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SkyBox - 1995

Note:  Thanks to Don Dortmun for clarifying questions on the insert cards.  The
pop-ups were found only in the regular-issue packs, and were replaced by the foils
for the jumbo packs.  Don and I have also verified that the puzzle Cards, #80-88, were
printed two ways, with the puzzle picture reversed left-to-right in one version. My set
has the Xanatos building/castle at the upper left, his has it at the upper right. Mine
should probably be called the "reversed" version because the backs of the cards do not
line up properly in a 9-pocket page when the fronts are lined up to form the puzzle.

 No.  Title

Story Cards

  1   Gargoyles
  2   Explosion Above Skyscraper
  3   Castle Under Siege
  4   Gargoyles Battle Vikings
  5   Goliath Defeats Hakon
  6   Vikings Overrun Castle
  7   Goliath Surveys Carnage
  8   Goliath Vows Revenge
  9   Magus Casts a Spell
 10   Goliath Rescues Princess Katherine
 11   Goliath Discovers Stone Gargoyles
 12   Gargoyles Move to New York
 13   Gargoyles Awaken and Embrace
 14   Elisa Discovers Gargoyles
 15   Gargoyles Tour Manhattan
 16   Xanatos Asks for Help
 17   The Trio Goes Exploring
 18   Goliath Learns About the City
 19   A Walk Through Central Park
 20   Commando Threatens Goliath
 21   Elisa Guards Stone Goliath
 22   Demona and Goliath Reunite
 23   Demona Pretends Love
 24   Xanatos Instructs Gargoyles
 25   Demona Disdains Humans
 26   Gargoyles Search for the Disks
 27   Xanatos Tricks the Gargoyles
 28   The Steel Clan Is Born
 29   Demona Betrays Goliath
 30   Elisa Saves Goliath
 31   Manhattan's Newest Heroes?
 32   Xanatos Plots from Prison
 33   The Trio at Madison Square Garden
 34   Lexington Greets the Pack
 35   The Pack Quizzes Lexington
 36   Lexington Arranges a Meeting
 37   Goliath and Lexington Battle the Pack
 38   Brooklyn Outnumbered
 39   Demona Rescues Brooklyn
 40   Brooklyn Listens to Demona
 41   Demona Deceives Brooklyn
 42   Demona Casts a Spell on Goliath
 43   Brooklyn Breaks the Spell
 44   Owen Burnett Supervises a Delivery
 45   Thugs Hijack Weapons Shipment
 46   Elisa Confronts Dracon
 47   Broadway Shoots Elisa
 48   Goliath Captures Dracon
 49   Goliath and Broadway Visit Elisa
 50   Gargoyles Move to the Clocktower
 51   Xanatos as a Robot
 52   Xanatos Extends an Offer
 53   Goliath Under Laser Attack
 54   Gargoyles Are an Urban Myth

Character Cards

 55   Goliath
 56   The Trio
 57   Brooklyn
 58   Broadway
 59   Lexington
 60   Hudson
 61   Bronx
 62   David Xanatos
 63   Owen Burnett
 64   Security Head - Xanatos Enterprises
 65   Demona
 66   Elisa Maza
 67   Captain Maria Chavez
 68   Anthony Dracon
 69   Steel Clan
 70   The Pack

Good vs. Evil Cards

 71   Goliath vs. Demona
 72   Goliath vs. Xanatos
 73   Goliath vs. Xanatos Robot
 74   Brooklyn vs. Bikers
 75   Goliath & Broadway vs. Dracon

Statistic Cards

 76   Goliath
 77   Brooklyn
 78   Broadway
 79   Lexington

Puzzle Cards

 80   Origins Puzzle 1
 81   Origins Puzzle 2
 82   Origins Puzzle 3
 83   Origins Puzzle 4
 84   Origins Puzzle 5
 85   Origins Puzzle 6
 86   Origins Puzzle 7
 87   Origins Puzzle 8
 88   Origins Puzzle 9

 89   Checklist A
 90   Checklist B


Pop-Ups (Regular Packs only, 1-per-pack)

P1    Brooklyn
P2    Goliath
P3    Broadway
P4    Lexington
P5    Bronx
P6    Hudson
P7    Elisa Maza
P8    Dracon
P9    Demona
P10   David Xanatos

Foil Cards (Jumbo Packs only, 1-per-pack)


Double-Sided Spectra Cards (1:24 packs)

DS1   Goliath
DS2   Lexington
DS3   Broadway
DS4   Brooklyn

SkyMotion Card

---   (SkyMotion Card)
---   (Redemption Card, 1:90 packs)

Video Offer

---   (Redemption Card, 1:180 packs)
---   (Gargoyles Video)


S1    Prototype

©1998-2000, 2001 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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