occumbus                                           Rare
M5         Ship Mimic                                         Very-Rare
M5         Tectonic Burrower                                  Uncommon
M5         Zarom                                              Rare
M6         Mind Control Beast                                 Very-Rare
M6         Seductress                                         Rare
M6         Time Thief                                         Rare
M6         Visilikiiy's Eye                                   Rare
M6         Void Angel                                         Rare
M7         Cyber Mites                                        Rare
M7         Juggernaut                                         Very-Rare
M7         Tri-lateral Textangula                             Very-Rare
M8         Redgelon                                           Very-Rare
M8         Ship Collector                                     Very-Rare
M9         Huge Invinco Guardian                              Very-Rare
M9         Kraken                                             Very-Rare
R/M9       Luck Demon                                         Very-Rare
M10        Time Keeper [M10]                                  Entity

Occurrence Cards

O1         Illness [O1]                                       Common
R/O1       Intercept Action                                   Uncommon
R/O1       Sun Spot                                           Uncommon
O2         Comet Impact                                       Rare
O2         Gold Vein                                          Common
O2         Natural Disaster                                   Uncommon
O2         Serious Hull Breach                                Rare
R/O2       Shipping Delays #2                                 Rare
O3         Bureaucracy                                        Uncommon
R/O3       Crinkled Timeline                                  Uncommon
R/O3       Defensive Electronic Warfare                       Uncommon
O3         Illness - Aldibrik Ailment                         Uncommon
R/O3       Instant Reaction                                   Uncommon
O3         Offensive Electronic Warfare                       Common
R/O3       Offensive/Defensive Electronic Warfare             Uncommon
O3         Wandering Desire                                   Rare
O4         Entertaining Pastime                               Rare
O4         False Distress Call                                Uncommon
O4         Flood                                              Common
O4         Forced Retreat                                     Uncommon
O4         Information Leak                                   Uncommon
R/O4       Repair Delivery                                    Very-Rare
R/O5       Evasive Maneuvers                                  Rare
O5         Insanity [O5]                                      Rare
O5         Political Upheaval                                 Very-Rare
R/O5       Tactical Retreat                                   Rare
O5         Terraforming                                       Very-Rare
R/O5       Volatile Terrain                                   Common
O6         Accelerated Aging                                  Rare
R/O6       Breached City                                      Rare
O6         Broken Supply Lines                                Rare
O6         Labor Strikes                                      Very-Rare
O6         Political Clout                                    Rare
O7         Capital Revitalization                             Very-Rare
O7         False Intelligence Report                          Rare
O7         Interplanetary Conflict                            Very-Rare
R/O7       Out of Season                                      Uncommon
O7         Quantum Occurrence                                 Rare
R/O7       Scientific Breakthrough                            Very-Rare
O7         Surprise Attack                                    Very-Rare
R/O8       Alien Love Interest                                Rare
O8         Computer Virus                                     Very-Rare
O8         Economic Crisis                                    Very-Rare
R/O8       Emergency Damage Control                           Very-Rare
R/O8       Mind Turning                                       Very-Rare
O8         Plague                                             Very-Rare
O8         Planetary Revolt                                   Very-Rare
O8         Self Destruction                                   Very-Rare
O8         Structural Degeneration                            Very-Rare
O8         Tarragym Effect                                    Rare
O8         Technological Breakthrough                         Very-Rare
R/O8       Time Discrepancy                                   Uncommon
O9         Alliance Treaty                                    Very-Rare
O9         Discovery of Discoveries                           Very-Rare
O9         Illness [O9]                                       Very-Rare
O9         Insanity [O9]                                      Very-Rare
O9         Ship Collision                                     Rare
O10        Toxic Waste Spill                                  Entity

Ship Cards

R/S1       Clydon Mine Craft                                  Uncommon3
R/S1       Clydon Science Craft                               Rare3
R/S1       Clydon War Craft                                   Rare3
S1         Fleet Freighter (nose right)                       Common
R/S1       Ship from the Future                               Uncommon
S2         Argonian Warm Front Escort                         Rare4
R/S2       Clydon Battle Craft                                Very-Rare
R/S2       Clydon Carrier Craft                               Uncommon3
S2         Clydon Ultra-Light Cruiser                         Uncommon3
S2         Corporate Escort                                   Uncommon4
S2         Corporate Frigate                                  Uncommon4
S2         Fleet Tug                                          Rare
S2         Independent Freighter                              Uncommon
S2         Mechad Escort                                      Rare4
S2         P.O.T. Escort                                      Rare3
S2         Police Cutter                                      Uncommon
S2         Scorpead Escort                                    Uncommon3
S2         Space Yacht                                        Uncommon
S2         Tufor Escort                                       Rare3
S2         Vektrean Frigate                                   Uncommon3
S3         Argonian Sunspot Frigate (shadow left)             Uncommon4
S3         Clydon Light Star Cruiser                          Rare3
S3         Corporate Destroyer                                Uncommon4
S3         Independent Tug                                    Very-Rare
S3+2+1     Krebiz Escort Ship +                               Rare4
S3+2+1     Krebiz Minesweeper +                               Rare4
S3         Mechad Destroyer                                   Uncommon4
S3         P.O.T. Frigate                                     Uncommon3
S3         P.O.T. Science Cutter                              Rare3
S3         Scorpead Destroyer                                 Uncommon3
S3         Tufor Cutter                                       Uncommon3
S3         Tufor Light Fighter Carrier                        Rare3
S3         Vektrean Destroyer                                 Uncommon3
S4         Argonian Blizzard Destroyer                        Rare4
S4         Argonian Cumulonimbus Scout Cruiser                Rare4
S4         Argonian Galestorm Assault Carrier                 Rare4
S4         Argonian Sleet Minesweeper                         Very-Rare4
S4         Clydon Medium Star Cruiser                         Very-Rare3
S4         Corporate Light Cruiser                            Rare4
S4         Corporate Minesweeper                              Rare4
S4         Independent Pirate Ship                            Rare
S4+3+1     Krebiz Light Carrier +                             Uncommon4
S4         Local Police Ship                                  Rare
S4         Mechad Medium Cruiser                              Rare4
S4         Mechad Scout Cruiser                               Rare4
S4         P.O.T. Destroyer                                   Uncommon3
S4         P.O.T. Minesweeper                                 Rare3
S4         Refueler                                           Rare
S4         Scorpead Minesweeper                               Rare3
S4         Scorpead Science Ship                              Uncommon3
S4         Tufor Destroyer                                    Rare3
S4         Tufor Light Cruiser                                Rare3
S4         Tufor Research Scout                               Rare3
S4         Vektrean Light Cruiser                             Uncommon3
S5         Argonian Typhoon Heavy Cruiser                     Very-Rare4
S5         Argonian Whirlwind Light Cruiser                   Rare4
S5         Clydon Heavy Star Cruiser                          Very-Rare
S5         Clydon War Cruiser                                 Rare3
S5         Corporate Scout Cruiser                            Rare4
S5         Emergency Rescue Ship                              Rare
S5         Indirigan Nomads Destroyer                         Uncommon
S5+3+2     Krebiz Scout Ship +                                Uncommon4
S5         Mechad Heavy Cruiser                               Rare4
S5         Mechad Minesweeper                                 Rare4
S5         Ore Carrier                                        Rare
S5         P.O.T. Heavy Cruiser                               Very-Rare3
S5         P.O.T. Light Cruiser                               Very-Rare3
S5         P.O.T. Scout Cruiser                               Rare3
S5         Scorpead Light Cruiser                             Rare3
S5         Scorpead Scout Cruiser                             Rare3
S5         Tufor Heavy Cruiser                                Very-Rare3
S5         Vektrean Heavy Cruiser                             Uncommon3
S6         Argonian Tornado Command Cruiser                   Very-Rare4
S6         Clydon Man-o-War                                   Very-Rare3
S6         Corporate Heavy Cruiser                            Very-Rare4
S6         Garbage Scow                                       Uncommon
S6         Indirigan Light Cruiser                            Rare
S6+4+2     Krebiz Command Ship +                              Rare4
S6+4+2     Krebiz Heavy Cruiser +                             Very-Rare4
S6         Luxury Liner                                       Very-Rare
S6         Mechad Battlecruiser                               Very-Rare4
S6         Mechad Command Cruiser                             Very-Rare4
S6         P.O.T. Fighter Carrier                             Very-Rare3
S6         Scorpead Command Cruiser                           Very-Rare3
S6         Scorpead Heavy Cruiser                             Very-Rare3
S6         Tufor Command Launch                               Very-Rare3
S6         Tufor Fighter Carrier                              Very-Rare3
S6         Tufor Mine Cruiser                                 Very-Rare3
S6         Vektrean Battlecruiser                             Very-Rare3
S6         Vektrean Spy Cruiser                               Rare3
S7         Argonian Hurricane Battlecruiser (tilt right)      Very-Rare4
S7         Argonian Ionstorm Heavy Carrier                    Very-Rare4
S7         Corporate Battlecruiser                            Very-Rare4
S7         Corporate Command Cruiser                          Very-Rare4
S7+5+2     Krebiz Battlecruiser +                             Very-Rare4
S7         Mechad Dreadnought                                 Very-Rare4
S7         P.O.T. Battlecruiser                               Very-Rare3
S7         Scorpead Battlecruiser                             Very-Rare3
S7         Tufor War Cruiser                                  Very-Rare3
S7         Vektrean Dreadnought                               Very-Rare3
S8         Argonian Nova Dreadnought                          Very-Rare
S8         Corporate Dreadnought                              Very-Rare
S8+6+2     Krebiz Heavy Carrier +                             Very-Rare4
S8         Mechad Battleship                                  Very-Rare
S8         P.O.T. Dreadnought                                 Very-Rare
S8         Scorpead Dreadnought                               Very-Rare
S8         Tufor Dreadnought                                  Very-Rare
S9         Argonian Star Cluster Battleship                   Very-Rare
S9         Corporate Battleship                               Very-Rare
S9         Krebiz Battleship                                  Very-Rare
S9         P.O.T. Battleship                                  Very-Rare
S9         Scorpead Battleship                                Very-Rare
S9         Tufor Battleship                                   Very-Rare
S10        Explosive Ore Carrier                              Entity

Terrain Cards

T1         Apollo Body                                        Uncommon2
T1         Captured Satellite                                 Uncommon2
T1         Large Asteroid                                     Uncommon2
T1         Planetary Storm                                    Uncommon2
T1         Small Moon                                         Uncommon2
T2         Artificial Satellite                               Uncommon2
R/T2       Asteroid Shield                                    Rare2
T2         Biruk's Comet                                      Uncommon2
T2         Ionized Particle Field                             Uncommon2
T2         Oort Cloud                                         Uncommon2
T2         Populated Moon                                     Common
T3         Armory Moon                                        Uncommon2
T3         Benakis Asteroid Belt                              Uncommon2
T3         Brown Dwarf                                        Uncommon2
T3         Crystal Planet                                     Common
T3         Dragon Egg                                         Uncommon2
T3         Dragon Hole                                        Uncommon2
T3         Ice Moon                                           Common
T3         Moon                                               Uncommon2
T3         Protostar                                          Uncommon2
T3         Repair Moon                                        Uncommon2
T3         Rom's Comet                                        Uncommon2
T3         Sigry III                                          Uncommon2
T3         Vacation Planet Embrosia                           Rare2
T4         Aldibrik Munitions Plant                           Rare2
T4         Bolaar IV                                          Uncommon2
T4         Distant Sun                                        Common
T4         Forming System                                     Uncommon2
T4         Gaia Planet                                        Rare2
T4         Podekkur Prime                                     Uncommon2
T4         Rabuff Locttoor                                    Uncommon2
T4         Supernova Remnant                                  Uncommon2
T5         Candor II                                          Uncommon2
T5         Dependency World                                   Rare2
T5         Dragon Cave                                        Rare2
T5         Hcsuar-Drahcir System                              Uncommon2
T5         Homecloud Nebula                                   Very-Rare
T5         Pentier System                                     Rare
T5         Pirate System                                      Rare2
T5         Ring System                                        Rare2
T5         Star                                               Rare2
T5         The Cramannerak System                             Uncommon2
T5         Vektrea Prime                                      Rare2
T5         Verkirsh I & II                                    Rare2
T5         Zambarez Planet                                    Uncommon2
T6         Asteroid Field                                     Rare2
T6         Black Hole                                         Rare
T6         Globular Cluster                                   Rare2
T6         Gorgochok System                                   Very-Rare
T6         Sochess Comet                                      Rare2
T6         Vorn Ringed Gas Giant                              Very-Rare
T7         Argo                                               Very-Rare
T7         Krebizar                                           Very-Rare
T7         Quantum Black Hole                                 Uncommon2
T7         Scorpead Comet of Lore                             Very-Rare
T7         Sensor Planet                                      Very-Rare
T7         Undiscovered System                                Very-Rare
T8         Dragon Lair [T8]                                   Very-Rare
T8         Mechad System                                      Very-Rare
T8         Plasmatic Nebula                                   Very-Rare
T8         The Scandig System                                 Very-Rare
T9         Blookerak Gas Giant                                Very-Rare
T9         Corporate Homeworld                                Very-Rare
T9         Dragon Lair [T9]                                   Very-Rare
T10        Intergalactic Void                                 Entity

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Title                                              Strength    Other Expansion


Ancient Ruins                                      B2          New Empires
Boarding Party [C1]                                C1          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Cargo                                              E1          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Crew man                                           R/C1        Primary Edition
Crystal Planet                                     T3
Cyber-Programmer                                   C2          New Empires
Defensive Satellites (planet right)                B2          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Distant Sun                                        T4
Divergent Anomaly                                  H1          Primary Edition
Dust Cloud                                         H1          Primary Edition
Escape pod                                         E1          Primary Edition
Explosive Mine                                     E1          New Empires
Fleet Freighter (nose right)                       S1          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Flood                                              O4          Time Gates
Gold Vein                                          O2          Primary Edition
Gravity Wave                                       H2          Primary Edition
Helmsman                                           C2          Primary Edition
Ice Moon                                           T3
Illness [O1]                                       O1          Primary Edition
Invinco Guardian                                   M3          Primary Edition
Ion Storm [H2]                                     H2          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Logic                                              A2          New Empires
Lucky Crew Action                                  R/L1        Primary Edition
Mercenary [C2]                                     C2          Primary Edition
Military Outpost                                   B1
Nuclear Mine                                       E2          Primary Edition
Offensive Electronic Warfare                       O3          Primary Edition
Phase Rats                                         M3          New Empires
Phaser Refit                                       E2          Alpha, Beta
Planet Gouge                                       M2          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Planetary Shield                                   B1          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Planetary Transportation                           E5
Populated Moon                                     T2
Probe                                              E1          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Pulsar                                             H3          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Rescue Attempt                                     G3
Science Officer [R/C4]                             R/C4
Sextaraan Web Crawlers                             R/M1        New Empires
Shield Fiend                                       M3          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Shuttlecraft (nose right)                          R/E3        Alpha, Beta, Primary
Small Phaser Eel                                   M1          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Snare Vines                                        M2          Primary Edition
Solitude                                           G4
Space Vertigo                                      R/M3
Spiritual Temple                                   B4
Strategy                                           A1          New Empires
Supersonic Flow                                    H2          New Empires
Survey Mission                                     G2
Teamster                                           C4          New Empires
Time Manipulation                                  G1
Tram Refit [E2]                                    E2
Transporter                                        R/E2        Alpha, Beta, Primary
Tufor Mine Platform                                B3
Volatile Terrain                                   R/O5


Administrator                                      R/C6        New Empires
Alien Parasites                                    M3          Primary Edition
Apollo Body                                        T1
Argonian Sunspot Frigate (shadow left)             S3          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Armory Moon                                        T3          Primary Edition
Artificial Satellite                               T2
Battle Suit                                        A5          New Empires
Benakis Asteroid Belt                              T3          Beta, Primary
Biruk's Comet                                      T2          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Boarding Party [C3]                                C3
Bolaar IV                                          T4          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Bounty Hunter                                      C4          Primary Edition
Brown Dwarf                                        T3
Bureaucracy                                        O3          Primary Edition
Bureaucrat                                         C6          New Empires
Candor II                                          T5          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Captain                                            C5
Captured Satellite                                 T1          Primary Edition
Clydon Carrier Craft                               R/S2        New Empires
Clydon Mine Craft                                  R/S1        New Empires
Clydon Ultra-Light Cruiser                         S2          New Empires
Confidential Coordinating First Chief ....         C1          Primary Edition
Corporate Destroyer                                S3          Primary Edition
Corporate Escort                                   S2          Primary Edition
Corporate Frigate                                  S2          Primary Edition
Corrupt Politician                                 C4          Primary Edition
Crinkled Timeline                                  R/O3        Time Gates
Cursed Alien Artifact                              L4          Primary Edition
Cyber Disturbance                                  H3          New Empires
Defensive Electronic Warfare                       R/O3        Primary Edition
Distortion Generator                               R/E6        Time Gates
Distribution Nodes [E5]                            E5          Primary Edition
Divergence of Psy                                  H1          Powers of the Mind
Dragon Egg                                         T3
Dragon Hole                                        T3          Primary Edition
EM Burst                                           H5          Primary Edition
Engineer                                           C2
Ensign                                             C2          Primary Edition
Escaped Prisoner                                   C3          New Empires
False Distress Call                                O4          New Empires
False Mine                                         R/E1        Primary Edition
Fighter Garrison                                   B2          Primary Edition
Forced Retreat                                     O4
Forming System                                     T4
Garbage Scow                                       S6          Primary Edition
Gravity Pocket [H4]                                H4          New Empires
Hand-Held Weapon                                   A2          Primary Edition
Hcsuar-Drahcir System                              T5          Primary Edition
Heavy Phaser Refit                                 E4          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Heavy Planetary Shield                             B3          New Empires
Heavy Shuttlecraft                                 R/E4        Primary Edition
Heavy Weapon Refit [E3]                            E3          Primary Edition
Illness - Aldibrik Ailment                         O3          New Empires
Independent Freighter                              S2          Primary Edition
Indirigan Nomads Destroyer                         S5          Primary Edition
Infestation Inhibitor                              A1          Powers of the Mind
Information Leak                                   O4          Primary Edition
Instant Reaction                                   R/O3        Time Gates, Persona
Intercept Action                                   R/O1        Time Gates
Ionized Particle Field                             T2          Primary Edition
Krebiz Light Carrier +                             S4+3+1
Krebiz Scout Ship +                                S5+3+2
Landing Officer                                    A3
Large Asteroid                                     T1          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Lesser Automaton                                   A1          Primary Edition
Lieutenant                                         C4          New Empires
Marine                                             R/C4        Alpha, Beta, Primary
Mechad Destroyer                                   S3          Primary Edition
Mental Inspiration                                 A5          Powers of the Mind
Meteor Shower                                      H2          Primary Edition
Mind Guard                                         R/A4        Powers of the Mind
Moon                                               T3          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Natural Disaster                                   O2          Primary Edition
Nurse                                              C3          Primary Edition
Offensive/Defensive Electronic Warfare             R/O3        Primary Edition
Oort Cloud                                         T2
Ordnance Officer                                   C2          Primary Edition
Out of Season                                      R/O7        Time Gates
P.O.T. Destroyer                                   S4          New Empires
P.O.T. Frigate                                     S3          New Empires
Personal Base                                      B1          Powers of the Mind
Phaser Malfunction                                 R/L2        Primary Edition
Pirate's Cache                                     L3          Primary Edition
Planetary Phaser Base                              B4          Primary Edition
Planetary Storm                                    T1
Plasma Field                                       T/H2        Alpha, Beta, Primary
Podekkur Prime                                     T4          Primary Edition
Police Cutter                                      S2
Protostar                                          T3
Quantum Black Hole                                 T7
Rabuff Locttoor                                    T4          Primary Edition
Radioactive Dust Cloud                             H3          Primary Edition
Repair Moon                                        T3
Repair Skid                                        B3
Research Base                                      B4          Primary Edition
Rom's Comet                                        T3          New Empires
Scandig Blob                                       M3          New Empires
Scientifically Enhance Tectonic Plate Structure    L4          New Empires
Scorpead Destroyer                                 S3          New Empires
Scorpead Escort                                    S2          New Empires
Scorpead Science Ship                              S4          New Empires
Security Officer                                   R/C4        Primary Edition
Shadow                                             M3          Primary Edition
Shield Refit                                       E1          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Ship from the Future                               R/S1        Time Gates
Shuttle Bomb                                       E4          Primary Edition
Shuttle Malfunction                                R/L4        Primary Edition
Sigry III                                          T3          Primary Edition
Small Minefield                                    H3          Primary Edition
Small Moon                                         T1          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Space Dragon                                       M4          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Space Station                                      B3          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Space Yacht                                        S2          Primary Edition
Spiritual Guidance                                 A8
Stealth Fighter                                    R/E3
Sun Spot                                           R/O1        Primary Edition
Supernova Remnant                                  T4
Survey Shuttle                                     E4
Tectonic Burrower                                  M5          New Empires
Temporal Shuttle                                   E7          Time Gates
Temporal Transporter                               R/E3        Time Gates
Terrain Attack Shuttle                             R/E1        Powers of the Mind
The Cramannerak System                             T5          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Time Discrepancy                                   R/O8        Time Gates
Time Keeper [R/M4]                                 R/M4        Time Gates
Tram Refit [E4]                                    E4          Primary Edition
Transporter Malfunction                            R/L3        Primary Edition
Transporter Mine                                   E4          New Empires
Trophy Hunter                                      R/C4        Time Gates
Tufor Cutter                                       S3          New Empires
Unsuccessful Minesweeping                          R/L4        Primary Edition
Vektrean Destroyer                                 S3          Primary Edition
Vektrean Frigate                                   S2          Primary Edition
Vektrean Heavy Cruiser                             S5          Primary Edition
Vektrean Light Cruiser                             S4          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Vymezies Matter                                    M4          New Empires
Warp Funnel                                        H4          Primary Edition
Zambarez Planet                                    T5          New Empires


Accelerated Aging                                  O6          Time Gates
Ace Fighter Pilot                                  C6          New Empires
Administrative Facility                            B5          Primary Edition
Aldibrik Munitions Plant                           T4          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Alfven Wave                                        H6          New Empires
Alien Artifact                                     L7          Primary Edition
Alien Love Interest                                R/O8        Primary Edition
Anarchist                                          A5          New Empires
Android                                            C7          New Empires
Argonian Blizzard Destroyer                        S4          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Argonian Cumulonimbus Scout Cruiser                S4          Primary Edition
Argonian Galestorm Assault Carrier                 S4          Primary Edition
Argonian Warm Front Escort                         S2          Primary Edition
Argonian Whirlwind Light Cruiser                   S5          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Asteroid Field                                     T6          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Asteroid Shield                                    R/T2        Powers of the Mind
Astromorph                                         M5          Primary Edition
Aurora Borealis                                    A5          Time Gates
Automaton                                          A3          Primary Edition
Bar Tender                                         R/C1        Primary Edition
Base Station                                       B4          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Battlestation                                      B6          Primary Edition
Black Hole                                         T6          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Boarding Party [C4]                                C4          Primary Edition
Breached City                                      R/O6        Powers of the Mind
Broken Supply Lines                                O6          Primary Edition
CFO                                                C6          Powers of the Mind
Clydon Light Star Cruiser                          S3          New Empires
Clydon Science Craft                               R/S1        New Empires
Clydon War Craft                                   R/S1        New Empires
Clydon War Cruiser                                 S5          New Empires
Comet Impact                                       O2          Primary Edition
Commando                                           R/C6        Primary Edition
Corporate Light Cruiser                            S4          Primary Edition
Corporate Minesweeper                              S4          Primary Edition
Corporate Scout Cruiser                            S5          Primary Edition
Cosmic Rays                                        H4          Primary Edition
Crab Pulsar                                        H6          Primary Edition
Cyber Mage                                         C4          New Empires
Cyber Mites                                        M7          New Empires
Damage Control Team                                R/C6        Primary Edition
Data Bank                                          B5          Powers of the Mind
Defensive Override                                 R/L5        Primary Edition
Dependency World                                   T5          New Empires
Distress Beacon                                    R/L6        Primary Edition
Distribution Node                                  E1          Primary Edition
Doctor (Argonian)                                  R/C7        Primary Edition
Double Agent                                       A6          New Empires
Dragon Cave                                        T5          Primary Edition
Emergency Power                                    R/E3        Primary Edition
Emergency Rescue Ship                              S5          New Empires
Entertaining Pastime                               O4          Powers of the Mind
Evasive Maneuvers                                  R/O5        Primary Edition
False Intelligence Report                          O7          Primary Edition
Fighter                                            R/E5        Alpha, Beta, Primary
Fleet Tug                                          S2          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Gaia Planet                                        T4
Globular Cluster                                   T6
Heavy Shield Refit                                 E3          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Heavy Weapon Refit [E6]                            E6          Primary Edition
Heavy Weapons Backfire                             R/L5        Primary Edition
Hospital                                           B6          New Empires
Hot Nobelium                                       A4          Primary Edition
Independent Pirate Ship                            S4          Primary Edition
Indirigan Female                                   C1          Primary Edition
Indirigan Light Cruiser                            S6          Primary Edition
Informant                                          R/C1        Powers of the Mind
Insanity [O5]                                      O5          Primary Edition
Interstellar Plasma                                R/H7        New Empires
Ion Storm [H5]                                     H5          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Krebiz Armor [E1]                                  E1          Primary Edition
Krebiz Armor [E3]                                  E3          Primary Edition
Krebiz Command Ship +                              S6+4+2
Krebiz Escort Ship +                               S3+2+1
Krebiz Minesweeper +                               S3+2+1
Large Minefield                                    H6          Primary Edition
Local Police Ship                                  S4          Primary Edition
Lucky Shield Repair                                L4          Primary Edition
Mechad Escort                                      S2          Primary Edition
Mechad Heavy Cruiser                               S5          Primary Edition
Mechad Medium Cruiser                              S4          Primary Edition
Mechad Minesweeper                                 S5
Mechad Scout Cruiser                               S4          Primary Edition
Mental Anguish                                     A6          New Empires
Mercenary [C6]                                     C6          Primary Edition
Mind Mold Symbionts                                A5          New Empires
Monster Healing                                    R/L4        Primary Edition
Navigator                                          C4          Primary Edition
Occumbus                                           M5          Primary Edition
Ops                                                C6          Primary Edition
Ore Carrier                                        S5          Primary Edition
P.O.T. Escort                                      S2          New Empires
P.O.T. Minesweeper                                 S4          New Empires
P.O.T. Science Cutter                              S3          New Empires
P.O.T. Scout Cruiser                               S5          New Empires
Penal Colony                                       B5          New Empires
Pentier System                                     T5          New Empires
Pirate System                                      T5          New Empires
Planetary Leader                                   R/C6        Primary Edition
Political Clout                                    O6          New Empires
Power Generation Platform                          B3          Primary Edition
Prophet                                            C6          New Empires
Quantum Occurrence                                 O7          Time Gates
Quasar                                             H3          Primary Edition
Refueler                                           S4          New Empires
Repair Malfunction                                 R/L3        Primary Edition
Research Defiler                                   M1          Primary Edition
Reserve Power                                      E3          Primary Edition
Ring System                                        T5
Saboteur                                           C7          Primary Edition
Science Officer [R/C6]                             R/C6        Primary Edition
Scintillating Dragoness                            D1          Primary Edition
Scorpead Light Cruiser                             S5          New Empires
Scorpead Minesweeper                               S4          New Empires
Scorpead Scout Cruiser                             S5          New Empires
Seductress                                         M6          Primary Edition
Serious Hull Breach                                O2          Primary Edition
Ship Collision                                     O9          New Empires
Shipping Delays #2                                 R/O2        Time Gates
Sochess Comet                                      T6          Beta, Primary
Spacetacean                                        M4          Primary Edition
Spiritual Leader [C4]                              C4          Primary Edition
Spy                                                R/C6        Primary Edition
Squadron Commander                                 C6          Primary Edition
Star                                               T5          Primary Edition
Suicide Squad                                      C5          Primary Edition
Super Computer                                     E6          Primary Edition
SYSOP                                              C1          New Empires
Tactical Retreat                                   R/O5        Primary Edition
Tactician                                          C6          New Empires
Tarragym Effect                                    O8          New Empires
Temporal Correction                                R/L7        Time Gates
Time Thief                                         M6          Time Gates
Time Tornado                                       H7          Time Gates
Tractor Beam                                       R/E2        Alpha, Beta, Primary
Tri-Millennia Molting                              A3          Primary Edition
Tufor Destroyer                                    S4          New Empires
Tufor Escort                                       S2          New Empires
Tufor Light Cruiser                                S4          New Empires
Tufor Light Fighter Carrier                        S3          New Empires
Tufor Research Scout                               S4          New Empires
Unlucky Targeting                                  R/L3        Primary Edition
Vacation Planet Embrosia                           T3          New Empires
Vektrea Prime                                      T5          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Vektrean Asteroid Outpost                          T/B5        Primary (revised effect)
Vektrean Spy Cruiser                               S6
Verkirsh I & II                                    T5          Primary Edition
Visilikiiy's Eye                                   M6          Primary Edition
Void Angel                                         M6          New Empires
Wandering Desire                                   O3          Primary Edition
Warp Engine Breach                                 L2          Primary Edition
Weapons Officer                                    C5          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Zarom                                              M5          Primary Edition


Academy                                            B7          Primary Edition
Accelerated Timeline                               L9          Primary Edition
Admiral                                            C9          Primary Edition
Advanced Preparedness                              R/L8        Primary Edition
Alliance Treaty                                    O9          Primary Edition
Ambassador                                         C5          Primary Edition
Ancient Molting                                    A5          Primary Edition
Ancient Spacefarer                                 C6          Primary Edition
Anomaly Portal                                     R/L7        Primary Edition
Antimatter Mine                                    E5          Primary Edition
Argo                                               T7          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Argonian Energy Flux Mode Enhancement              E8          Primary Edition
Argonian Hull Rotation                             R/E4        Primary Edition
Argonian Hurricane Battlecruiser (tilt right)      S7          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Argonian Ionstorm Heavy Carrier                    S7          Primary Edition
Argonian Nova Dreadnought                          S8          Primary Edition
Argonian Sector HQ                                 25
Argonian Sleet Minesweeper                         S4          Primary Edition
Argonian Star Cluster Battleship                   S9          Primary Edition
Argonian Strobe                                    E7          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Argonian Tornado Command Cruiser                   S6          Primary Edition
Argonian Typhoon Heavy Cruiser                     S5
Artifact - Galactic Prism                          L8          New Empires
Artifact - Krebiz Monolith                         L6          New Empires
Assassin                                           C8          Primary Edition
Assault Fighter                                    R/E8        New Empires
Astral Dragoness                                   D6          New Empires
Aurora Effect                                      L3          New Empires
Base Commander                                     C6          Primary Edition
Blookerak Gas Giant                                T9          New Empires
Boarding Party [C7]                                C7          Primary Edition
Capital Revitalization                             O7          Primary Edition
Captain's Bluff                                    R/A6        Primary Edition
Central Galactic Bank                              B7          Powers of the Mind
CEO                                                C8          Powers of the Mind
Citadel                                            R/B8        Powers of the Mind
Clone                                              C6          Primary Edition
Clydon Battle Craft                                R/S2        New Empires
Clydon Heavy Star Cruiser                          S5          New Empires
Clydon Man-o-War                                   S6          New Empires
Clydon Medium Star Cruiser                         S4          New Empires
Clydon Sector HQ                                   25
Commodore                                          C8          Primary Edition
Computer Virus                                     O8          Primary Edition
Corporate Battlecruiser                            S7          Primary Edition
Corporate Battleship                               S9          Primary Edition
Corporate Command Cruiser                          S7          Primary Edition
Corporate Dreadnought                              S8          Primary Edition
Corporate Headquarters                             25
Corporate Heavy Cruiser                            S6          Primary Edition
Corporate Homeworld                                T9          Primary Edition
Cosmic Cyclone                                     H6          New Empires
Criminal Judge                                     C7          Time Gates
Defense Grid                                       E5          New Empires
Demigod Diversion                                  R/L8        Primary Edition
Dimensional Portal                                 H9          Primary Edition
Discovery of Discoveries                           O9          Powers of the Mind
Distortion Pocket                                  H7          New Empires
Distribution Nodes [E9]                            E9          Primary Edition
Dragon Automaton                                   A9          Primary Edition
Dragon Breeding Ground                             25
Dragon Lair [T8]                                   T8          Primary Edition
Dragon Lair [T9]                                   T9          Primary Edition
Duo-Brain                                          A8          New Empires
Economic Crisis                                    O8          Primary Edition
Emergency Damage Control                           R/O8        Primary Edition
Eon Molting                                        A7          Primary Edition
Ether Dragoness                                    D9          Primary Edition
Evil Temple                                        B6          New Empires
Expeditious Reserves                               L7          Primary Edition
Frayed Time Spindle                                L8          Time Gates
General                                            C8          Primary Edition
Gorgochok System                                   T6          Primary Edition
Gravity Pocket [H8}                                H8          Primary Edition
Greater Automaton                                  A5          Primary Edition
Harvesters                                         M4          Primary Edition
Heavy Fighter                                      R/E7        Primary Edition
Hologram                                           R/E9        New Empires
Homecloud Nebula                                   T5          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Huge Invinco Guardian                              M9          Powers of the Mind
Hydrogen Dragoness                                 D5          Primary Edition
Illness [O9]                                       O9          Primary Edition
Independent Tug                                    S3          Primary Edition
Insanity [O9]                                      O9          Primary Edition
Interplanetary Conflict                            O7          Primary Edition
Juggernaut                                         M7          Primary Edition
Kraken                                             M9          Primary Edition
Krebiz Battlecruiser +                             S7+5+2
Krebiz Battleship                                  S9
Krebiz Heavy Carrier +                             S8+6+2
Krebiz Heavy Cruiser +                             S6+4+2
Krebiz Sector HQ                                   25
Krebizar                                           T7          Primary Edition
Labor Strikes                                      O6          Primary Edition
Lost Fleet                                         L9          Primary Edition
Luck Demon                                         R/M9        Primary Edition
Lucky Maneuver                                     R/L6        Primary Edition
Luxury Liner                                       S6          Primary Edition
Maelstrom                                          H7          Primary Edition
Manufacturing Plant                                B8          New Empires
Marauder                                           C9          Primary Edition
Mechad Battlecruiser                               S6          Primary Edition
Mechad Battleship                                  S8          Primary Edition
Mechad Command Cruiser                             S6          Primary Edition
Mechad Dreadnought                                 S7          Primary Edition
Mechad Network Interface                           E8          New Empires
Mechad Sector Node                                 25
Mechad System                                      T8          Primary Edition
Mind Control Beast                                 M6          Primary Edition
Mind Turning                                       R/O8        Powers of the Mind
Mine Rack                                          E7          Primary Edition
Miscommunications                                  R/L4        Primary Edition
Miscreant                                          A7          New Empires
Modified Timeline                                  L8          Time Gates
Monster Overstrike                                 R/L4        Primary Edition
Moon Dragoness                                     D8          Primary Edition
Mutineer                                           R/C5        Primary Edition
Mystic Wanderer                                    C7          Primary Edition
Navigational Error                                 L4          Primary Edition
Nebula Dragon                                      D9          Primary Edition
Neutrino Dragoness                                 D6
Neutron Dragoness                                  D7          Primary Edition
Omniscience                                        A6          Primary Edition
Oort Dragoness                                     D2          Primary Edition
P.O.T. Battlecruiser                               S7          New Empires
P.O.T. Battleship                                  S9          New Empires
P.O.T. Dreadnought                                 S8          New Empires
P.O.T. Fighter Carrier                             S6          New Empires
P.O.T. Heavy Cruiser                               S5          New Empires
P.O.T. Light Cruiser                               S5          New Empires
Phaser Magnifier Refit                             E7          New Empires
Plague                                             O8          Primary Edition
Planetary Revolt                                   O8          Primary Edition
Plasma Dragoness                                   D3          New Empires
Plasma Occupied Territory Element HQ               25
Plasmatic Nebula                                   T8          New Empires
Political Upheaval                                 O5          Primary Edition
Quark                                              H8          Powers of the Mind
Quark Dragoness                                    D3          Primary Edition
Quartermaster                                      C5          Primary Edition
Radiation Dragoness                                D4          Primary Edition
Rear Admiral                                       C8          Primary Edition
Redgelon                                           M8          New Empires
Repair Base                                        B9          New Empires
Repair Delivery                                    R/O4        Alpha, Beta, Primary
Repulsion Beam                                     R/E2        Primary Edition
Research Developer                                 C7          New Empires
Rogue Couple                                       C6          Powers of the Mind
Sabot Sequencer                                    E6          Beta, Primary
Safe Haven                                         A7          Powers of the Mind
Scientific Breakthrough                            R/O7        Primary Edition
Scorpead Battlecruiser                             S7          New Empires
Scorpead Battleship                                S9          New Empires
Scorpead Comet of Lore                             T7          New Empires
Scorpead Command Cruiser                           S6          New Empires
Scorpead Dreadnought                               S8          New Empires
Scorpead Heavy Cruiser                             S6          New Empires
Scorpead Sector HQ                                 25
Self Destruction                                   O8          Primary Edition
Sensor Planet                                      T7          New Empires
Ship Collector                                     M8          Primary Edition
Ship Mimic                                         M5          Primary Edition
Shipyard                                           B8          Primary Edition
Slick Bargainer                                    A2          Primary Edition
Solar Dragoness                                    R/D6        Primary Edition
Spiritual Leader [C8]                              C8          New Empires
Starbase                                           B9          Primary Edition
Starving Artist                                    R/C1
Stasis Mine                                        E6          New Empires
Stellar Map                                        E4          Primary Edition
Structural Degeneration                            O8          New Empires
Surprise Attack                                    O7          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Suspended Animation                                R/L9        Time Gates
Tactical Fighter                                   R/E6        New Empires
Tactical Officer                                   C7          New Empires
Targeting Error                                    R/L8        Primary Edition
Technological Breakthrough                         O8          Primary Edition
Telepath                                           R/C6        Primary Edition
Temporal Mechanic                                  C4          Time Gates
Terraforming                                       O5          Primary Edition
The Scandig System                                 T8          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Time Dragoness                                     D8
Time Intrusion                                     H9          Time Gates
Time Lore                                          R/A8        Time Gates
Time Merchant                                      C5          Time Gates
Time Typhoon                                       R/H7        Time Gates
Time Warp [H1]                                     H1          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Time Wave                                          H9          Time Gates
Tri-lateral Textangula                             M7          Primary Edition
Tufor Battleship                                   S9          New Empires
Tufor Command Launch                               S6          New Empires
Tufor Dreadnought                                  S8          New Empires
Tufor Fighter Carrier                              S6          New Empires
Tufor Heavy Cruiser                                S5          New Empires
Tufor Mine Cruiser                                 S6          New Empires
Tufor Sector Operations                            25
Tufor War Cruiser                                  S7          New Empires
Tuforeous Dead Zone                                H9          Primary Edition
Twist of Fate                                      R/L8        Time Gates
Type II Supernova                                  H6          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Undead Dragoness                                   D8          New Empires
Undiscovered System                                T7          Powers of the Mind
Vektrean Asteroid Starbase                         T/B9        Primary (revised effect)
Vektrean Battlecruiser                             S6          Primary Edition
Vektrean Dreadnought                               S7          New Empires
Vektrean Sector HQ                                 25
Void Dragoness                                     D5          Primary Edition
Vorn Ringed Gas Giant                              T6          Alpha, Beta, Primary
Warp Field Destabilization Gun                     E6          Primary Edition


Artificial Landmass                                A10
Explosive Ore Carrier                              S10
Galactic Armageddon                                L10
Hypercube                                          E10
Intergalactic Void                                 T10
Legendary Officer                                  C10
Spiritual Leader [C10]                             C10
Time Keeper [M10]                                  M10
Time Warp [H10]                                    H10
Toxic Waste Spill                                  O10

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