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GeoWoodstock XI Playing Cards
   Oak Leaf Marketing / Various - 2013

Notes: These cards promote the event of May 25, 2013 at Lakeland FL. Many 
thanks to Billy and Lauren Wabbersen for the list!

   Card         Title

   Spade  A      CacheAdvance
   Spade  2      D&JC
   Spade  3      Blue Crew of Indiana
   Spade  4      WERTOGETHER
   Spade  5      Alaskan Brewing Co.
   Spade  6      BLUEYE 2012
   Spade  7      g8orRaiders
   Spade  8      CACHEAPALOOZA 1/16-20/2014
   Spade  9      JRCBEC
   Spade 10      rhlmbl
   Spade  J      Capt Biggins
   Spade  Q      Edisto Patto
   Spade  K      Skinner879

   Heart  A      Poker Luck
   Heart  2      Team Itchy & Scratchy
   Heart  3      WheresDIB, ~tasia~, lil' peanut
   Heart  4      KEPNFIT, HIHILLS
   Heart  5      SEASTAR255, YoungMoneyGirl
   Heart  6      MEANDMYDOGS
   Heart  7      RSCAENSD & JAMM
   Heart  8      Meatman1
   Heart  9      Dlwbsa, Skinner879, Wall-E&Eva, Anaddicted23, soflfamily, CanicaAzul, Rangergirl141, Catfishpeppey
   Heart 10      OHail
   Heart  J      Geocaching Hampton Roads
   Heart  Q      Desert Duck, Snow Duck
   Heart  K      DEERMARK

   Diamond  A    Ticklebrick
   Diamond  2    Chunky Chipmunk & Groundsquirrel
   Diamond  3    Team Mollymap
   Diamond  4    Tiki-4
   Diamond  5    GeoFest in the Parks 2014
   Diamond  6    Cookie Crumbles 9
   Diamond  7    PapaGeorgia
   Diamond  8    Granny-3, WeRTogether, Tabster822, Twinners1012
   Diamond  9    Poosu, fegan, sonotech
   Diamond 10    FlyingSquirrel
   Diamond  J    Dflye
   Diamond  Q    Lindacache, dance4cache, true2me
   Diamond  K    Daggy

   Club  A       Space Coast Geocaching Store
   Club  2       Succotash
   Club  3       TOM creativegroup
   Club  4       Wascalley Wabbit
   Club  5       The 5 Mr CalebSeekers
   Club  6       Wyld Goose Chasers
   Club  7       Eagle Ranger, Texas Toast, ElwayBenCheeky
   Club  8       J.C. the Puppymonster, mtn-man, & 3 Sheets
   Club  9       Houston Geocaching Society
   Club 10       Texas Geocaching Association
   Club  J       Bored of Ed
   Club  Q       Desert Snow
   Club  K       Go-Purdue, drgoby

   Joker         YAWPPY, SCUBAAA
   Joker         Oakcoins

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