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Gen13 Power Pack
WildStorm - 1998

Notes:  This series was distributed as a boxed factory set.  Thanks much to
Dave Ott for the original checklist!

No.   Title                     Artist(s)

  1   Satin Sheets              Lee Bermejo, John Tighe
  2   Sultry Sarah              Ryan Odagawa, John Tighe
  3   Leather & Lace        Carlos D'Anda, JD
  4   Too Much Is ...           Lee Bermejo, JD
  5   ... Never Enough          Lee Bermejo, JD
  6   Dance Hall Clash!         Lee Bermejo, John Tighe
  7   Catch of the Day          Ryan Odagawa, John Tighe
  8   Fearless                  Lee Bermejo, John Tighe
  9   Psychorilla               Ryan Odagawa
 10   Battleground Rome         Lee Bermejo, John Tighe
 11   Grunge's Dream            Carlos D'Anda, Mark Irwin
 12   Bobby's Dream             Lee Bermejo, John Tighe
 13   Sarah's Dream             Lee Bermejo, John Tighe
 14   Freefall's Dream          John Tighe
 15   Fairchild's Dream         Ryan Odagawa, JD
 16   Tactical Relocation       Lee Bermejo, Armando Durruthy, John Tighe
 17   Mysterious Magma          Lee Bermejo, Mark Irwin
 18   Proud Rider               Ryan Odagawa, JD
 19   Urban Shred Zone          Lee Bermejo, John Tighe
 20   Heavy Schist              Lee Bermejo, JD
 21   Air                       Ryan Odagawa, JD
 22   Earth                     Lee Bermejo, John Tighe
 23   Water                     Lee Bermejo, JD
 24   Fire                      Lee Bermejo, JD
 25   Space                     Carlos D'Anda, John Tighe
 26   Anna                      Ryan Odagawa, JD
 27   Li'l Greenie              Ryan Odagawa, John Tighe
 28   Wasted Youth              Lee Bermejo, John Tighe
 29   Slug Racing               Carlos D'Anda, Mark Irwin
 30   Blood Ties                Lee Bermejo, JD
 31   Clubland                  J. Scott Campbell, Alex Garner
 32   Beach Blanket Boo-Yah!    Ale Garza, John Tighe
 33   Shifting Sands            Humberto Ramos, Edwin Rosell
 34   Flying & Shootin'     Joe Chiodo
 35   Shafted!                  Ale Garza, Cabin Boy
 36   Battle of Britain         J. Scott Campbell, Alex Garner
 37   Power Pose                Jim Lee, Alex Garner
 38   Backstage Pass            Jason Pearson
 39   The Rescue                Ryan Odagawa
 40   Circus of Death           Randy Green, Rick Ketchum
 41   Look Out Below            Jim Lee, Alex Garner
 42   Maximum Carnage           Adam Warren
 43   All A-Blood               J. Scott Campbell, Alex Garner
 44   Summer Idyll              J. Scott Campbell, Alex Garner
 45   Deadly Experience         J. Scott Campbell, Alex Garner
 46   Rain Forest Crunch        Ryan Benjamin
 47   Power Up                  J. Scott Campbell, Alex Garner
 48   Mauled Mall               J. Scott Campbell, Alex Garner
 49   Vegas Chase               Adam Hughes
 50   Deadline Crunch           Joe Phillips

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