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Ghosts of Mars
Screen Gems - 2001

Note:  Each of the two series was distributed as a sealed pack of seven cards,
mostly through movie, video, and card promotional outlets.

No.   Title


--    John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars Series 1 (Checklist)
 1    Big Daddy Mars
 2    James Desolation Williams
 3    Lt. Melanie Ballard
 4    Helena Bradock
 5    Jericho Butler
 6    Bashira Kincaid

Chase Card (1:10,000 packs)

 7    John Carpenter


--    John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars Series 2 (Checklist)
 8    Big Daddy Mars
 9    James Desolation Williams
10    Lt. Melanie Ballard
11    Helena Bradock
12    Jericho Butler
13    Whitlock

Chase Card (1:10,000 packs)

14    John Carpenter

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