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Generals and Their Flags
   W.S. Corp - 1939

Notes:  ACC reference number R58. Cards were usually distributed in strips 
for use in vending machines.

No.   Title                    Nation             Card-Back Title

425   Gen. Pershing            United States      General Pershing
426   Gen. Bolivar             Venezuela          General Bolivar
427   Gen. Batista             Cuba               General Batista
428   Gen. De Rivera           Spain              General DeRivera
429   Gen. Joffre              France             General Joffre
430   Gen. Moltke              Rumania            General Moltke
431   Gen. Rhodes              Greece             General Rhodes
432   Gen. Savoff              Bulgaria           General Savoff
433   Gen. Balbo               Italy              General Balbo
434   Gen. Von Pasha           Turkey             General Von Pasha
435   Gen. Mannerheim          Finland            General Mannerheim
436   Gen. Chiang Kai Shek     China              General Cheing Kai Shek
437   Gen. Diaz                Mexico             General Diaz
438   Gen. McKenzie            Canada             General McKenzie
439   Com'dr. Essad Pasha      Albania            General Essad Pasha
440   Gen. Haller              Poland             General Haller
441   Gen. Kitchener           England            General Kitchener
442   Ali Pasha                Egypt              Ali Pasha
443   Gen. Horvath             Czechoslovakia     General Horvath
444   Gen. Guyon               Hungary            General Guyon
445   Gen. Letchitsky          Russia             General Letchitsky
446   Gen. Goltz               Lithuania          General Goltz
447   Gen. J. De Meza          Denmark            General J. DeMeza
448   Gen. O'Duffy             Ireland            General O'Duffy

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