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Gemstone Treasures Cards Series 1
Gemstone Treasures - 2004

Notes: This series featured 18 different faceted gemstones with cards describing 
them, produced by Dino Frisella, previously associated with Dart Flipcards. 
Thanks much to Mike Tilford for the list!  Further information and scans are 
given in Roxanne Toser's article.

Box: 8 packs with 1 gem in plastic case and card.

No.   Title

  1   Emerald
  2   Amethyst
  3   Aquamarine
  4   Iolite
  5   Tanzanite
  6   Freshwater Pearl
  7   Opal(triplet   
  8   Sapphire
  9   Garnet
 10   Ruby
 11   Peridot
 12   White Topaz
 13   Smoky Quartz
 14   Swiss Blue Topaz
 15   London Blue Topaz
 16   Citrine
 17   Tourmaline
 18   Prasiolite


Matched Pair (1:14.5 packs)

 --   (matched pair of gemstones)

Carat Club (1:29 packs)

 --   (gemstone weighing 1 ct or more)

Silver Series, Ready to Wear (1:55 packs)

 --   (gemstone of 1 ct or more mounted on .925 sterling silver pendant)

Gold Series, Ready to Wear (1:384 packs)

 --   (gemstone of 1 ct or more mounted on 14k gold pendant and chain)

Diamond Series (1:3200 packs)

 --   (faceted diamond "worth hundreds of dollars!")

Diamond Ring, Ready to Wear (1:4800 packs)

 --   (diamond accent ring)

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