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Gen13 1996 (Series 2)
WildStorm - 1995/1996

Notes:  Thanks to Aztek2 for providing the checklist that was the basis for the
first version of this list, and to Dave Ott for updates!  The Gen-Alloy cards feature
the same images as those shown in the Series 1 Gen-Active cards, but are foil-
highlighted instead of lenticular motion cards.  The images were used again for the 
GA1-GA9 inserts for the 1997 Gen13 Classic set, except those are not motion 
cards but picture the two images from the lenticular version on the front and the 
back of the cards.

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.10 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                            Artist(s)

 1    Evil Twin                        Christian Alamy
 2    Dark Secrets                     Hilary Barta
 3    Country Life                     Ryan Benjamin
 4    Love Hurts                       Brett Booth, Sandra Hope
 5    Generation Gap                   John Bounds, Richard Friend
 6    Lost & Found                     Mat Broome
 7    Blasted Ruins                    Jeff Butler
 8    Poignant Reminder                Mitch Byrd
 9    Tactics                          Steve Carr
10    Detention                        Richard Case
11    Evil Beauty                      Scott Clark, Mark Irwin
12    Bull's-Eye                       Chynna Clugston-Major, Troy Hubbs
13    Victory Stance                   Dave Cockrum
14    Hopeless Task                    Tomm Coker, Keith Aiken
15    Animal Magnetism                 Jeromy Cox, Dexter Vines
16    Loitering                        Carlos D'Anda, Lucian Rizzo
17    Dancing Fiend                    Tony Daniel, Kevin Conrad
18    Sunset                           Terry Dodson, Karl Story
19    Wanderer                         Mike Dringenberg
20    Fortitude                        Martin Egeland, Jason Martin
21    Pest Control                     Phil Foglio
22    Cacophony                        Alex Garner
23    Entangled                        Ale Garza, Mike S. Miller
24    Dark Lover                       Randy Green, Rick Ketcham
25    Team Leader                      Matt Haley, Tom Simmons
26    Dead End                         Cully Hamner
27    Battle Stance                    Rob Haynes
28    Partners                         Ben Herrera, Saleem Crawford
29    Surveillance                     Adam Hughes
30    Gamine                           Allen Im, Saleem Crawford
31    Spirituality                     Dave Johnson
32    Gen1/2                           Jason Johnson, Saleem Crawford
33    One-Eyed Jack                    Richard Johnson
34    Holiday in Beirut                Casey Jones, Jason Martin
35    Daydreams                        J.G. Jones
36    Splash                           Kelley Jones
37    Deck Hand                        Arnie Jorgensen, David Melkis
38    Training Session                 Rafael Kayanan
39    Medieval Burnout                 Juvaun Kirby, Saleem Crawford
40    Aerial                           Andy Kuhn
41    Pirate Queen                     Nghia Lam, Jasen Rodriguez
42    Sisterhood                       Kevin Lau
43    Summer Shower                    Jae Lee
44    Solidarity                       Jim Lee
45    Someday                          Mike Leonard, Mark Irwin
46    Ninja Blades                     Ron Lim, Keith Aiken
47    Fire Escape                      Sam Liu, Sandra Hope
48    Perfect Match                    Aaron Lopresti
49    Guardian                         Kevin Maguire, Mike S. Miller
50    Extreme                          Jason Martin
51    Suntan                           Mark Martin
52    It's Crispity!  It's Crunchity!  Tom McWeeney
53    Apollo                           Pop Mhan
54    Soul Mates                       Mike S. Miller
55    Striptease                       Terry Moore
56    Hot Stuff                        J. Alex Morrissey
57    Locker Room                      Hoang Nguyen
58    Workout                          Vu Nguyen, Mark Irwin
59    Spirit of the Elements           Dan Norton
60    Castaways                        Ryan Odagawa, Terry Austin
61    Claws                            Paolo Parente
62    Checkerboard                     Jason Pearson
63    To Gen Foo                       Joe Phillips
64    Imp                              Humberto Ramos, Edwin Rosell
65    Loyal Friend                     Tom Raney
66    Bad Habit                        Jeff Rebner, John Tighe
67    Veteran                          Roger Robinson
68    Pheremones                       Mel Rubi, Edwin Rosell
69    Arm-Wrestling                    Bobby Rubin, Karl Story
70    Drenched Dromedary               Bill Ruth
71    Surprise Attack                  Michael Ryan, Sandra Hope
72    Firestorm                        Trevor Scott
73    Lifelong Search                  Terry Shoemaker
74    Holy Warriors                    Alex Sinclair, Mike S. Miller
75    Escape                           John A. Snyder III
76    Storm                            Brian Stelfreeze
77    Orphans                          John Stinsman
78    Flyboy                           Rob Stotz
79    System Overload                  Robert Teranishi, Sandra Hope
80    Dangerous                        Billy Tucci, Nelson Asencio
81    Roman Holiday                    Nigel Tully
82    Elasticity                       Dan Veesenmyer, Lucian Rizzo
83    Beacon                           Dexter Vines
84    Acrobat                          Adam Warren
85    Safari                           Mark Wheatley
86    Unapproachable                   Michael Wieringo, Saleem Crawford
87    Beefcake                         Aron Wiesenfeld
88    Firepower                        Chuck Wojtkiewicz, Mark Irwin
89    Memento                          Pete Woods, Gary Martin
90    Indian Princess / Checklist      Kelly Yates, Rick Ketcham


Gen-Alloy (Foil-Highlighted) Cards (1:4 packs)

GA1  Double Life
GA2  Cornered
GA3  Flight of Fancy
GA4  Legacy
GA5  Aptly Named
GA6  Family Portrait
GA7  Dimensional Portal
GA8  Battlefield
GA9  Routine Maintenance

Oversized Storyboard Cards (Box-topper)


©2000, 2001, 2002, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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