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GeoWoodstock VIII Playing Cards
   Various - 2013

Notes: These cards promote the event of July 3, 2010 at Carnation WA.
Card images are archived here.

   Card         Title

   Spade  A      FotoMom
   Spade  2      Nov64
   Spade  3      EAC
   Spade  4      Caching Clutes
   Spade  5      Eager Seeker Geocachers
   Spade  6      GeoGerms 808ladybug
   Spade  7      Geocacher Olympics Joebids
   Spade  8      Mountain Wanderer
   Spade  9      HotDiggityDogs
   Spade 10      The Great Copper Rush
   Spade  J      (group photo)
   Spade  Q      FluteFace
   Spade  K      Logbear

   Heart  A      Over Thayer
   Heart  2      2Lashes
   Heart  3      boysenberrie
   Heart  4      LeftCoastFloyds
   Heart  5
   Heart  6      Celtic Heart
   Heart  7      Oakcoins
   Heart  8      Gary & Vicky, Jim & Jackie, Bill & Debby, Gary & Anne
   Heart  9      Celtic Cacher
   Heart 10      EMC of Northbridge, CA
   Heart  J      4CACHE4
   Heart  Q      ?
   Heart  K      PaHawkeye

   Diamond  A    Steelheadrod
   Diamond  2    VEQRJW tite lines
   Diamond  3    Magnet, P.I. kirbydox
   Diamond  4    fairyhoney
   Diamond  5    Douglas_Clan And Cache!
   Diamond  6    Shaggy, Scooby and Velma
   Diamond  7    RCA777
   Diamond  8    Geobells
   Diamond  9    Shaggy, Scooby and Velma
   Diamond 10
   Diamond  J    dflye & Flying Squirrel
   Diamond  Q
   Diamond  K    Shaggy Scooby Velma

   Club  A       Belleterre
   Club  2       2bugs
   Club  3       Three Bottles
   Club  4       SteadyHunters TFTCI
   Club  5       SnowWolf75
   Club  6       Jennifer & Dean
   Club  7       SnowWolf75
   Club  8
   Club  9       Penn Soil BC&C
   Club 10       mtn-man and the puppymonster
   Club  J       AVRDAIR
   Club  Q       AmyGems
   Club  K       Kinzua Area Cachers

   Joker         Why So Serious? [red]
   Joker         CECIL-EGCM [black]

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